Homes should be places where you feel safe and protected. The threat of home invasions can be unsettling, but fortunately there are steps you can take to reinforce your home and your sense of security.

The first step in making your home feel safe is by installing the proper door security devices. With so many choices on the market, selecting the best home security product can be a daunting task. That’s where the This Old House Reviews Team comes in—in this review, we’ll go over the best door security devices and help you find the right product for your home.

Types of Door Security Devices

When it comes to door security devices, you can think of them as falling into a few major categories with the same end goal: improving the security of your home. Below, you can review the different types of devices and get a sense of which one might be most appropriate for your home security needs.

  • Door jammers—These are simple door reinforcers that use resistance to keep a door tightly shut. They have extendable bars that can be pressure-mounted between the floor and the door knob to prevent forced entry.
  • Reinforcement locks—Typically hardware-mounted, heavy duty locks are installed in addition to the standard locks on your door.
  • Hardware-mounted door security bars—These easy-to-install door barricades placed within sliding door frames prevent an intruder from opening the door.

What to Consider Before Buying a Door Security Device

Before purchasing a door security device, take into account factors like the installation process, dimensions of your door, placement of the device, and the device material itself.

Installation process

Consider whether you want a door security device that’s permanently installed, like a master lock or hard-ware mounted bar, or something that can be taken down and stored when not in use, like a pressure-mounted door jammer.

Removable devices are portable and typically require little or no installation, but you often trade extra security for these conveniences. In comparison, a permanently installed device may require more upfront labor and cost, but they are often sturdier and more reliable than the removable devices.

The dimensions of your door

While doors often have universal design elements, their exact dimensions can vary. You will need to factor in whether a product will be compatible with the height, width, and thickness of your door. Before buying a door device, measure your door’s dimensions and read product descriptions carefully. If you really want a flexible option, go with an adjustable device to make sure it will fit to your door’s specifications.

Placement of the device

Some security devices are designed for sliding doors only, while others can be used on hinged doors and sliding patio doors. Read the product description carefully to determine whether the device is compatible with your home’s floor type. Some pressure-mounted door jammers will not be compatible with carpet or linoleum, for example, but will work great on wood or tile.

Door security device material

Yet another important factor to consider when selecting a door security device is the material. Look for a durable material like steel or metal over plastic, which may not be reliable under high pressure. If you want to protect your home’s floors from any force placed on it by the security device, look for options with rubber footing.

Top 3 Door Security Devices

Now that you know which factors to consider when exploring your options, check out our list of the top three door security devices of 2021. We compiled this list to highlight the top performers that balance security for your home with flexibility and ease of use. Keep reading for descriptions and reviews of each.

Best For Swinging Doors: Nightlock Original Door Lock Barricade

Easy to install with minimal hardwareNot compatible with carpet or linoleum
Available in three finishesRequires specific door-to-floor clearance
Affordable price of $39.95Not compatible with sliding doors

The best door security device for swinging doors is the Nightlock Original Door Lock Barricade. This is a hardware-mounted barricade that anchors to the floor and can withstand enormous amounts of pressure from the outside.

It can be installed on a number of flooring surfaces, including marble, tile, and concrete, and comes in bright brass, brushed nickel, or dark bronze finishes. This device is only compatible with doors that have ½ inch to two inches of clearance above the floor to allow for opening and closing the door when the device is in the “down” position.

Purchase Now: $39.95

Most Versatile: BuddyBar Door Jammer

Portable door security device with no installation requiredPrice of $109 makes this one of the more expensive door security devices
Heavy duty steel design with mechanisms to prevent slipping and damage to floorsNot a one-and-done set-up process; you will have to remove this device every time you wish to use the door
Extends from 36 to 51 inches to accommodate most door heightsNot suitable for use with entryway rugs

In our research to find the best door security devices of 2021, we selected the BuddyBar Door Jammer as the most versatile. The BuddyBar is a pressure-mounted door jammer that reinforces the strength of your door using 8.2 pounds of 16 gauge steel. Two of these BuddyBars can support the weight of a truck, which should speak volumes about this device’s ability to withstand the force of an attempted forced entry.

This door jammer is portable, extendable, and easy to install without sacrificing any of the security that you want for your home. The padded foot of the BuddyBar is made of rubber-molded heavy duty steel, making this a worry-free barricade that won’t destroy your home’s floors. Not to mention, you’ll get free shipping when you order this device.

Purchase Now: $109.00

Best Deadbolt: Defender Security Reinforcement Lock

Requires minimal hardware for installationMay have to remove some wood from door jamb if you can’t surface mount the device
Compatible with any size doorOnly compatible with swinging doors
Has a sleek satin nickel finishNot portable and only locks from the inside

Sometimes the best security device is the simplest one. We selected the Defender Security Reinforcement Lock as the best deadbolt device because it is incredibly simple, effective, and easy to install. This master lock is also tamper-proof with a spring-loaded design and can be installed out of reach of curious children. It’s ideal for homeowners looking for a quick, easy way to up the safety of their home.

Purchase Now: $15.26

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