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Curb Appeal

From mailboxes to shutters, the curb appeal of your home can make a big difference. Discover ways to improve and maintain your home's curb appeal.

Restoring a 19th Century Cape Cod

An antiques lover restores authenticity to her 1820s Cape with vintage furniture, salvaged flooring, period-style trim, and paint colors that bring back its time-honored patina.

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How to Replace a Mailbox and Posts

Here is what you need to know to install a mailbox and new post.

Prep for Success: Tips for a Pro-Level Paint Finish

You’ve heard the saying before: Fail to prepare—prepare to fail. But whether it’s because prep work is viewed as an unnecessary expense or it just boils down to impatience, many home improvers fail to properly prepare their surfaces before applying paint. We sat down with TOH painting pro Nick Slavik to find out how important it is to take the time to prep and prime.

Photoshop Redo: A Handsome Homestead

A revamped garage, a metal roof, fresh siding, and upgraded entries give this 1930s farmhouse more-coherent charm

Photoshop Redo: From Dreary to Cheery Cottage

Practical upgrades give a little stone house a brighter outlook

Photoshop Redo: Elegant Fixes for a Worn Facade

Craftsman-inspired details add symmetry and cohesiveness to a 1920s house


How to Replace a Mailbox Post

Ask This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook helps a homeowner install a new curbside mailbox


How to Swap the Swing of an Entry Door

Changing your door from a right-hand swing to a left-hand swing can be a fairly easy task, as long as it’s the same height on both sides, and you’re okay with the inside face of the door becoming the outer face. Watch Ask This Old House carpenter Nathan Gilbert as he helps general contractor Tom Silva change the swing of an entry door.

Photoshop Redo: Reimagining a Rustic Retreat

A Tudor-influenced hodgepodge from the 1970s gets a much-needed makeover

Charleston-Elliotborough House Exterior Paint Colors

We remodeled two houses during our Charleston 2018 TV season. Many fans asked for the exact colors of the Elliotborough exterior, and here they are

Photoshop Redo: Rebalancing a Boxy Split-Level

A more prominent entry, a new side porch, and upgraded siding and stonework improve the view from the curb


How to Resize an Exterior Door

Ask This Old House general contractor Tom Silva trims a front door that’s getting caught on a homeowner’s entry rug

Photoshop Redo: Reinventing a Style Misfit

A 1970s split-level gets a curb-appeal boost from an inviting entry porch, new siding, and updated windows and trimwork

Idea House 2017 | Shingling

Keep up with the progress of the TOH Idea House in Rhode Island by going behind the scenes with builder Jeff Sweenor Special thanks to SBC Cedar

Photoshop Redo: Reinventing a Split-Level

Front-facing gables, a mix of siding, and Craftsman-style details make an unremarkable home into a standout

Wall-mount Mailboxes

Increase your curb appeal with a letter box that suits your house’s style

Best Curb Appeal Before and Afters 2016

The top exterior revamps from the Reader Remodel Contest 2016

Choose the Right Window Style for Your Home

Pinpoint the perfect type of window to match your home’s architecture

Photoshop Redo: Giving a Boxy Colonial Charm

A reworked entry porch adds curb appeal and character to a no-frills facade

6 Jaw-Dropping Curb-Appeal Makeovers

Borrow from these before-and-afters and give the neighbors something to talk about


How to Upgrade a Steel Lamppost

Use a PVC column kit and trim to create an architectural detail that shines day or night.


How to Replace Sidelights on a Front Door

This Old House general contractor Tom Silva replaces a pair of sidelights on a front door with new, insulated ones

Photoshop Redo: Coloring Inside the Lines of a Folk Victorian Farmhouse

A house goes from ghostly to gorgeous with the help of three earth- and sky-toned paint palettes

What's Their Story? Facade Fragments

Learn the history behind shapely architectural ruins

Add Curb Appeal With a Hellstrip Garden

Turn the struggling ribbon of lawn between the sidewalk and the street into a glorious garden with tough, easy-care plants

Photoshop Redo: A Foursquare's New Colors

Three paint palettes—in both modern and period hues—make the details of this heirloom homestead pop

4 Surprising Rules on Painting the American Flag

Tips for ensuring you display Old Glory with honor and respect

3 Tips for Tackling a Fixer-Upper House

Intimidated by the thought of an exterior renovation? These three tips will make the project more manageable.

How to Make Board-and-Batten Shutters

You can enhance your window openings by buying factory-made pairs or save a bundle by building your own

Clever Ways to Upgrade Your Outside

9 colorful projects, made faster and easier with the help of a paint sprayer

4 Clever Ways to Clean Your Home's Exterior

Remedy curb appeal eyesores with these off-label uses for around-the-house products