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Thanksgiving Tablescape | Guest-Ready Home

Get this look with a little help from Target and

Secret Santa at Ask This Old House

Ask This Old House host Kevin O’Connor, general contractor Tom Silva, plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey, and landscape contractor Roger Cook exchange a variety of tools as gifts for Secret Santa


How to Prevent Holiday Fires

Ask This Old House host Kevin O’Connor travels to UL Laboratories to learn about preventing fires from holiday decorations.

How To Etch Leaves Into Pumpkins With a Rotary Tool

This elegant pattern works all season long, from Halloween to Thanksgiving!

Happy Holidays from This Old House

The cast of This Old House and Ask This Old House prepare for a holiday celebration

5 Things to Know Before You Hang Holiday Lights Outside

For a spectacular display that's merry and bright—and doesn't blow a fuse—follow these five tips from lighting pros

7 Holiday Fire Hazards

Keep your home and family safe with these important tips

5 Charming Holiday Decoration Building Projects

Easy DIY decorations for gracious seasonal displays

6 Fast Fixes for the Holiday Season

Easy ways to prep for the festive winter rush

Create a Festive Entry Design

Add warmth with soft paint hues, real greenery, and a perch with patina

16 DIY and Salvage Ornament Ideas

Genius, crafty ideas for accessorizing your Christmas tree, from our favorite bloggers

The Wreaths of Colonial Williamsburg

Forget about decking the halls. In historic Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia, a talented team of designers dress the doors with one-of-a-kind holiday wreaths

7 Easy DIY Thanksgiving Table Settings

Add personal panache to your home decor for the holidays

Creative Halloween Produce-Carving Ideas

After you've entered our annual pumpkin carving contest, tackle one (or all) of these next

7 Ways to Prep for the Fourth of July

Follow this checklist to get your home ready to celebrate in a safe, fun way.

5 Simple DIY Patriotic Wreaths

Get ready for Independence Day with these easy-to-craft door decorations

Find Inspiration in Holiday Decorations From Historic Houses

Recreate some of these period-perfect festive looks to fit your home and style

How to Make an Evergreen Wreath

Follow these easy instructions to make a seasonal wreath with magnolia leaves, juniper, and pine

Deck Your Doors With Easy DIY Wreaths

Hit the home center, the craft store—or even your recycling bin—to make inspiring wreaths that don't require a fat wallet

How to Make a Grapevine Wreath

Learn to make a colorful winter wreath from dried flowers and fruit in a few easy steps

Fast First Aid for Holiday Messes

Raid the pantry or medicine cabinet for quick-fix remedies that will have you back to your guests in no time

How to Build a Gingerbread Balustrade

Use a homemade jig to transform stock lumber into flatsawn balusters to dress up the front porch

Holiday Home Security Dos and Don'ts

Your empty house is an easy target for burglars. Deter them with these tactical tips

Demystifying Christmas Tree Buying

Our guide to five of the best-selling conifers this season

How to Make a Skeleton Key Snowflake Ornament

Unlock the holiday spirit and show off a collection of skeleton keys with this simple holiday ornament how-to

19 No-Carve Ways to Decorate Pumpkins

Create spooky, funny, or off-the-wall Halloween pumpkin decorations without the danger that comes with sharp cutting tools

How to Make a Gothic Halloween Wreath

Adorn your door for the spooky season with this macabre wreath

How to Build a Giant Halloween Spider

Create a outsized arachnid to spook the neighborhood

How to Build a Halloween Witch's Cauldron

Stir up a frightful sight in your yard without much toil and trouble

Could You Be Allergic to Christmas?

Sneezing and congestion might not be the signs of a seasonal cold but rather a reaction to holiday decorations

Weatherproof Your Outdoor Decorations

Make sure your lights and more make it through the holidays

40 Best Pumpkin Carvings of Monsters and Villains

The best depictions of bad guys, and frightening and friendly ghouls from our annual Pumpkin Carving Contest