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Finding and Restoring Hidden Plaster Details

In an act of upside-down residential archaeology, the This Old House TV crew reveals—and rebuilds—historical plaster details entombed above a false ceiling

How to Use Salvaged Building Materials in New Construction

The TOH TV team is ginning up clever ways to reuse centuries-old house parts to give brand-new spaces an aged patina


How to Remove a Load-Bearing Wall

This Old House general contractor Tom Silva shows how to safely cut open up a wall.


Reciprocating Saw 101: How to Cut Into a Wall Safely

Pro tips on avoiding disaster when plunge-cutting into a wall

How to Install Insulation

Learn how to beef up your wall's weather protection in 4 easy steps.


How to Install a Wall Niche

Plug in some instant old-world charm with a premolded polyurethane insert, scrap lumber, and a few basic tools


Barrington | Architectural Moldings created from Polyurethane

Norm sees the decorative brackets being used on the exterior and learns why polyurethane is a better choice than PVC stock for this application


How to Build a Pass-Through Wall

This Old House general contractor Tom Silva opens up a load-bearing wall between a kitchen and a family room


Reciprocating Saw 101: How to Demolish a Wall

Pro tips on the right way to tear things down

Walls (and Roof) That Won't Come Tumbling Down

The new construction at Carlisle consists of foam-core panels that are strong enough to stay put for a century, and solid enough to keep the fuel bills low.

How to Take Down a Wall

Tom Silva and friends take down an outdated carport by hand in the Cambridge house