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How to Transport a Live Christmas Tree Home

Here’s how to get your Christmas tree on a car and take it home safely.

Christmas Tree Transport Jason Schneider

Whether you get your holiday evergreen from a local lot or a nearby tree farm, read on for a few tips on how to transport a Christmas tree on a car safely and without causing harm or damage.

How To Transport a Christmas Tree on a Car in 4 Steps

1. Before You Go Buy Your Tree, Measure Your Home and Car

Before you leave the house, measure the height of the room where you plan to display the tree; it should be at least a foot taller than the conifer you buy. Also make sure to measure your car's interior storage area and roof.

2. Wrap Up Your Live Christmas Tree in a Blanket or Tarp

Most trees are sold in netting, which you should leave on so that the branches stay tightly bundled. No net? Shake the tree to rid it of loose needles, then wrap it in a blanket or tarp.

Transport a live Christmas Tree Jason Schneider

3. Point the Tree in the Correct Direction

To avoid wind damage when transporting a Christmas tree, arrange the tree so that the stump end faces the front of your vehicle.

4. Tie Up the Tree with Cords or Bungee Rope

If you have a roof rack, secure the tree, from where the branches start to its tip, with bungee cords or rope.

Those without a roof rack should first open all their car doors—not the windows—then tie the tree snugly to the roof with rope.

For trees that extend more than a couple of feet beyond your car's bumpers, tie a reflective flag to the end to alert other drivers.