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How to Prep a Room for Paint

Get a quality drop cloth to protect furniture and fixtures from paint splatter


How to Remove Wallpaper Easily

Painter Jim Clark shares tips for cleanly removing the most stubborn wallpaper.

Pro Paint Tips: Get the Most Out of Rolling

Three paint roller tips from Mauro Henrique


How to Create Simulated Panels with Molding

Ask This Old House general contractor Tom Silva creates a simulated stile and rail wainscoting on a dining room wall by using base cap molding.


Reciprocating Saw 101: How to Use the Shoe

Pro tips on controlling a saw


How to Roll Paint Onto a Wall

The right way to load a roller and use it without leaving streaks and bumps


Quick, Cheap, and Effective Plaster Repair

This Old House general contractor Tom Silva demonstrates a great product for plaster repair

Using a Paint Roller Like a Pro

A bucket and screen trump a paint tray


How to Strip Painted Wallpaper

In this how-to video, This Old House painting contractor Jim Clark shows an effective way to remove old, painted wallpaper

Secrets of Smooth Brushwork

The unforgiving art of painting woodwork

Joy of Vintage Tile

Ornate or plain, matte-glazed or glossy, vintage American tiles can bring a colorful new dimension to your walls

Speed Demons

Choosing and using paint rollers and pads

Perfect-Cut Paneling

How to keep the blade straight when cutting plywood paneling