Wagmo is a pet insurance provider with many attractive features for pet parents. The company’s base plan is comprehensive compared to competitors. Its three wellness plan options set Wagmo apart. 

The This Old House Reviews team reviewed the best pet insurance providers and found that Wagmo is a leading pet insurer based on metrics such as coverage, cost, customer service, reputation, and plan options. We break down what pet owners should know about Wagmo so you can determine if it’s the right pet insurance provider for you and your pet.


Our Rating for Wagmo

We gave Wagmo a score of 82 out of 100. The provider scored high for affordability, coverage, and customer care. Wagmo lost points for waiting period length and years in business. 

The company was established in 2017. It’s had less time to build a brand reputation compared to some other providers. Wagmo’s waiting period for standard accident-and-illness-related vet care is 15 days, longer than the two to 14 days we see with many other providers. 

Wagmo’s plans are priced lower compared to other leading pet insurers and its coverage is comprehensive. The company offers multiple ways for customers to manage their Wagmo accounts and get help, such as a website portal and chat function, a mobile app, a vet telehealth line, and an email contact. 

Wagmo is our top choice for wellness coverage. Most pet insurance providers that offer routine preventive care coverage have one or two wellness options you can add to your base plan. Wagmo has three with varying coverage tiers.



Pros and Cons of Wagmo

Here are Wagmo’s standout features at a glance:

Has three wellness plan options
✔ Offers $100,000 lifetime limit and 100% reimbursement rate
✔ Reimburses wellness claims within 24 hours

✘ Takes up to two weeks to be reimbursed for pet insurance claims once approved
Unavailable in Alaska, Florida, Kentucky, Minnesota, Rhode Island, and U.S. territories



Wagmo Pet Insurance Pricing

Your monthly premium will depend on your location and your pet’s breed and age. We looked at pricing for domestic medium-hair cats and three common dog breeds. Monthly premiums for cats average around $30, while pricing ranges between $49–$55 for dogs. 

Wagmo gives you the option of a 90% or 100% reimbursement rate and a $250, $500, or $1,000 annual deductible. You get $20,000 of annual coverage, a $10,000 per-incident limit, and a $100,000 lifetime limit. 

Sample Pricing Premiums

Below are sample monthly premiums for dogs and cats for Wagmo’s standard accident-and-illness plan. Adding wellness coverage is an additional $20–$59 per month, depending on which coverage tier you choose.

Species/Breed*Dog: Medium MixedDog: Golden RetrieverDog: Yorkshire TerrierCat: Domestic Medium Hair
Accident-and-illness plan$49.01$53$49.21$30.50

*Sample quotes are for 4-year-old pets in Raleigh, North Carolina. 


Wagmo offers customers ways to save. Policyholders get 10% off for covering multiple pets and 15% off after a year with no claims at renewal.


Wagmo Pet Insurance Plans and Coverage

Wagmo’s accident-and-illness coverage is comparable to other pet insurance providers. Here’s what you can expect this plan to cover:


  • X-rays
  • Ultrasounds
  • CT scans
  • Lab tests, such as blood work


  • Surgeries 
  • Diagnostic treatments
  • Cancer treatments
  • Orthodontic treatments due to covered injury or illness


  • Cancer
  • Hereditary and congenital conditions
  • Hip dysplasia 
  • Accidents and illnesses that aren’t preexisting prior to end of plan’s 15-day waiting period


  • Prescription medications
  • Pet ambulances
  • Prosthetics and orthopedics
  • Hospital stays
  • In-home care
  • Emergency vet visits

Preventive Care Limits

Wagmo has three pet wellness plans to choose from based on the coverage level you want:

  • Value Plan: You can be reimbursed up to $350 per year under the value plan for covered expenses. Coverage allows for one routine wellness exam, two vaccines, one round of routine blood work, and one fecal test annually. This plan is an additional $20 per month.
  • Classic Plan: Get reimbursed up to $650 per year for covered wellness costs. Coverage includes one routine wellness exam, three vaccines, one round of routine blood work, one fecal test, and one urinalysis per year, plus $100 for flea, tick, and heartworm medications and $100 for grooming. This plan costs $36 per month.
  • Deluxe Plan: The deluxe plan reimburses you up to $1,100 for covered preventive expenses. Coverage includes two routine wellness exams, four vaccines, one round of routine blood work, one fecal test, and one urinalysis annually. It includes $200 for flea, tick, and heartworm medication, $200 for grooming, and $100 for dental care. This plan costs $59 per month.

Coverage Exclusions

All pet insurance policies have exclusions. Wagmo’s exclusions are comparable to competitors. The following items are not covered:

  • Spaying or neutering
  • Vitamins and supplements
  • Prescription food
  • Boarding
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Dental surgeries
  • Biohazard fees
  • Training classes
  • Cosmetic surgeries, such as ear cropping, tail docking, or declawing
  • Breeding, pregnancy, or birth expenses
  • Preexisting conditions
  • Preventive care outside of a wellness plan

To better understand the specifics of what is and isn’t covered under Wagmo’s pet insurance plan, take a look at a sample policy.



Wagmo State Availability

Wagmo insurance plans are not available nationwide. Alaska, Florida, Kentucky, Minnesota, Rhode Island, and U.S. territories are not covered by Wagmo. The provider says it’s working toward expanding its availability. 

Wagmo does offer a corporate pet wellness plan that’s available in all 50 states. It covers vaccines, exams, bloodwork, grooming, and more. You will only be eligible for enrollment if your employer offers this benefit.



Wagmo Reviews

Wagmo has a B rating* with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Four customer complaints were filed and closed on the site in the past year. Wagmo is quick to respond to complaints on the BBB site. Some customers report that the company’s follow-up attention resolved their issues. 

Here are two Wagmo reviews from customers on Trustpilot and BBB:

“Have had three claims already. They approved them all within 24 hours. The funds were in my bank the next morning.” —Daniel via Trustpilot

“I filed a request for reimbursement after a routine vet visit, part of Wagmo’s wellness plan. Wagmo then determined it was not a routine visit, marking it as ‘emergency’ and would not provide reimbursement.” —Anonymous via BBB

We reached out to Wagmo about the negative reviews, but the company declined to comment.

*BBB ratings are current as of January 2023.



Our Conclusion

Wagmo has affordable plans, a 100% reimbursement rate, quick turnaround times for wellness claims, and a high lifetime coverage limit. The provider stands out for its wellness plans, which include three moderately priced tiers and offer reasonable coverage. Pet parents who prioritize having preventive coverage may also be interested in Lemonade, Spot, or Embrace—all providers that offer popular wellness care options. 

Review plans and coverage details carefully when looking at pet insurance providers to make sure you get the coverage your pet needs. Read customer reviews to get a well-rounded idea of the company’s reputation and customer service. You can gauge customer service by calling and speaking with a representative to answer any questions you have. Get a quote before making a decision so you know what to expect regarding your pet insurance premium and pricing. You can get a quote from Wagmo through its easy online quote tool.

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Quickly compare Wagmo to other leading pet insurance providers:


Our Score

Sample Monthly Premium*

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*Based on sample quotes for a 4-year-old mixed dog in Raleigh, North Carolina.



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  • Coverage (25)
  • Plan options (20)
  • Monthly cost (20)
  • Company reputation (15)
  • Customer service (10)
  • Species eligibility (10)

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