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Simple Peg-Board Shelf

Think you can't hang glue bottles, spray cans, and other small items on your Peg-Board? Think again.

Here's an idea for those of you who keep your hand tools neatly organized on a wall-mounted Peg-Board panel: Make an easy-to-install shelf — in less than five minutes — for storing glue bottles, spray-paint cans, and other items that can't be hung on hooks.

Start by cutting a 10-inch-long piece of 1x4. Then measure in 1 inch from each end of the board and bore a 3/16-inch-diameter hole in the back edge. Be sure to make the holes at least 1 1/2 inches deep.

Insert a short, straight Peg-Board hook into each hole, then install the shelf. Because the hooks bend up slightly, the shelf will be tilted back, which helps keep items from sliding off.