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How to Install Easy DIY Wainscoting

This Old House general contractor Tom Silva helps homeowners dress up their dining room walls using stock molding from the home center

The Art of Adobe Restoration

Remodeling with adobe can make a house look as good as it did when it was first built.

How to Install Baseboards

Installing baseboard trim serves as a visual anchor for any room. Tom Silva shows how to install baseboard trim that becomes visual anchors for any room. Learn about joint requirements, cap molding, and what size nails you’ll need in this helpful guide.

How to Create a Faux Paneled Accent Wall

Stock trim arranged to mimic paneling adds character to a bland master bedroom without breaking the bank

Choosing the right insulation

Things to Know About Choosing Insulation

Ask This Old House general contractor Tom Silva discusses the options for insulation with host Kevin O’Connor


How to Hang a Flat-Panel TV with Concealed Wiring

Electrician Scott Caron hangs a flat-screen TV on the wall and conceals all the wiring

All About Wainscoting

Dress up your plain-Jane walls with stylish trim that also guards against scuffs and scratches. This Old House helps you get the look you want at a price you can afford.

How to Build a Temporary Wall to Partition a Room

Using a temporary wall you can build an instant extra bedroom—and when you need your old room back, it can be taken down in minutes.

How to Hang Wallpaper

Painting and decorating contractor John Dee's step-by-step method for a well-clad wall.

Wainscoting Panels and Design Ideas

Ideas and inspiration to help you select, plan, and install wainscoting.

The Best Techniques for Hanging Wallpaper

Line a room with wallpaper and you have instant decoration.

Perfect Paneling Seams

If you can't get a perfectly tight fit between the sheets, you can at least hide the evidence

How to Install Beadboard Wainscoting

Follow step-by-step as This Old House's Tom Silva installs a Victorian-era enhancement

Trimming Paneling

Create a snug fit where paneling abuts stone walls or other irregular surfaces

Lots of Groundwork Goes into the Best Rock Walls

Landscape contractor Roger Cook explains how to build a wall that will stand up to almost anything thrown at it.