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99 Amazingly Crafted Gingerbread Houses

Browse this collection of the best gingerbread houses that This Old House readers have impressed us with over the years and get inspired for your own holiday construction project.

4 gingerbread house ideas.

Looking for inspiration for your own Gingerbread house? It takes hours upon hours, pounds and pounds of gingerbread, candy, and royal icing—not to mention a few power tools—to create these intricate gingerbread works of art. Here are all the best projects from readers and professionals alike, so you can steal ideas for your own creations!

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1. Victorian Rowhouse

Victorian gingerbread house.

This gingerbread-reproduction was crafted by a seasoned pro, whose creations take about 50 to 60 hours to complete. The icing shingles are shaped using a ruler and toothpick. The windows are glazed with caramelized sugar panes.

Created by Barry P. of Newfoundland, Canada.

2. The Jordan House

Jordan house made of gingerbread next to picture of the real life Jordan House.

This is the Jordan House, which the builder found images of on the internet to replicate. He wanted to create a project with a Mansard roof.

Created by Jamey C. of Concord, NC.

Front of the Jordan Gingerbread House with pink, blue, and green exterior.

Another view of the Jordan House

Created by Jamey C. of Concord, NC.

3. Queen Anne-Style Replica

Gingerbread house in the shape of Queen Anne style home, with marzipan people placed around it.

The pieces in this replica of the Carson mansion in Eureka, CA, were shaped using a Skil saw. The mortar and detail work is royal icing, the car and figures are sculpted from fondant, and the windows are molded, transparent gelatin.

Created by Rita and Monte A. of Ringgold, GA.

4. My Old Kentucky Home

Old Kentucky home style gingerbread house with red door.

This was made using a classic Victorian gingerbread blueprint. Jelly candy rocks make up the chimney, and chocolate fondant with corn starch snow make up the roof. Yellow edible paper creates the glowing windows.

Created by Kenna N. of Louisville, KY.

5. Winter Wonderland Victorian Palace

Decorative gingerbread house idea with detailed windows, gingerbread roof, and surrounding scenery featuring Christmas trees and snow. Photo by Stephanie S./

This intricate gingerbread house took 180 hours to prepare and finish. The windows are made with gelatin.

Created by Stephanie S. of West Palm Beach, FL.

6. Aladdin's Magical Castle

Gingerbread house made in the shape of Disney’s Aladdin’s castle. Photo by Eric L. Drivdahl, Gelotte Hommas Architecture

It took a group effort from an architecture firm to create this massive project.

Created by Gelotte Hommas Architecture & Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish County

7. The Tudor

A homemade gingerbread house in the style of a Tudor home.

This totally edible creation was fashioned with a Dremel tool for cutting and edging the pieces. Gelatin sheets make up the window panes and colorful tootsie rolls put through the pasta machine were used for the trim. I added Necco Wafers to the roof for shingles and finished it off with royal icing snow. The yard is surrounded with a candy cane fence.

Created by Sarah C. of Conway, SC.

8. Ice Castle

Colorful unique gingerbread house in the shape of a castle with 11 towers.

A Dremel tool helped create the detail work on this gingerbread creation. The icicles and iceberg featured here were all carved using the rotary tool.

Created by Donna R. of Rochester Hills, MI.

9. A Woodland Glen Christmas

Fancy gingerbread house set in the woodlands.

The house and stand weigh 397 pounds. The recipe called for 110 eggs, 75 pounds of flour, 2 gallons of molasses, 15 pounds of brown sugar, 23 pounds of royal icing, and 55 pounds of candies. There are edible tunnels, slides, reclining chairs, a motorized carousel, a skating pond, and a working train.

Created by Stephanie S. of West Palm Beach, FL.

10. Swiss Chalet

Gingerbread house in the shape of a Swiss Chalet.

Utility knives were used to cut roof shingles on this Swiss-chalet-style Bear House, before the pieces were baked, to give the overall piece a more rustic appearance. Wood rasps and X-Acto knives were used to shave away distortion that takes place during baking.

Created by Rebecca R. of Wedding Cake Toppers and Gingerbread.

11. Victorian Row Houses

Three gingerbread houses lined up in a row with a street and trees in front of them.

Made entirely from gingerbread, this row of houses weighs about 80 pounds and measures 28 inches by 18 inches by 18 inches. It took a more than two months to build. The houses feature shiplap and individual pastillage shingles. The windows are gelatin sheets, and the inside figures are made of marzipan. The trees are fondant rolled in granola, then covered in royal icing.

Created by Russ R. of Orinda, CA.

12. Shingle-Style

Black gingerbread house roof and white exterior.

Royal icing, marzipan, and gum paste to were used to create this scene in a little over two months. A Dremel junior tool attachment helped sand out all the windows and doorframes. The shingles were laid using a ruler and a paring knife, to ensure a consistent size.

Created by Ann B. of Cary, NC.

13. Sugar Castle

Gingerbread hotel replica of the Westin St. Francis Hotel. Photo by Berkson

This European architecture-inspired creation took over 400 hours to complete. A variety of tools were used for this construction, including X-Acto knives, glue guns, and rulers. The piece features a motorized base which allows the castle to slowly rotate. A hole in the base accommodates wires for the lights in the pulled-sugar-paned windows.

Created by Executive Pastry Chef Jean-Francios H. of the historic Westin St. Francis hotel in San Francisco, CA.

14. Victorian Christmas

Fancy gingerbread home.

This gingerbread house stands four feet tall and is made with 40 pounds of gingerbread and 30 pounds of royal icing.

Created by Eduardo M. of Omaha, NE.

15. Brick House

Gingerbread house with brick pattern on the exterior.

The front of this house was so big that it had to made in two pieces. This is a replica of a real house seen by the artist in his neighborhood.

Created by Joseph C. of Newtown Square, PA.

16. Peaceful Cottage

Small gingerbread house cottage.

This Christmas-themed cottage is made from gingerbread, icing, candy rocks, and ice cream cone pine trees.

Created by Mary E. of Timonium, MD.

17. Peppermint Diner

Candy used to create the roof of a gingerbread house.

Made for a charity auction, this project was created using molded forms from aluminum roof flashing and a pop rivet gun. It is lit inside, and the sign on the roof rotates slowly. It is made entirely of gingerbread, fondant, and candy.

Created by Shirley T. of Palm Bay, FL.

18. Painted Lady

Gingerbread house replicating the painted lady home.

This Painted Lady-replica is made of all gingerbread and covered with colored modeling chocolate-siding. The shingles were all handcrafted out of a combination of modeling chocolate and fondant. The red ribbons and green garland trimming were handcrafted out of marzipan.

Created by Patricia D. of New Baltimore, MI.

19. Night Before Christmas Scene

Gingerbread creation that displays the inside of a house with a Christmas tree next to gingerbread stairs.

An old-fashioned Christmas scene made from gingerbread, royal icing, and fondant for some of the decorations.

Created by Mary E. of Timonium, MD.

20. Nostalgic New England Church

White gingerbread Chruch with green wreath made of icing.

A church created to remind the artist of childhood Christmases spent in New England. It was constructed with basic gingerbread and covered in royal icing.

Created by Allyson R. of Santa Fe, NM.

21. Buckingham Palace

Colorful gingerbread palace.

This project took 5 days to complete and is made entirely of gingerbread and candy.

Created by Glenn Y.

22. Cake Bakery

Gingerbread bakery.

At her first gingerbread house-making attempt, this crafter used an X-Acto knife to trim the windows, a jigsaw for the base, and a brick impression mat on the walls.

Created by Beverly C. of Grand Junction, CO.

23. Santa Express Train

Gingerbread train and tracks.

Santa Claus is coming to town via the Santa Express Train, a fun gingerbread creation that was donated to the Eugene Festival of Tree's as part of a fundraiser.

Created by Loreta W. of Eugene, OR.

24. Holy Cross Church

Detailed gingerbread Chruch with candy kane surroundings.

Weighing in at 38-pounds and taking almost 200 hours to make, this gingerbread church is 100 percent edible except for the lights inside. Over eight pounds of various candies were used to decorate it.

Created by Thomas W. of Intercession City, FL.

25. Holiday Tree Farm

Gingerbread barn.

A gingerbread barn inspired by traditional trips to a Christmas tree farm. The barn sides are rolled and cut with piped gingerbread battens, attached before baking. All of the tiny wreaths, trees, and greenery are made from royal icing. The horse, little girl, and snowman are made from gum paste.

Created by Donna V. of Amelia, OH.

26. Tiki Hut

Gingerbread tiki hut with candy and icing.

This creation is completely edible, except for the paper umbrella. It is assembled with royal icing, which hardens quickly. The decorations are made of various candies and molded gingerbread. Look closely to see a gingerbread bartender holding a gummy soda.

Created by Dana V. of Lanoka Harbor, NJ.

27. The Black Pearl

Gingerbread ship.

Gingerbread, graham crackers, and pretzels were used to construct this pirate ship and the accompanying dock. To get the murky color of the ship, the icing was mixed with food coloring. Sea creatures, sand, rocks, pirate's booty, masts, and wheel are all edible. The only non-edible pieces are the sails.

Created by Tina M. of Jersey City, NJ.

28. Wizard of Oz

Gingerbread yellow brick road, rainbow, and houses.

Inspired by her daughter's school play, this scene was crafted using a drill, utility knife, and Dremel tool—and then decorated in various types of candies, such as colorful rock candy and Tootsie Rolls. The characters are made of fondant.

Created by Beverly C. of Springfield, IL.

29. 'Twas the Night Before Christmas

Gingerbread clock tower.

In this clock tower scene, a Chick-o-Stick candle is supporting the height. The balls on the top of the clock are giant gumballs.

Created by Beverly C. of Springfield, IL.

30. St. Andrews

Gingerbread house replica of St. Andrews home.

This is a replica of a real house located in Eugene, Oregon. Foam board, an X- Acto knife, a metal ruler, and drafting triangles were used to make the pattern.

Created by Loreta W. of Eugene, OR.

31. Family Tree House

Gingerbread treehouse.

The main components of this tree house are fondant, pretzels, and of course, gingerbread.

Created by Kerry Q. of Worcester, MA.

32. Colonial Hall

Gingerbread hall with clock tower.

For this project, the gingerbread pieces were cut to size before baking. The house is lit from within with a string of 50 lights and is topped with shingles made of cinnamon cereal.

Created by Christopher C. of Cedar Park, TX.

33. Victorian Home

Gingerbread victorian home.

A variety of candy, including candy cigarettes, Tootsie Rolls, and licorice, was used to create the details on this gingerbread house. The shrubs and trees are made of marshmallow.

Created by Alma D. of Vienna, WV.

34. Mr. Twinkles Toy Shop

Gingerbread toy shop.

Fondant, gum paste, and marzipan were used to create the toys and characters. Everything else is made of gingerbread.

Created by Annie B. of Raleigh, NC.

35. Hotel Harrington

Gingerbread hotel with two entrances.

This house is a re-creation of a riverside hotel that was torn down in the 1950s to make room for a gas station. To get all the detail, this artist used a band saw, a Dremel tool, and an X-Acto knife.

Created by Rebecca W. of Potsdam, NY.

36. GR Chapel

Charming gingerbread house.

This gingerbread house was built for a retirement facility and is a model of their building. The landscaping was done mainly in crushed and powdered gingerbread and fondant. The windows panes are linguine.

Created by Annie B. of Raleigh, NC.

37. Gingerbread Castle

Edible gingerbread castle.

Completely edible and standing over three feet tall, this castle is covered with candy mosaics and handmade candy fairies. It's made from 11 batches of gingerbread, 20 batches of icing, and a lot of candy and cookies.

Created by Sharon F. of Toomsboro, GA.

38. Unreal Replica

Detailed gingerbread house with snowy roof.

This gingerbread house is a replica of the crafter's own home. It took about two weeks and 80 hours to create. It measures approximately 30 inches long and is 12 inches wide and is entirely edible, including the sugar-pane windows. You can spy Santa's hat on the top of one of the chimneys. Each of the rooms inside has a decorated Christmas tree.

Created by Kerry H. of Madison, CT.

39. Noah's Edible Ark

Gingerbread boat with marzipan animals in pairs on it. Photo by Wright Creative

This boat was made from gingerbread covered with a layer of fondant. The animals are molded from fondant and marzipan, and hand painted.

Created by Barbara E. of Edelstein, IL and Mary Jo D. of Westford, MA.

40. Winter Retreat

Snow-covered gingerbread cabin and scene. Photo by Wright Creative

This snow-covered house has a few unconventional ingredients, including lentils for the front stone steps and Vitamin C tablets for the tiny outdoor lights. The shiny glass-like windows are made from gelatin.

Created for the The National Gingerbread House Competition and Display at The Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC.

41. Rusty Masterpiece

Rusty green roof on gingerbread house. Photo by Wright Creative

This house looks so real that you might forget it's less than a foot tall and edible. Its builder crafted the white decorative trim using rolled-out fondant and an X-Acto knife, and created the intricate brickwork with a small paintbrush—and a steady hand.

42. Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

Gingerbread globe theatre with a gingerbread sign that says Santa’s Globe Theatre. Photo by Wright Creative

This model was built to scale. The stucco exterior is white royal icing and the timber framing is chocolate fondant. The thatched roof is made of pasta, the gravel is poppy seeds, and the grass is thyme.

Created for the The National Gingerbread House Competition and Display at The Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC.

43. Movie Inspired House

Gingerrbread house with a chimney with balloons sticking out of it made of jelly beans on dried spaghetti. Photo by Wright Creative

This house, based on the movie Up, earned the first place prize in the teen division of the 2010 National Gingerbread Competition. Each character was sculpted from fondant and gum paste. The colorful balloons are pieces of spaghetti topped with jelly beans.

Created by Skyla D. of Asheville, NC.

44. Country Church

Gingerbread chapel. Photo by Wright Creative

Each piece of white fondant siding was carefully cut and glued it to the gingerbread structure with icing. The evergreens are made from royal-icing.

Created for the The National Gingerbread House Competition and Display at The Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC.

45. Crooked House

Crooked gingerbread house. Photo by Wright Creative

This project is based on the poem "There Was a Crooked Man". Carefully shaped red fondant on the roof mimics terra cotta shingles and gum paste flowers fill each window's planter box.

Created for the The National Gingerbread House Competition and Display at The Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC.

46. On the Water

Gingerbread house designed with large windows and a wreath above the door. Photo by Wright Creative

The blue fondant shingles of this waterfront house were measured using a ruler to keep them uniform. The chairs and dock are made from gum paste.

Created for the The National Gingerbread House Competition and Display at The Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC.

47. Theater

Gingerbread theater. Photo by Wright Creative

The smooth icing stucco required a small putty knife. Sugar wafers were used as shutters and shredded wheat cereal as a roof.

Created for the The National Gingerbread House Competition and Display at The Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC.

48. Brickwork Church

Detailed gingerbread church with brick pattern. Photo by Wright Creative

The detailed brick facade was hand painted with royal icing. Dyed fondant was molded to create the smooth dome of the church.

Created by Lilli M. of Black Mountain, NC.

49. Enchanted Tree House

Gingerbread tree house with garden outside. Photo by Wright Creative

The gum paste fairies in this display have faces drawn on with edible ink. The textured wood was made using chocolate fondant.

Created by Gabriella A. of Easley, SC.

50. Classic Display

Classic gingerbread house with three green, cream, and maroon used to color the exterior. Photo by Wright Creative

Rolled fondant was pressed onto a textured surface to mimic the pattern of siding and shutters. Powdered sugar was dusted over top.

Created for the The National Gingerbread House Competition and Display at The Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC.

51. Holiday House

Gingerbread house with white icing exterior and windows with wreaths and black shutters. Photo by Wright Creative

The white siding on this house is made of white icing that was piped on using a small pastry bag tip.

Created for the The National Gingerbread House Competition and Display at The Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC.

52. Cute Cottage

Gingerbread cottage. Photo by Wright Creative

The majority of this display's details are made of brown fondant and white royal icing. The decorative flowers are made from gumpaste, which can be sculpted like clay before it hardens to a porcelainlike state.

Created for the The National Gingerbread House Competition and Display at The Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC.

53. Beach Shack

Blue gingerbread beach shack with sandy floors and VW van outside. Photo by Wright Creative

This flower power house features gum paste surfboards, a canoe, and even a visiting sea gull.

Created for the The National Gingerbread House Competition and Display at The Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC.

54. Gingerbread Mountain Log Cabin

Gingerbread cabin. Diana H.

The logs are made of gingerbread, each one rolled by hand and cut with a tiny saw. Royal icing holds them together. The shingles and fence are also gingerbread. The wreaths are gingerbread covered in tiny candies and the shutters are gum paste. The trees are made from ice cream cones rolled in cereal with green icing.

Gingerbread cabin with the words merry Christmas written around the outside.

Another view of this detailed gingerbread cabin.

Created by Diana H. of Park City, UT.

55. Home for Christmas

Snowy gingerbread house with sleigh, Santa, and reindeer on the roof.

Melted rock candy and a little food coloring were used to make the windows. The rock chimney and under walls are all gingerbread. The Christmas trees are made out of ice cream cones and royal icing with food coloring.

Created by Lucie L. of Dwale, KY.

56. Noah's Ark

A gingerbread ark on water with animals in pairs. Mary E.

This ark is made with gingerbread, royal icing, and fondant for Noah and the animals. The builder used an X-Acto knife, paint brushes, a ruler, and a level for the challenging design.

Created by Mary E. of Timonium, MD.

57. Gingerbread Mill

A gingerbread mill with surrounding water design and a bridge. Laurel W.

This gingerbread mill was inspired by The Wayside Inn Grist Mill in Sudbury, MA, which was built in 1929. Everything is edible except for the base. Gingerbread makes up the main structure, hard candy for the water, chocolate rocks for the siding, sheet gelatin for the windows, red-colored white chocolate for the red accents, gum for the roof, pretzels and pasta for the fencing, fresh herbs for the plants, pasta for the pulley, gum paste for the grinding stones, and Tootsie Rolls for the geese. I used kitchen implements to make a path of shoveled snow and animal tracks in the snow.

Created by Laurel W. of Reno, NV.

58. Mountain Cabin

Gingerbread cabin with red door and windows. Diana H.

Another cabin where the logs were made of gingerbread, each one rolled by hand and cut with a tiny saw. The roof is also gingerbread tiles cut and baked at different temperatures for the color. Shutters and porch are made from gum paste and painted. The wreaths are made of gingerbread then covered in tiny candies. The walkway is made of rock candies."

Created by Diana H. of Park City, UT.

59. The Chapel

A gingerbread chapel with a window made of fruit roll ups. Sandra T.

This project is covered in a mix of candy bars to look like stones. The white stone trim around windows is made of gum and the stained-glass window is made of Fruit Roll-Ups. Graham crackers make up the roof.

Created by Sandra T. of Cataula, GA.

60. French Normandy Home

A gingerbread home with cotton candy clouds around it. Victoria O.

This is a replica of the builder's own house, a French Normandy home. The flag is made of a piece of gum, the roof is Cocoa Pebbles cereal, and walls are made of graham crackers.

Created by Victoria O. of Yonkers, NY.

61. Victorian Splendor

A gingerbread house with a gingerbread fence surrounding it. Cindy M.

A Dremel tool was used to even up the walls and the pitch on the roof tops. Everything is completely edible except the lights inside and the base that the house sits on.

Created by Cindy M. of Orlando, FL.

62. Santa's 1930 Model T Ford

A gingerbread car. Ann B.

This 1930 Model T Ford is equipped with windshield wipers, gear shift, headlights, and horn. Santa, Rudolph, and Ernie Elf are along for the ride. The car, tires, and inside upholstery are made entirely of gingerbread. The toys and figures are made of fondant.

Created by Ann B. of Cary, NC.

63. Notre Dame Gingerbread Cathedral

A gingerbread replica of Notre Dame. Tory T.

This gingerbread version of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris is about 100 pounds and it took about 80 hours to complete. The top of the spire measures over 2 feet long. Hard tack candy was used for the windows and the roof is tiled with Trident Gum.

Created by Tory T. of Canton, OH.

64. Nottoway Plantation

A gingerbread and candy cane home. Ann W.

This is a replica of the Nottoway Plantation which is located outside of New Orleans. The gingerbread was cut with the band saw and the windows were carved out with a Dremel tool. Royal frosting helped piece together the whole structure. Over 25 different candies were used to decorate it along with crackers, cookies, and broccoli (for the bushes). The entire house is edible.

Created by Ann W. of New London, WI. See more details of this gingerbread Nottoway Plantation.

65. Sleeping Beauty at The Bayside Gatehouse

A gingerbread castle complete with a gingerbread dragon sitting outside. Rebecca W.

This gingerbread project depicts a scene from the fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty, but the castle is a gingerbread replica of a real historical sandstone building. The pattern was constructed from architectural plans created by the artist. The iconography of Sleeping Beauty, the prince, and dragon are based on the classic Disney film. Everything is edible except for the base.

Created by Rebecca W. of Potsdam, NY. See more details of this fairytale-inspired gatehouse.

66. The National Cathedral

Gingerbread cathedral with colorful windows. Heather V.

The windows are made with Jolly Ranchers so that candles can be lit inside. Pretzel rods were used to build the spires.

Created by Heather V. of Minneapolis, MN.

67. Anton Schneider Cuckoo Clock

Gingerbread clock showing that it is 10:10 with a small golden key sitting in front of it. Ann B.

Except for the key, this clock is made entirely of gingerbread. The grape leaves were all formed and veined by hand. Two different colors of gingerbread dough were combined to give the clock a wooden look. The gold key is made from gum paste.

Created by Ann B. of Cary, NC.

68. Belle's Bakery

A gingerbread house with bright lighting placed around the house and on the icicles. Cheryl C.

The bricks were cut from slabs of gingerbread using a pizza wheel and a paring knife. They were baked in batches at different temperatures to achieve color variation. Each brick was applied by hand with royal icing. The roof is made of gum paste and each roof tile was colored and formed by hand. The windows are Isomalt that was melted and hardened on silicone sheets.

Created by Cheryl C. of Heber City, UT.

69. House From the Movie "Up"

Gingerbread house replica of the home from the movie up complete with the boy and dog sitting outside in the yard. Russ R.

This house was constructed from gingerbread, fondant, and marzipan. Gelatin sheets were used for the windows. The balloons are gumballs on thin painted wires.

Created by Russ R. of Orinda, CA.

70. The Wartburg Gingerbread Village

A gingerbread village with with 3 chapels and a house. Girl Scout Troop 1745

This is a gingerbread village that was custom made by the families of the Girl Scout Troop 1745. The group includes 6- and 7-year-old Brownies who created this for the Wartburg Adult Care Community, a nursing home in Mount Vernon, NY. The village is a replica of the beautiful Wartburg campus buildings.

Gingerbread chapel with a sign in front of it that says Wartburg. Victoria O.

Created by The Families of the Girl Scout Troop 1745 of Yonkers, NY.

71. Victorian Style

 Gingerbread Victorian with a tower. Photo by Gerhard P./

This took 120 working hours over 10 days, 30 pounds of gingerbread, 35 pounds of icing sugar, 1500 gingerbread shingles, 6000 mini marshmallows, 1 teaspoon of real gold flakes, 30 window frames, and 15 poured sugar windows.

Created by Gerhard P. of North Salt Lake, UT.

72. Brownstones & Batali

Gingerbread scene of a restaurant on a snowy New York City street corner. Photo by Denise J./

This scene features a row of brownstones on one side, Mario Batali's Babbo NYC restaurant on the other side, a flower shop on one end, and Mario's Italian Wine Merchants on the other end.

Created by Denise J. of Coronado, CA.

73. Carson's Flour Mill

Gingerbread flower with a home and an outdoor covered in snow with people and animals. Photo by Marjorie M./

This took 3 months to create this project out of gingerbread, rolled fondant, noodles, gelatin sheets for the windows, icing, licorice, and gum for the roofs. The water wheel was the most difficult part for the builders, especially making the water flow look as real as possible. The siding pieces were each rolled to exact length and attached with icing.

Created by Marjorie Ann M. of Carmel, IN. See more details of this colorful flour mill.

74. German Christmas Pyramid

Gingerbread German christmas pyramid with 4 levels. Photo by Barbara A./

Traditional German Christmas Pyramids are a popular German Christmas decoration. It is similar to a carousel with several levels, often depicting Christmas motifs, such as angels or manger scenes. They are typically made of wood. This gingerbread pyramid has 4 levels featuring a nativity scene, a toy train, Santa's sled pulled by three reindeer, and angels. The ingredients include gingerbread, royal icing, marzipan, fondant, and trimmed lasagna noodles for the propeller blades.

Created by Barbara A. of Florham Park, NJ.

75. Fisherman's Wharf

Gingerbread wharf with a boat, dock, and three storefronts. Photo by Marjorie Ann and Ronald M./

It took three months to create this project out of gingerbread, rolled fondant, noodles, gelatin sheets for the windows, icing, licorice, and gum for the roofs.

Created by Marjorie Ann M. of Carmel, IN.

76. Adirondack Chalet

Gingerbread chalet with detailed hexagon patterns on the roof. Photo by Rebecca W.

The primary tools used to construct this gingerbread house were a bandsaw an X-Acto knife. For assembly, traditional royal icing was used.

Created by Rebecca W. of Potsdam, NY.

77. Gingerbread Ski Cabin

Gingerbread hotel with candy kane pillars. Photo by Nancy S.

The builder made this project to resemble the style of the hotel where she works.

Created by Nancy S. of Boca Grande, FL.

78. Over the River and Through the Woods

Gingerbread sleigh, reindeer, and Christmas trees. Photo by Mary Jane R./

The horse and sleigh are made from gingerbread, and the harness from red licorice. The folks riding in the sleigh were made from colored gumdrops formed into shapes. The blanket was made from yellow gumdrop rolled thin with a rolling pin. The woman's hat, hands, and scarf were piped from royal icing. The old fashioned bridge was made with several small pieces of cookies. Frosty, in the front of the gingerbread house itself, has a gumdrop base and was piped with royal icing, then finished with pieces of gumdrops. The house roof was made from gum painted with red food coloring. The trees are gingerbread and decorated with cinnamon candy, icing and pastel bits.

Created by Mary Jane R. of Pittsburgh, PA.

79. Holiday Horse

Gingerbread rocking horse. Photo by Barbara A./

The horse is made from gingerbread while the mane and tail are made from cooked and dried Ramen noodles. Red licorice strings serve as the reins and we made the area rug from sour strip candies, the saddle from marzipan, and the blocks from graham crackers "stained" with food coloring.

Created by Barbara A. of Florham Park, NJ.

80. Forever Autumn

Gingerbread tree house and garden.

The tree trunk is made by stacking round gingerbread cookies with royal icing sandwiched between. The limbs are pretzels. The children are made with gumpaste and fondant. The dirt is ground gingerbread and vanilla cookies and the dried grass is shredded wheat.

Created by Amy W. of Rincon, GA.

81. Enchanted Christmas Light

Detailed gingerbread lighthouse and home with pond and mermaid characters outside.

An X-acto knife was used for cutting pieces and scoring the woodgrain into the rowboat and the pilings; a fine sand paper was used for rounding and smoothing both gingerbread and gumpaste; a metal ruler was used for cutting and measuring all of the main pieces as well as the individual bricks, shingles, and stones; a level to make sure the "rock" base was level.

Created by Mary E. of Timonium, MD.

82. Cape Cod in the Fall

Gingerbread house in Cape Cod.

The structure is all gingerbread, and piped royal icing is used for the clapboard siding. The roof is bowtie pasta and cereal on the eaves. Marzipan was used to make apples, baskets, and pumpkins. The porch has cinnamon stick columns. The stone work is soup beans and the window "glass" is poured hard candy. Some shrubs are corn flakes and others are Fruity Pebbles.

Created by Joni T. of Cranberry Township, PA.

83. A Christmas Gingerbread Castle

Detailed white gingerbread castle decorated with green wreaths made of icing.

The gingerbread castle pieces are all painted grey with thinned royal icing. It has gumpaste cupolas, royal icing green wreaths, rice paper banners, gingerbread soldiers and their ladies dressed in royal icing attire. The castle is surrounded by a moat and has rock candy rocks in the back.

Created by Mary Beth E. of Hampton, VA.

84. Cosy Gingerbread dCottage

Gingerbread cottage with tree and swing outside.

My stone is toffee cooked to be softer than normal so it's pliable enough to form into realistic-looking stones, then hand painted using food color. Black licorice string was cut repeatedly to make it thin enough to look like leather rope for the chocolate tree's swing.

Created by Angel A. of Kodak, TN.

85. Gingerbread House on Main Street

Gingerbread house with a pebble-like road outside.

A template was made with cardboard, a ruler, and an X-Acto knife. The pieces were decorated with colored royal icing. The little wreaths and jimmies were placed with tweezers. After decorations were set and dry, icing was spread with a knife onto the edges of the pieces, they were pressed together and left to dry.

Created by Jeanne K. of Frederick, MD.

86. Monzu Bistro

Gingerbread restaurant set on the corner of a street.

Icing gives this mini bistro replica a winter frosting of snow.

Created by Jennifer B. of Green Bay, WI.

87. The Flavel House Museum at Christmas

Gingerbread museum with snow on the rooftop and people outside.

This is a 100% edible interpretation of the Flavel House Museum located in Astoria, OR. Tools used to create this gingerbread house include a band saw, micro plane, X-acto knives, silicone mats and rollers, and assorted cookie cutters and molds.

Created by Monte A. of Ringgold, GA.

88. Victorian Christmas

Gingerbread home with purple windows and candy kane pillars.

Royal icing was used to pipe the house siding, leaves in windows, and trees. Fondant was used to craft the window trim, and figures. An impression mat was used to give the gingerbread fence a stone look.

Created by Giovianni R. of Halifax, PA.

89. Santa's Workshop

Colorful gingerbread toy shop that has a sign that says “Santa’s Toy Company” above the front door.

The structure was built with a an X-acto knife, some metal duct pipe, and a ruler. A belt sander was used to make the edges straight and smooth out bumps.

Created by Maria S. of Carmel, IN.

90. Butterscotch and the Bird

Gingerbread living room with a cat looking outside the window.

Butterscotch is made of dried, carved French bread with icing fur. Everything else is gingerbread, icing, white dough, food coloring and pasta. Outside walls and cardinal are not visible at this photo angle.

Created by Michele W. of Clarkston, MI.

91. The Nutcracker "Sweet"

Gingerbread nutcracker doll.

Red gingerbread dough painted with red food coloring was used for the look of stained wood. The nuts in the bowl, the green bag, head and votive candle were made from molded Rice Krispie treats covered with fondant. The hair is thin rice vermicelli. A Dremel, level, rulers, drill, sanding block, and paint brushes were used to build the Santa nutcracker.

Created by Barbara A. of Florham Park, NJ.

92. Fairy House

Gingerbread bread house with a roof covered in rosemary.

The roof is made with airbrushed rice noodles, and then sprinkled with rosemary. The rocks, mushrooms, and lantern are made with a fondant/gum paste mixture. The gnome and frog are made of Rice Krispies treats, and covered with fondant. The lattice fence, and flowers are made of gumpaste. The spice flowers, and weeping willow are made of spaghetti. The hand-painted butterfly is made of fondant. The board is covered with Italian seasoning. A miniature table and chairs with a tea party, complete with cookies, sit inside. A table saw, paint brushes, and an airbrush were used in construction.

Created by Beverly C. of Springfield, IL.

93. Billy and Teddy's Frosty Adventure

Gingerbread toy shop with a black fence surrounding it.

This is a story house about a little boy's adventure with his best buddy Teddy and his faithful dog. The two set out on a journey on a snowy afternoon. They ended up dreaming at the toy shoppe and having fun in the snow. They created a snow man in front of the toy shoppe and uncovered some of the grass that lay beneath the snow. The snow man received a glove and a scarf before the boys were distracted and and on to the next activity.

Created by Beverly C. of Springfield, IL.

94. Fairport Harbor Historic Lighthouse

Gingerbread lighthouse next to a gingerbread house.

This gingerbread Light house is all ginger bread. Roof is made from chewing gum ,the trees are made from ice cream cones with royal icing.

Created by Scott H. of Fairport Harbor, OH.

95. Fairport Harbor Zion Lutheran Church

Gingerbread church.

The gingerbread church is all gingerbread structure, royal icing adhesive, colored frosting accents, candy stained glass windows, Rice Krispie treats substrate covered in green royal icing.

Created by Scott H. of Fairport Harbor, OH.

96. Christmas Cottage by the Coast

Gingerbread cottage by the water with a gingerbread boat on it.

This house is crafted from gingerbread panels covered with gum paste row siding, sugar windows, sculpted sugar icicles, individually cut gum paste roof tiles, and royal icing. The sailboat and dock was also made from gum paste.

Created by Beth S. of Troy, OH.

97. Christmas Bakery Display

Gingerbread display in the bakery with a few houses, many Christmas trees, and a train track running through the town.

This is an all edible, all natural display that was made at Whole Foods Market in Dublin, OH. All the buildings, animals and landscape are all natural. The trains and track are not....

Created by Helen L. of Marysville, OH.

98. Gingerbread Castle

Gingerbread castle with detailed patterns on the towers and roof.

This fantastical castle incorporates gingerbread, rice crispy treats, and pieces of chocolate. A wood rasp for beveling corners allows for a snug fit.

Created by Donna R. of Rochester Hills, MI.