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  1. Before doing any digging, dial 811 to call your local utility locating service to mark underground pipes and wires.
  2. Use post hole diggers to dig a hole 2 feet deep.
  3. Cut the 4x4 post to 4 feet long. Insert two feet into the mailbox post and leave two feet exposed.
  4. Attach the mailbox post to the pressure-treated post using the supplied lag screws and the socket wrench.
  5. Attach the mailbox to the post with the supplied screws.
  6. Set the face of the mailbox 6-8” from the edge of the road and 41-45” higher than the road.
  7. Mix the concrete with water in the wheelbarrow.
  8. Hold the mailbox in place and fill around the post in the hole with concrete. Keep the concrete 4” from the surface.
  9. Fill the remainder of the hole with topsoil.

Roger installed the MailMaster Trim Line mailbox, manufactured by Step 2.

For setting the post, Roger used Fast Setting Concrete Mix, manufactured by Quikrete.