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In this video, TOH general contractor Tom Silva explains how to add pull-out baskets, Lazy Susans, and more.


1. Set the wire-rack basket inside the sink cabinet and pull it forward until it protrudes beyond the face frame a little; close the door to push the basket flush with the face frame.

2. Open the door, then push the frame back into the cabinet about ¼ inch to ensure it doesn't obstruct the door.

3. Hold the frame in place, remove basket and drill a screw-pilot hole in the front corner.

4. Drive in one screw to hold the frame in place.

5. Measure along the front edge of the frame to ensure it's parallel with the front of the cabinet.

6. Drill a second pilot hole in the opposite front corner, then drive in the screw.

7. Drive the remaining screws through the rear of the frame and into the cabinet floor.

8. Install the basket and check for smooth operation.

9. To install a trash/recycling bin, start by using a reciprocating saw to cut down the center of the shelf inside the cabinet.

10. Remove the two halves of the shelf and vacuum out the cabinet.

11. Set the base of the slide-out bin inside the cabinet and drill screw-pilot holes into the cabinet floor.

12. Screw the frame to the cabinet floor, then install the two plastic bins.

13. To add storage to a blind-corner cabinet, install a half-moon Lazy Susan storage rack.

14. Place the rack onto the shelf inside the cabinet and trace around it.

15. Next, use a jigsaw to cut away that portion of shelf represented by the outline of the half-round rack.

16. Screw the mounting bracket to the rear of the face frame, then attach the Lazy Susan rack.