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Best Pet Insurance in Maine (ME)

Author Image Written by Brenda Woods Updated 06/25/2024

To help you narrow down the best pet insurance providers in Maine, we thoroughly vetted pet insurance providers, surveying customers, analyzing coverage options, and comparing quotes. We found that Spot offers the best pet insurance in Maine with it’s customizable coverage.

Pet insurance can help provide your pet with the healthcare it needs during an emergency and protect your wallet from expensive vet bills. From Brunswick to Bangor, pet owners in Maine have access to five excellent choices for affordable pet insurance companies.

Read on to learn what rates and coverage you can expect from Maine’s top pet insurance companies, with sample quotes for 4-year-old dogs and cats in Augusta, Maine.
Why Trust Us? Our review and rating process for the best pet insurance companies
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How Do ME Pet Insurance Companies Compare?

Company Star Rating Monthly Cost for Dogs* Monthly Cost for Cats* Visit Site
$38.44 $21.53 VISIT SITE
N/A N/A Visit Site
$44.83 $24.68 Visit Site
$49.85 $26.55 VISIT SITE

Who Are the Top 4 Pet Insurance Providers in Maine?

Most Customizable Plans: Spot
Best Coverage Limits: Healthy Paws
Best Holistic Coverage: Fetch
Most Comprehensive Plan: Prudent Pet
Spot Most Customizable Plans

Spot makes our list as one of the top pet insurance companies in Maine for its customizable coverage options. With Spot, you can choose from six coverage limits, four deductibles, and three reimbursement options, allowing you to tailor your coverage and premiums to your needs.

Learn MoreSpot Pet Insurance Review

  • Our score: 91
  • Offers both accident-only and accident and illness plans
  • Extends coverage to hereditary conditions, behavioral issues, alternative therapies, and chronic conditions
  • Has some of the cheapest pet insurance rates in the industry if you opt for lower coverage limits and higher deductibles
Pros and Cons
Pros Covers microchip implantation, which some carriers exclude Offers a 30-day money-back guarantee Has optional wellness care add-ons to help you pay for your pet’s routine care Cons Does not offer an online chat feature Has a 14-day waiting period for accidents, while some providers have only a two-day waiting period
Spot Plans and Coverage

Spot offers an accident-only plan, an accident and illness plan, and two preventative care add-ons, detailed below:

  • Accident-Only Plan: Spot’s accident-only plan covers treatments, hospitalization, procedures, medications, and veterinary care related to accidents.
  • Accident and Illness Plan: This plan extends the coverage above to include dental diseases, behavioral issues, hereditary conditions, and other illnesses.
  • Gold Preventative Care Plan: Spot’s basic preventative add-on reimburses you for routine care costs such as dental cleanings and wellness exams, offering a total benefit of $250 per year.
  • Platinum Preventative Care Plan: The Platinum plan reimburses customers for additional services, including blood tests, and increases benefits to $450 per year.
Spot Pet Insurance Cost

An accident and illness plan in Maine will cost around $11.11–$85.44 per month for a dog and $5.60–$47.56 per month for a cat, depending on what coverage cap, deductible, and reimbursement amount you choose.

Healthy Paws

Best Coverage Limit
Pros and Cons
Pros Grants a 30-day money-back guarantee Offers unrestricted coverage for congenital conditions, a feature not offered by many providers Features a simple quote comparison tool that includes other pet insurance providers’ quotes if your quote from Healthy Paws is too high Cons Has fewer deductible and reimbursement options than some competitors Offers only one plan, while other providers in this review offer multiple levels of coverage
Healthy Paws Overview

While Healthy Paws’ coverage is less comprehensive than Prudent Pet’s Ultimate Plan, lacking wellness and exam add-ons and excluding behavioral treatments and pre-existing conditions, its standard accident and illness plan comes with unlimited coverage.

Learn MoreHealthy Paws Pet Insurance Review

  • Our score: 93.5
  • No per-incident, annual, or lifetime coverage caps, so you never exceed your plan’s benefits
  • Offers competitive prices for unlimited coverage
  • Policies are underwritten by Chubb, a highly reputable insurance group
Healthy Paws Plans and Coverage

Healthy Paws offers a single accident and illness plan, which provides unlimited coverage for:

  • Medications
  • Surgeries
  • Hospitalizations
  • Diagnostics
  • Emergency care
  • Bloodwork

Some covered conditions include broken bones, general illness, hereditary and congenital conditions, cancer, and chronic illness.

Healthy Paws does not cover wellness care, elective procedures, or general vet visit fees. It also has a 12-month waiting period for hip dysplasia, which some providers cover after six months.

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance Cost

Our research indicates that a Healthy Paws accident and illness plan in Maine costs an average of $29.87–$39.57 per month for a dog and $14.23–$18.85 per month for a cat.

Fetch Pet Insurance

Best Holistic Coverage
Pros and Cons
Pros Features a live customer chat service on its website Covers up to $1,000 of telehealth visits with any licensed vet Lets you choose the deductible, reimbursement, and annual cap, with an unlimited payout option Cons Does not have a wellness add-on, while many competitors do Fails to offer a multi-pet discount
Fetch Overview

Fetch earns a spot as one of our best pet insurance providers in Maine for its holistic coverage. It includes reimbursements for treatments like homeotherapy and stem cell therapy, which are often excluded from accident and illness plans.

Learn MoreFetch Pet Insurance Review

  • Our score: 91.5
  • Offers up to $1,000 for behavioral treatments, which are typically excluded from accident and illness plans
  • Includes reimbursements for vacation cancellation fees, boarding, and advertising and rewards for lost pets
  • Has no upper age limits for older pets, while many providers have breed-specific or general cut-offs
Fetch Pet Insurance Plans and Coverage

Fetch offers a single accident and illness plan, with no routine care add-ons or wellness benefits. In addition to standard coverages like emergency care, hospitalization, consultations, procedures, diagnostics, and prescriptions, Fetch covers:

  • Acupuncture
  • Chiropractic treatment
  • Comprehensive dental care for all teeth
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Homeotherapy
  • Stem cell therapy
  • Behavioral therapy up to $1,000

Additionally, Fetch covers vacation cancellation fees due to a covered pet emergency, boarding fees if you are hospitalized for four days or longer and can’t take care of your pet, and missing pet advertisements and reward money.

A Fetch policy excludes cosmetic and elective procedures, wellness care, and pre-existing conditions, which are conditions present before the start of your plan.

Fetch Pet Insurance Cost

Based on our research, the average pet insurance plan from Fetch falls between $36.14 and $118.51 per month for a dog and between $20.16 and $55.01 per month for a cat.

Prudent Pet

Most Comprehensive Plan

Pros and Cons

Pros Extends a 10% discount when you add additional pets to a policy Allows you to adjust premium costs by choosing from a variety of deductibles and reimbursement levels Provides accident-only coverage, an affordable option for pet owners on a tighter budget Cons The Essential and Ultimate Plans are more expensive than similar plans from other providers Coverage limits cannot be adjusted, resulting in limited flexibility

Prudent Pet Overview

Prudent Pet is highly rated for its comprehensive coverage options. In addition to offering an accident and illness plan, Prudent Pet has an Ultimate Plan, which provides unlimited annual coverage and bonus features such as kennel fee compensation, mortality benefits for cremation or burial costs, and boarding fee coverage if you’re hospitalized for more than four days and can’t take care of your pet.

Learn MorePrudent Pet Pet Insurance Review


  • Our score: 95
  • Offers comprehensive benefits, including lost-pet replacement coverage and vacation cancellation reimbursements, which aren’t included in most pet insurance plans
  • Includes a live online chat feature for 24/7 support
  • Features both accident-only and comprehensive coverage, whereas some companies provide only one plan

Prudent Pet Plans and Coverage

Prudent Pet offers three plans, with some optional add-ons:

  • Accident-Only Plan: Prudent Pet’s least expensive plan covers your dog or cat if it is accidentally injured, providing up to $10,000 of coverage annually. These benefits can be applied to hospitalizations, medications, operations, diagnostic tests, emergency vet visits, and prescribed alternative treatments.
  • Essential Plan: Prudent Pet’s Essential Plan offers accident and illness coverage with a $10,000 annual limit. In addition to the coverage offered by the Accident-Only Plan, the Essential Plan supports treatment for hereditary and congenital conditions, cancer, general sickness, hip dysplasia, ear, eye, and skin conditions, and behavioral issues.
  • Ultimate Plan: The Ultimate Plan features the same coverages as the Essential Plan, but it comes with no annual coverage caps. It also offers reimbursement for kennel and boarding fees, lost-pet advertising and reward costs, mortality expenses for a burial or cremation, and vacation cancellation fees due to a sick or injured pet.

In addition to these three plans, Prudent Pet offers add-ons for wellness care and veterinary exams. Wellness add-ons range from approximately $11.95– $29.95 per month, and veterinary exam coverage can be added for just a few extra dollars per month.

Prudent Pet Pet Insurance Cost

Based on our research, accident and illness plans from Prudent Pet fall between $20.61 and $81.86 per month for dogs and $11.24 and $44.63 per month for cats.

Based on our research, pet insurance and pet wellness plans in Maine typically costs between $11 and $119 per month for dogs and between $6 and $48 per month for cats. Your rates can vary depending on the following factors:


With every passing year, your pet’s risk of injury or illness increases, which results in heightened premiums. The earlier you purchase a pet health insurance plan, the better rates you’ll secure.


Because dogs are more susceptible to conditions like hip dysplasia, pet insurance for dogs can often be considerably more expensive than pet insurance for cats.


Your pet’s breed can lead to higher rates. For example, boxers are at a higher risk of some types of cancer, such as lymphoma, brain tumors, and mast cell tumors.


Pet owners living in metropolitan areas often experience higher pet insurance rates because veterinary costs are typically more expensive in cities than in rural towns.


The deductible, reimbursement rate, and coverage limit you select can drastically change your rates. For reference, our quote from Prudent Pet for a medium mixed-breed 4-year-old dog in Augusta, Maine, with a $10,000 annual limit, 70% reimbursement rate, and $1,000 annual deductible is $22.90 per month. The sample rate for the same dog with an unlimited annual benefit, 90% reimbursement rate, and $100 annual deductible is $120.29 per month.


You can lower your pet insurance premiums with discounts, which are offered by many pet providers. Pet insurance companies commonly offer multi-pet discounts, with some offering additional promotions. For instance, Fetch has discounts for shelter and rescue adopters, veterans and military members, service animal owners, and more.

Is Maine Pet Insurance Worth It?

Yes, in most cases, we’ve found that pet insurance is worth the cost in Maine. Overall, Spot is our top recommendation to pet parents in Maine for its affordable comprehensive coverage. However, Healthy Paws is a sensible pick if you’re looking for unlimited coverage with competitive rates. To choose the best pet insurance company, it’s important to consider your dog or cat’s individual coverage needs and compare quotes from a handful of providers in your state.

FAQs About Pet Insurance in Maine

What is the most reasonable pet insurance in Maine?

After comparing numerous pet insurance quotes, we found that Spot offers the most reasonable pet insurance rates in Maine, allowing you to tweak your deductible, coverage limits, and reimbursement level to lock in a low cost. The best way to save on pet insurance is to compare quotes from all of the top pet providers in your ZIP code.

Is medication covered by pet insurance?

Medication is typically covered by pet insurance if it is prescribed by a licensed veterinarian to treat a covered accident or illness. Most pet insurance companies do not approve claims for preventative medications like flea and tick treatment unless you have a wellness care add-on.

Is there a waiting period for pet insurance?

Every pet insurance company enforces a waiting period, which is a set amount of time from the date you purchase your policy until the coverage takes effect. Most pet insurance companies have a 14- or 15-day waiting period for accidents and illnesses, while some companies have a shorter two-day waiting period for accidents.

Is pet insurance worth it?

In our survey of 1,000 pet owners, 43% of participants stated they would have to pay for a vet emergency bill with a credit card or a personal loan. At the very least, a pet insurance policy grants you peace of mind. At the most, it could save you thousands of dollars and ensure your four-legged family member gets the vital care it needs in the event of an accident or illness.

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  • Coverage (25)
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  • Customer service (10)
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