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Problem: Mildewed Siding

Photo by Andrew McCaul

Try: Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

No hocus-pocus here. The secret to this household hero is the superfine abrasive texture of the melamine foam, which allows it to easily work mold and mildew spots out of vinyl and wood siding.

About $4 for a four-count pack; Lowe's

Problem: Dirty Windows

Photo by Andrew McCaul

Try: Brillo Sweep and Mop

This lightweight mop's 360° swiveling head, self-anchoring sponge, and long reach make it ideal for windows as well as floors.

About $20 for a starter kit; Amazon

Problem: Oily Driveway Stains

Photo by Andrew McCaul

Try: Clay-based kitty litter

Superabsorbent clay helps soak up oily patches from asphalt. Spread litter over a fresh spill. Wait a day, then sweep it up and hose down the spot.

Fresh Step Clay Cat Litter, about $18 for a 7-lbs. bag; Amazon

Problem: Rust on Concrete

Photo by Andrew McCaul

Try: Acid Magic

The muriatic acid in this cleaner, often sold for swimming pools, lifts rusty stains from concrete. Wearing gloves and eye protection, dilute 1 part liquid in 4 parts water, then follow the instructions on the label.

About $9; Ace Hardware