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All About Laminate

The stuff of retro 1950s kitchens is looking cool again, thanks to new patterns and vibrant colors.

Butcher Block Buying Guide

Butcher block can be made out of nearly any wood—or any combination of woods—configured with its grain showing on the flat, on the edge, or on the end. Here are some of our favorite looks and colors for a kitchen accent

A Kitchen For Two

How to design a kitchen that can comfortably accommodate two cooks

9 Steps to Getting the Kitchen You Want

The key: Learn how to work with your designer (start by downloading our comprehensive Kitchen Planning Questionnaire)

Outdoor Kitchen Components

Just in time for the weekend, a gallery of all-weather luxuries guaranteed to turn any outdoor kitchen into hangout central. Plus, our exclusive TOH cocktail, the Rhum Repair.

Guide to Redesigning Your Kitchen

Are you planning a thorough kitchen makeover? Let us walk you through the process.

Reface or Replace Cabinets?

Is refacing kitchen cabinets a viable option or a mail-marketed ripoff?

Working with Linoleum Flooring

Linoleum makes a comeback and proves it's not what you think.

Backsplash Bonanza

Everything you need to know about adding a tile, solid-surface or— surprise—even a metal or glass backsplash