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How to Make a Grapevine Wreath

Learn to make a colorful winter wreath from dried flowers and fruit in a few easy steps

Dried flowers and winter fruit make a lovely, seasonal wreath. Denise Porcaro, owner and founder of Flower Girl NYC, shows you how to make one. We used a mix of bittersweet, eucalyptus, black elderberry, dried hydrangea, and, for bright colors, thistle and kumquats.

Step 1

Overview to Make a Grapevine Wreath

Photo by Laura Moss

Loose, dried grapevines can be purchased directly from a florist; premade grapevine-wreath forms are sold at most hobby stores online for as little as $2 apiece. Most dried flowers and berry branches are available at craft stores and at online specialty shops, such as , but you can gather specimens from your yard; just snip them and hang them upside down until dry. Shop the supermarket aisle for winter fruit, like kumquats.

Step 2

Make the Wreath Base

Photo by Laura Moss

Start by twisting loose grapevines into a circle, following their natural curve. Tuck the ends of any wayward vines into the other vines. Continue twisting and tucking until you've formed a circle.

Step 3

Add Berries and Eucalyptus

Photo by Laura Moss

Snip off some bittersweet berries, leaving 2 to 3 inches of stem exposed. Slip them into the vines, tucking any loose stems out of sight. Follow with eucalyptus, placing the stems in the vines and securing with wire.

Step 4

Layer Flowers and Berries

Photo by Laura Moss

Place a thistle flower over the eucalyptus, securing it to the vine form with wire. Add the elderberries. For this type of wreath, place the flowers off to one side.

Step 5

Weave in Dried Flowers

Work in some dried hydrangea, being careful not to crush or crumble the delicate blooms. Next, add a few kumquats to the mix, securing their stems with wire.

Step 6

Put On the Finishing Touches

Photo by Laura Moss

Wire the stems of a few more kumquats to the opposite side of the wreath as an accent. Add a sprig of bittersweet, and you're done.

Now you've got a rustic wreath that can stay up all season!