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5 Best Pool Shocks (2023 Review)

Pool shock eliminates algae, bacteria, and other contaminants, keeping your pool water clear all season long. In this review, the This Old House Reviews Team researched the five best pool shocks on Amazon to help you find the one that’s right for you.

The 10 Best Patio Heaters (2023 Review)

Purchase a heater to enjoy your patio or other outdoor living space year round. Our review goes over the best patio heaters on the market.

The Best Mattresses for Stomach Sleepers

If you have trouble relaxing when face-down in a store trying to find the best bed for stomach sleepers, you aren’t alone. The good news: You can buy the perfect prone position mattress from an online mattress brand instead. The This Old House Reviews Team has the know-how to help you make an informed choice without leaving home.

How to Find the Best Mattress for a Guest Room

Looking to provide luxury accommodations for your out-of-town friends and family members? Start by making sure you have the right bedding. Use this guide to pick out one of the eight best mattresses for a guest room.

8 Best Cooling Sheets in 2023

Say goodbye to sweaty nights and hello to refreshing and restful sleep with the best cooling sheets on the market.

The Best Mattresses Under $1,000

The design of your bedroom plays a role in the quality of sleep you get. With the best mattress under $1,000, you can give your bedroom—and sleep—a DIY makeover without going over budget. Our expert researchers reviewed several top mattresses to find the nine best mattresses for your budget.

The 10 Best Organic Mattresses of 2023 That Help You Sleep Green

Sleeping on an organic mattress is a great way to protect the environment and your health. Whether you’re shopping for an eco-friendly mattress or seeking to reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals, choose your next new bed with our roundup of the ten best organic mattresses.

The 10 Best Luxury Mattresses of 2023, According to Expert Testers

Finding one of the best luxury mattresses can be transformational for your sleep, or for your home’s ability to market itself as a luxe Airbnb rental. Before making a luxury purchase, due diligence is all the more important. We’ve explained what we like and dislike about ten luxury mattresses to help you achieve a lavish bedroom upgrade.

The 10 Best Hybrid Mattresses 

Hybrid mattresses combine the best design features of memory foam, innerspring, and latex. This blend of mattress materials provides high levels of comfort and support. The question is, what’s the best hybrid mattress for your sleep preferences? We give you the rundown on the best hybrid mattresses in this guide.

5 Best Snow Blowers (2023 Guide)

In this buyer’s guide, the This Old House Reviews Team takes a look at today’s best snow blowers. From electric shovels to self-driving machines, there’s something here to get you through any winter storm.