The This Old House Reviews Team writes objective, insightful reviews about home products and services. The team includes writers who have varied backgrounds both in home service industries and in research, education, and journalism. The team crafts its provider reviews and educational content from first-hand knowledge of home services industries, extensive research through secret-shopping and expert interviews, and customer feedback.

The team gains first-hand knowledge through team members with professional backgrounds in industries such as moving and lawn care, as well as thoughtfully designed product testing. The This Old House Reviews Team also gains first-hand experience with each home service provider by calling and live-chatting customer service representatives, perusing provider websites, downloading provider apps, and requesting quotes.

The team consults dozens of experts each year to gain further insight into the services and products it writes about. The team has interviewed small-business owners, doctors, attorneys, licensed professionals, and other experts across the categories it covers.

Finally, the team conducts consumer surveys, facilitates homeowner focus groups, and reads hundreds of customer reviews. The team also solicits and reviews reader feedback to ensure you’re getting the information you need.