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Drawers for cabinet storage

Storage & Organization

How to Gain More Closet Space Without Renovating

We consulted with closet-design pros from across the country to learn the secrets to creating the ultimate storage unit, no power tools required

How to Build a Magazine Rack

Reader April Monroe gets help making a fancy file to hold her collection of TOH issues

10 Hard-Working Rooms That Make Life Easier

Packed with clever built-ins, space-maximizing storage, and nifty organizers, these high-functioning mudrooms, pantries, laundries, and potting rooms offer great ideas to streamline daily life


How to Build a Storage Cocktail Hutch

From our new Hammer It Out series: A tall and slender cabinet for provides a handy and attractive place to store barware and display spirits


How to Build a Storage Chest

Join oak lumber with wood dowels to create a modern take on Shaker-style storage.


How to Install a Garage Storage System

Adding garage storage with This Old House general contractor Tom Silva


How to Build Walk-in Closet Storage

This Old House general contractor Tom Silva shows how to maximize closet space with plywood shelves and boxes

How to Build a Wood Hamper

Ditch the tacky plastic bin for a more grown-up laundry container

Make a Pot Rack From a Vintage Window Guard

Made to protect a house's entry points, vintage metal grilles can transform into an interesting kitchen fixture

How to Build a Tool Bench

TOH reader Amy Paladino gets help making a tool bench for her garage from TOH general contractor Tom Silva

Kitchen Storage Design Ideas

A lookbook of our most popular upgrades

Make a Mudroom That Works for You

7 versatile drop-spots for coats, bags, and shoes, each packed with space-saving and clutter-busting ideas to help tidy up your entry

How to Build a Coat Rack

In half a day you can assemble stock lumber and a newel post to create an elegant place to hang your hat

How to Make a Pot Rack from Copper Pipe

How to turn large-diameter tubing into kitchen storage


How to Add Kitchen Cabinet Storage

Gaining valuable storage space with This Old House general contractor Tom Silva

How to Build a Tub-Foot Umbrella Stand

Repurpose vintage claw-foot tub supports in your house as bookends, lamp bases, and more

How to Craft a Bookcase Alcove

Make the most of your space with this this smart, slim storage solution

Smart Storage Solutions

7 simple DIY projects that can help you carve out clever places to stow everything

Cedar Closet Accessories

The cedar you put in your closets doesn't just have to go on the walls

How to Install Knee-Wall Storage

It's an awkward corner of the house. Why not make it a space-saving dresser?


How to Build a Toolbox

How to make the perfect portable workshop, with instructions for parents and kids

Built-in Storage Ideas

Store more, get organized, and add style to your interiors with these space-saving ideas

Norm's Notebook: How to Store Rakes

Master carpenter Norm Abram's techniques for rakes

Dressing Closet Design

The plan: Gut the space and ring the room with furniture-grade wardrobe storage.

How to Make a Doorknob Coatrack

Use vintage doorknobs and salvaged trim to make a showpiece coatrack in less than two hours

This Old Studio Apartment

Big ideas for a very small space

A Small Kitchen With 7 Smart Storage Solutions

Cabinets stacked to the ceiling and smart built-ins create maximum efficiency in a small space

Coming Out of Storage

Reconverting an oversized storage closet back to being a home is like working from a blank slate. On the Bermuda project, that meant figuring out what kind of home it would become — and just how blank the slate would be.

Side by Side

A master bath divided into his-and-hers spaces accommodates both husband and wife

The Perfect Mudroom

Hobbies, pets, and even recycling can get sorted out in the mudroom. Here are some creative solutions homeowners and architects have come up with for household clutter.

Create Your Own Garage Storage Plan

There's untapped potential in any garage to make room for more storage. Here are some rules from the pros.

How to Install Wall-Mounted Shelves

A step-by-step guide to installing adjustable storage systems