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14 Beautiful Door Trim Styles

Discover attractive doorway casing ideas that will enhance the architecture and décor inside your home.

How to Choose a Smart Doorbell

Home technology expert Ross Tretheway shows host Kevin O’Connor everything he needs to know about smart home doorbells.

Everything to Know About Dog Doors

Entries right-sized for pets are easy for them to use—and convenient for their humans, too. Here’s how to install a dog door that’s safe and secure for you and your pet.

All About Multi-Panel Doors

Whether they fold, slide, or pivot, these door systems turn solid walls into light-filled expanses of glass.

11 Types of Hinges You Should Know

Read this DIY guide to hinges, their design, style, and purpose.

Best Door Security Devices

In this review of the best door security devices, we examine door security devices that keep you and your family protected.

13 Door Décor Ideas

Enhance your entrance with these projects to amp up curb appeal and boost your mood every time you come home.

Update a Mudroom Door with Bold Paint

Portals become all the more transportive in eye-catching color—especially when it’s expertly applied.

What a Difference a Garage Door Makes

Find out how you can dramatically improve your home's curb appeal with one affordable, easy project.

Paint a Colorful Door Accent

Painted in complementary hues, a staid bedroom door becomes a standout piece of decor

The Great Escape: Egress Doors and Window Wells

If your basement includes habitable space, it is required to have a means of egress for safe escape. Here’s how we chose the right doors and window wells for the luxuriously outfitted basement at the TOH 2018 Idea House.

How to Install a Dog Door

Give your pet the freedom to come and go whenever it wishes by installing this energy-efficient kit.

How to Replace a Garage Door Opener

Ask This Old House master electrician Scott Caron replaces an old garage door opener with a smart opener in this edition of DIY Smarts.

Treated to the Core: The Technology Behind Worry-Free Windows and Doors

Because windows and doors are constantly exposed to various weather conditions and moisture, wood rot can be an issue for homeowners everywhere. Here’s how an innovative treatment process produces virtually worry-free windows and doors.

Build It | Salvaged Door Shadow Box

Ask This Old House general contractor Tom Silva and host Kevin O’Connor build a shadow box using wood recycled from an old door.

Inside Interior Doors

Shopping for a paint-ready interior door can be confusing, since you can’t see what’s underneath the primer. If a traditional wood door (generally pine or poplar) is what you’re after, you’ll have to special-order it—and expect it to expand and contract with changes in humidity. Here’s how other interior doors are built today.

Exterior French Doors: A Buyer’s Guide

Looking for the best patio doors? The window-door hybrid has never looked—or performed—better. Here’s how to find the right ones for your house and budget.

Build a Storage Shelf for an Over-the-Door Display

A clever solution inspired by Colonial-era homes

What's Their Story? Windowed Cottage Doors

Add period flair designed for the working class to your curb appeal

Sliding Barn Doors: A Story Behind Every Door

Three readers take three different approaches to closing off a room while adding architectural charm

How to Replace a Rotted Garage Door Post

This Old House general contractor Tom Silva comes to the rescue and saves a neglected, badly decayed garage-door post and jambs

All About Fiberglass Entry Doors

They're weatherproof, easy to maintain, and harder than ever to distinguish from wood.

All About Garage Doors

No longer an afterthought, they're stronger, more weathertight, and brimming with character. The experts at This Old House help you pick a new garage door to complement your home

All About Entry Sets

Get a lock on style—and your belongings. This Old House's experts help you pick an entry set that suits your taste and budget without compromising your safety

How to Install a Garage Door

Assembling and hanging a new garage door with This Old House general contractor Tom Silva

Wood Entry Doors: Cost, Safety, and Buying Tips

We help you select and care for a front door that's right for your home's style—and your budget.

Wood Entry Door Materials and Finishes

The wood you see beneath a clear finish determines whether your door's look will be rustic or refined

Get the Right Door For Your House

A door is one of the telltale details that distinguishes the style of a house. So if your entry is due for an upgrade, let the look of your place help you pick the best match

How to Muffle a Noisy Garage-Door Opener

In this how-to video, This Old House general contractor Tom Silva shows how to cut the clamor of a noisy garage-door opener

Garage-Door Glam

Down-home barn doors, Victorian carriage-house entrance, Tudor castle gates—with garage doors, the facades and the fantasies are endless.

Guide to Buying a Garage Door

Here are the materials, insulation, installation, and maintenance considerations to help you select the best garage door for your home.