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Get information about how to tackle your latest decking project, including materials, installation, and repairs.

Read This Before You Build Your Deck

Don't lift a finger without our time-tested guidance on making all the right choices for this popular outdoor project

Composite Decking From A to Z

TOH explains everything you need to know about this wood alternative, including how to choose the best boards, compare costs, as well as install and clean them.

Deck Design Ideas

From built-in planters to shade-producing pergolas to railings and more, explore innovative decking ideas.

Fix Now, Save Later

Our experts help you address 9 little trouble spots around your home before they cause big—as in big bucks—damage down the road

Get It All Done in the New Year

It's time to set your resolutions, from replacing electrical outlets to overhauling landscaping. Here are the how-tos to get the job done

How to Square Joists for a Deck

TOH general contractor Tom Silva gets joists square by using the Pythagorean theorem

How to Place Piers for a Simple Deck

The High-Tech, Low-Fuss Deck

New synthetic materials and stylish design features transform the old raised rectangle into an easy-to-care-for, good-looking getaway

Deck Check

Our six-point inspection plan will help you spot signs of trouble

How to Install a Retractable Screen Door

This pull-down screen door model is unlike anything you've ever seen

Fire-Resistant Decking and Framing

Keep fire from gaining a foothold on your deck or inside your home's walls with these flame-resistant framing materials


How to Build a Small Deck

In this how-to video, This Old House general contractor Tom Silva shows how to build a simple entry-level deck.

How to Fix a Sliding Door

Go from sticky to smooth in a few easy steps


How to Deck Over a Concrete Stoop

In this how-to video, This Old House general contractor Tom Silva shows how to conceal ugly concrete with wood-composite lumber


How to Attach a Deck to a House

In this how-to video, This Old House general contractor Tom Silva gets all decked out


How to Install Composite Decking

In this how-to video, learn to create a maintenance-free deck with This Old House general contractor Tom Silva.

Get Your Dream Deck

How to get the right backyard retreat for your house

How to Spruce Up a Worn-out Deck

Give those tired old boards a refreshing makeover in six easy steps

All Eyes on Deck

Imaginative details can raise a deck to extraordinary design heights

Finding the Right Design for Your Backyard Deck

Working on a deck? Plan ahead to avoid zoning, aesthetic, and budget problems.

Refresh Your Deck

Bringing luster back to weather-beaten wood

Swabbing the Deck

Pick a warm autumn day to get your deck ready for winter

Deck-Railing Brace

Eliminate the sag in a long handrail

Joining Tongue-and-Groove Plywood

Coax those tongue-and-groove edges together for a tight, no-bounce fit

High-Tech Decks

Plastic planks that don't crack, rot, or splinter

Decking Decisions

New options mean your next deck may not even be real wood.

Building a Safe Deck

A deck can handle even the rowdiest gang of fraternity brothers as long as the beam that carries the floor joists is properly bolted to the side of the house. Unlike bolts, nails can pull out — and without warning.

Repairing Sagging Screens

The key to keeping your new screen from sagging or drooping

Permanent Cure for Popped Nails

Protruding nailheads aren't just unsightly; they can be dangerous