Brenda Woods is an accomplished managing editor with more than two decades of publishing experience. She has spent the last several years covering home services and home improvement projects. Brenda supports her team in evaluating dozens of home service providers, surveying and speaking to homeowners about their experiences, and secret-shopping companies to create the reviews and rankings you need to make informed decisions.

Expertise and Experience

Previously, Brenda served as the managing editor of Cosmopolitan Home magazine. She also authored the annual Design Home special edition for Grand Rapids Magazine and created monthly home-related features for the publication.

Throughout her career, Brenda has gained a wealth of first-hand experience in the areas of moving, lawn and garden, home warranties, gutters, and windows. She has purchased and lived in four homes all in various states of disrepair, and has taken the demanding steps to transform each into a welcoming, comfortable refuge. This real-world experience ensures that she champions useful, well-researched articles and comprehensive provider reviews.