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DreamCloud Mattress Review: Luxury Without the Matching Price Tag

There’s a lot to love about the DreamCloud hybrid mattress. Fusing sturdy innerspring coils with layers of responsive memory foam, find out why this affordable luxury mattress performs like a dream.

Dreamcloud Mattress Review Marilyn Peryer

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If you consider yourself someone who enjoys the finer things in life but who also wants to stay within your bedroom remodel budget, the DreamCloud mattress helps you achieve both. This DreamCloud Mattress Review explores why this luxury mattress-in-a-box is a great choice for sleepers of all types, thanks to its superior lumbar support, motion isolation, and responsiveness. A lifetime warranty, generous sleep trial, and free shipping give this bed yet another competitive edge, letting you try it risk-free for an entire year before making your decision. This Old House Reviews Team worked with the testing team at Mattress Advisor to determine if the DreamCloud rises to the occasion: spoiler alert, it does.

Pros and Cons of the DreamCloud Mattress

Pros Cons
Pros Cons
Heavy-duty edge support allows most individuals to use the entire mattress Innerspring coils create some motion transfer, so couples who toss and turn may have difficulty sleeping
Innerspring layer and cooling cashmere-blend cover makes this bed great for hot sleepers Firmness isn’t ideal for lightweight side sleepers, or heavier stomach sleepers
Reacts quickly to movement, which restless sleepers can find useful
Dreamcloud Original Mattress Marilyn Peryer

Hybrid mattresses provide the happy medium of two or more mattress types––in this case, firm innerspring coils and soft memory foam. The DreamCloud expertly combines both components for a sleep experience that’s both supportive and deliciously comforting, making this hybrid one of the best mattresses of its kind tested by Mattress Advisor. There are four total layers in the DreamCloud Original mattress. The top layers of foam contour around your body’s pressure points, keeping weight from pressing down on the hips and shoulders (8.75 out of 10). An innerspring core underneath the foam layers gives this bed good responsiveness (9 out of 10), so changing positions is easier than on other foam mattresses. These same foam layers are infused with gel, a key cooling feature that prevents overheating (8.75 out of 10).

The middle-of-the-line firmness does allow this bed to accommodate side, stomach, and back sleepers. The DreamCloud is also supportive enough for plus-size sleepers, although some may prefer a firmer mattress than the DreamCloud’s medium-firmness level. Both the This Old House Reviews team and Mattress Advisor reviewers particularly loved that this mattress helps to maintain a healthy spinal alignment, giving those with back pain near-perfect posture throughout the night (9 out of 10). If you deal with back pain, this is a major perk of this mattress. The cherry on top though is the cashmere-blend cover that wraps the entire bed in a swanky, soft feel.

The DreamCloud hybrid mattress is made with high-quality, Earth-friendly materials. There may be a slight off-gassing odor when you initially open it, as with all boxed mattresses, but it should disappear within 48 hours. All DreamCloud mattresses are covered with a “forever” warranty, as well as a year to try out the mattress––one of the most generous warranties and sleep trials to be seen on the online mattress space.

Highlights of the DreamCloud

  • Material: Hybrid–foam and coils
  • Firmness: Medium-firm
  • Customer Rating: 4.6/5
  • MA Score: 9.1/10
  • Trial Period: 365 nights
  • Lifetime Warranty

MA Score: The Mattress Advisor Score is a weighted score that takes into account 14 different factors related to the mattress’ performance, function, convenience and the brand’s social responsibility.

DreamCloud Mattress Features

Before choosing a new mattress, there are a lot of considerations to take into account. You want to consider whether your bed is better suited for couples or single sleepers, how well it relieves pressure, and temperature regulation. We’ve covered some of the most common factors and how DreamCloud performs below:

Motion Isolation

Two layers of memory foam help to isolate motion and absorb a great deal of movement. However, innerspring coils still contribute a bit of bounce, so you may feel it if your partner or pet moves or gets up in the middle of the night. The coils are individually wrapped, which helps each coil respond to varying amounts of weight and movement across the entire mattress. This also reduces the spread of movement, but not entirely as there is still some motion transfer.

Edge Support

DreamCloud’s edges are exceptionally supportive and should allow most sleepers to spread out over the entire bed (9.75 out of 10). An outer rim contains a double-row of heavy-duty gauge coils that enforces the edge of the bed, while the core layer of coils and thick foam assist with overall mattress stability. Heavier sleepers may find the border doesn’t offer enough support and might feel as though they’ll fall off if they get too near the edge.


Rated a 6.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale, the DreamCloud bed cradles pressure points while providing ample support in the lower back and hips. A dense polyfoam base and a layer of pocketed innerspring coils give this bed a sturdy foundation.

Pressure Relief

Dual layers of memory foam offer good pressure relief in high-tension areas, keeping your spine aligned and helping to reduce back pain. While many memory foam mattresses create the sensation of sleeping “in’’ the mattress (as opposed to “on” the mattress), DreamCloud’s memory foam is a tad firmer, keeping you elevated off the bed as you sleep.

Spine Alignment

Protecting your lower back is important no matter what sleep position or body type you are––without good spine alignment, you’re at serious risk for developing back pain over time. The DreamCloud’s coil system keeps the midsection uplifted and helps maintain a healthy posture even as you are lying down.

Temperature Regulation

The DreamCloud allows for cooler, more comfortable rest throughout the night than other mattresses made with memory foam. Innerspring coils keep the interior breathable, so no heat is building up around you. Air flows easily through the gel-infused foam layer, and a naturally breathable cashmere cover also contributes to the hybrid’s cooling capabilities.

Sleeping Positions Best for the DreamCloud

How you prefer to sleep is possibly the most critical factor to consider when choosing a new mattress. You want to ensure your new bed is well-suited to your sleep style before replacing your old mattress.

Side Sleepers

The medium-firm feel of this mattress may be slightly too firm for lightweight side sleepers (under 130 pounds), though it should work well for average-weight side sleepers as the layers of foam provide a good amount of cushioning for the hips and shoulders.

Back Sleepers

The innerspring core and layers of foam offer the perfect balance of support and cushioning, making this bed a solid option for back sleepers seeking pressure relief and proper lumbar support.

Stomach Sleepers

Lightweight and average-weight stomach sleepers should find that the coils keep the hips from sinking into the mattress, while the layers of foam provide just enough cushioning to relieve pressure. Heavyweight stomach sleepers may need a firmer mattress with better support for their hips and shoulders.

Combination Sleepers

The highly-rated responsiveness of this medium-firm mattress (9 out of 10) makes it a great option for combination sleepers who like to switch between positions. The pocketed coils make it easy to move around as you sleep, while the plush pillow top and layers of foam help you get comfortable quickly.

DreamCloud Mattress Materials

The DreamCloud fuses different materials across four layers for the ultimate luxury and supportive mattress.

  • Soft cashmere-blend cover - Quilted foam and cashmere provide an incredibly soft and plush top layer with moisture-wicking abilities.
  • Gel memory foam - A comfort layer of gel memory foam offers contouring relief and breathability.
  • Supportive foam - A support layer of foam helps you sink into the mattress––but not too much.
  • Pocketed innerspring coils - Individually wrapped coils deliver pressure relief and a responsive surface, making it easy to change positions. When coils are individually wrapped, they are able to react to different amounts of weight to provide the right level of support.
  • Stay-put foam foundation - The foundation base layer of polyfoam keeps the mattress securely on the frame.

More About DreamCloud

There’s more to a good mattress than how well you sleep on it; the value you get with your purchase is also an important factor to consider. Here is some more information about DreamCloud to help you make your decision.

Eco-Friendly Materials

All foams used in DreamCloud mattresses meet CertiPUR-US standards, making them environmentally friendly. These beds also produce low VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions for improved indoor air quality. Quality materials also give this mattress good durability, so you can expect it to last a while.

Price Point

Compared to similar brands and models, the DreamCloud original bed is available at a lower price. This luxury hybrid mattress combines high-end construction with quality materials and is more affordable than competitors.

Free Shipping and Returns

DreamCloud offers free shipping and returns within the contiguous United States. White-Glove delivery is also available for an additional fee, and DreamCloud will install your new mattress and remove your old one for you.

365-Night Trial Period

A full-year sleep trial is the most generous offer in the mattress business; you’ll have an entire year to decide whether or not the DreamCloud mattress is the bed for you.

Other Mattresses by DreamCloud

If a DreamCloud luxury hybrid mattress is appealing, but you want a little extra plush comfort, check out some of DreamCloud’s other mattress options to up the ante.

DreamCloud Premier Mattress

Dreamcloud Premier Courtesy of Dreamcloud

The DreamCloud Premier builds upon the Original design with a few extra sumptuous features. The Premier packs in two additional layers of foam and a plush Euro pillow top to result in a softer-feeling mattress. This model is perfect for side sleepers or those who want a softer pillow top on their bed.

DreamCloud Premier Rest Mattress

DreamCloud Premier Rest mattress Courtesy of DreamCloud

The plushest model offered by DreamCloud, there are seven layers of foam and coils in the Premier Rest. The top four layers are dedicated to optimal pressure relief and plushness, plus DreamCloud’s trademark luxury cashmere cover for a lofty, cloud-like sleep.