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Modern Ways to Use Wood Paneling

Forget Grandma’s rumpus room with the floor-to-ceiling faux wood, circa 1970. While today’s version of wood paneling takes a cue from the decade that made it famous, there’s much more to it than just wood grain and knots. This guide to modern wood paneling will shine some light on this once-taboo DIY topic.

Paint a Supersized Stencil Pattern

A large Scandi-inspired stencil pattern and a soft two-tone paint palette offer a fresh take on the wallpaper look

Guide to Creating a Living Plant Wall

Learn the basics of this burgeoning botanical trend and install a vertical garden for décor and more, indoors or out.

The 5 Best Wallpapers (2022 Review)

If you’re looking to change up the look of the rooms in your home, there’s no easier way than adding wallpaper. In this review, the This Old House Reviews Team researched the five best wallpapers on Amazon to help you find the product that’s right for you. The products included in this article are available at various home improvement stores, local home centers, and online retailers like Amazon.

How to Paint Over Wallpaper

Do you want to change the look and feel of your room with paint, but are faced with the challenge of wallpaper? You don’t always need to remove wallpaper first. Read this guide to learn when and how to paint over wallpaper.

4 Inexpensive Retaining Wall Ideas

We rounded up our best retaining wall ideas so you can plan your DIY landscaping project.

Amazing Shiplap Wall Ideas

Give your home a little more rustic character with these creative ways to add shiplap to your home.


How to Cut a Pass-Through in a Load Bearing Wall

Ask This Old House general contractor Tom Silva helps a couple frame an opening between their kitchen and living room in a load-bearing wall.

How to Texture Paint: Give Walls an Artfully Rough Look

Want a rough texture paint look on your wall? Slather on colors drawn from nature, then smooth out the edges—no brush, no roller, just special effects.

How to Insulate an Old House

We share different types of insulation so you can select what works best for your home’s interior walls.

Learn the Secrets of a Perfect Paint Job

Read these 24 pro tips to ensure our walls and trim get a flawless finish.

Common Drywall Texture Types and Finishes

Looking to go beyond plain-old smooth drywall? With a bit of effort, you can achieve a distinctive, textured look for your walls and ceilings that’s eye-catching, mood-setting, and personalized to your decorating tastes.

Choose Paint Colors With a Color Wheel

Learn how to pick a complementary color scheme for your next paint job.

Upgrade Your Walls With Peel & Stick Paper

Switching up your interior has never been easier.

Framed fabric print

How to Build a Wall-Sized Frame for a Fabric Print

Do you love the look of wall murals, but are too hesitant to commit to the permanence of paint or wallpaper? This project will give you the look of a mural, without the commitment.

How to Sponge Paint a Wall

Colored glaze layered on in a random pattern with a sea sponge can do wonders for a flat wall.

Pony Walls: What Are They and How to Build Them

A pony wall is nothing more than a short wall, and the term is often used interchangeably with "knee wall" or "cripple wall." Read this guide to learn what pony walls are and how to build one yourself.

Discussing an integrated panel and tape system for roof and wall assemblies.

Creating a Secure Enclosure for the Cottage on the Cape

Learn how ZIP System’s integrated panel and tape system for roof and wall assemblies kept the This Old House Idea House on Cape Cod construction moving swiftly and efficiently—and how it will continue to help the home achieve higher efficiency and protection for years to come.


How to Paint a Striped Wall

Create a bold accent wall with painter's tape and a menu of complementary colors


How to Stencil a Border

Dress up a doorway—or any room feature—with a pattern of your own design

How to Choose an Accent Wall

A pro painter's take on the design staple

Samantha Santana's Peel & Stick Wallpapers | DAILY FIND

Not willing to commit to traditional wall coverings? These bold patterns are temporary, removable options printed on high-quality woven material

Create the Perfect Gallery Wall for Winter

Here’s a classy conifer-themed holiday decor idea

What’s Your Paint Personality?

Sunny yellows, soothing blues, revved-up reds...every color has an innate character. That may be why the hues we’re most at home with reflect traits of our own

10 Easy-Off Wallpaper Patterns for Your Home

Easily removable, peel-and-stick wallpaper is a great (and renter-friendly!) way to spruce up a room, whether it covers every wall, just one, or a tabletop or shelf

Stick-on Style

If you’ve got a space that needs a quick makeover, there’s a growing array of innovative stick-on wall decor and window treatments that offer major visual impact in minimal time—no commitment needed

How to Paint Gingham Pattern Checks on a Wall

Plain walls take on the fresh look of a gingham print with three shades of blue on a field of white

No-Fail Color Combos to Make Any Space a Work of Art

Perplexed by palettes? Fan decks got you flummoxed? Choosing color schemes to refresh your rooms needn’t be daunting. Consider the no-fail, four-color combos we’ve gathered here—from muted pastels to bold brights, they’re sure to turn any space into a work of art

All About Glass Mosaic Tile

With more shapes, shades, and finishes available than ever before, this glamorous, light-catching cousin to ceramic can transform any space


How to Paint a Scallop Pattern

Looking to warm up a wall? Try this whimsical pattern

How to Create Faux Wall Frames

Brush on a paneled look to add dimension to blank walls

Heads Up! Faux Taxidermy

Answer the call of the wild with these cheeky trophy mounts

Don't Be Afraid to Wallpaper Your Powder Room

Give this small room big personality with a standout print