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Paint a Supersized Stencil Pattern

A large Scandi-inspired stencil pattern and a soft two-tone paint palette offer a fresh take on the wallpaper look

Go big without going overboard. Here, graceful curving shapes and muted colors soften a bold design enough to suit bedroom walls. “The simple sweeps, dots, and swirls form a recognizable Scandinavian pattern that’s really easy to use,” says Nikki Kent, who created the design for The Stencil Studio Ltd. “The stencil also comes in five sizes; you can adjust the scale.”

To re-create the look at right, though, go all in with the XL stencil, which measures about 19 by 26 inches. Start with your main color—here, soft teal—and use painter’s tape to mask off openings that will get the other color. Extra tape is handy for keeping the stencil still while you work; a small roller brush will speed up the paint application. Allow your first color to dry completely, wash the stencil thoroughly, then go back with a detail brush to fill in the second color (here, pale gray). If you have a spare brush, use it to tidy up your earlier work as needed.

Not feeling blue? Kent says tonal greens, grays, or yellows could also work well. Just steer clear of overly saturated shades—after all, you don’t want loud walls keeping you up at night.

Thanks to Nikki Kent, designer and creative director, The Stencil Studio Ltd.

Stencil: XL Scandi Damask Stencil; The Stencil Studio Ltd.

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