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Lemonade Pet Insurance Review & Prices (2024)

We’ve rated Lemonade as a top pet insurance company due to its comprehensive coverage and affordable policies. Its mobile app also provides customers with a hassle-free claims process.

Author Image Written by Brenda Woods Updated 04/25/2024

Lemonade is a popular insurance provider for home, auto, pets, and more. Many pet owners choose Lemonade for its comparatively low pricing and plan choices. We researched the company’s policies, customer reviews, and fine print. We also went through the quote process to understand pricing. Our Lemonade pet insurance review looks at plan coverage options, what it will cost, and what to know before signing up.

Best Overall
  • Has a short two-day waiting period for accidents
  • Offers plans at lower costs compared to many competitors
  • Features a $100,000 annual coverage limit option
  • Doesn’t cover behavioral treatments
  • Doesn’t offer unlimited coverage options
  • Is only available in 37 states

Lemonade began in 2015 by founders seeking to disrupt the current insurance model, offering a smooth, hassle-free claims process through AI technology. Although Lemonade started out only offering renters insurance and homeowners insurance, it now offers pet, auto, and life insurance as well.

Additionally, the company has a unique business model with an emphasis on social responsibility, donating up to 40% of unused customer premiums to pet organizations and charities. Lemonade takes a flat rate from each customer’s premium to pay for its operating costs and leaves the rest to help pay for claims. Customers who don’t file claims are free to donate that money to a charity of their choice at the end of their policy term.

Lemonade pet insurance policies are available in 37 states across the country.

Key Takeaways

Lemonade scored 4.8 out of 5 stars, the highest of any pet insurer we’ve reviewed.
The company offers both accident and illness coverage, plus add-ons such as preventive care, dental coverage, end-of-life coverage, physical therapy, and more.
Lemonade’s average pricing is some of the lowest in the industry.

What Do We Think of Lemonade Pet Insurance?

Lemonade ranks as the highest pet insurance provider that we reviewed. Overall, Lemonade was rated 4.8 out of 5 stars, making it our top pet insurance provider. Below is our breakdown of how it performed on a variety of factors.

Monthly Cost
4.5 / 5
4.5 / 5
Company Reputation
4.3 / 5
4.3 / 5
Plan Options
5 / 5
5 / 5
Customer Service
5 / 5
5 / 5
4.9 / 5
4.9 / 5
Eligible Species
5 / 5
5 / 5
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How Does Lemonade Compare to the Competition?

Lemonade ranks higher than other leading brands we’ve scored. It offers more plan customization and customer support channels than many of its competitors. Lemonade has a 24/7 helpline, an online chat feature, a customer portal, and a mobile app. 

Company Star Rating Monthly Cost for Dogs* Monthly Cost for Cats* Visit Site
$33.69 $13.32 VISIT SITE
$38.44 $21.53 VISIT SITE
$65.15 $53.43 VISIT SITE
$20.76 $18.47 VISIT SITE
$44.83 $24.68 VISIT SITE
$49.85 $26.55 VISIT SITE
$44.79 $16.36 VISIT SITE

*Based on sample quotes for a mixed four-year-old dog in Raleigh, North Carolina

How Much Does Lemonade Pet Insurance Cost?

Lemonade offers prices that are generally cheaper than many pet insurance competitors. Based on our research, we found monthly premiums for standard Lemonade policies to fall around $30–$45 per month for dogs and $13–$20 per month for cats. Get a quote using your location and pet’s information to view the most accurate pricing for your plan.

You can add Lemonade’s preventive care coverage for $15–$40 per month, depending on your pet’s age and the coverage level you need.

Additional coverage for vet visit fees typically costs around $2–$8 per month, and the add-on for physical therapy coverage comes at only $1–$4 extra per month.

To customize policy pricing, pet owners can select from the following:

  • 70%, 80%, or 90% reimbursement percentages
  • $100, $250, or $500 deductibles
  • $5,000, $10,000, $20,000, $50,000, or $100,000 annual coverage limits.

Below are some examples of monthly premiums for various four-year-old dog and cat breeds in Raleigh, North Carolina, with a $250 deductible, 80% reimbursement rate, and a $20,000 annual limit.

Sample Monthly Pet Insurance Rates for Dogs and Cats

Species/breedDog – Medium MixedDog – Golden RetrieverDog – Yorkshire TerrierCat – Domestic Medium Hair
Accident and illness plan$33.69$48.82$23.73$13.93
Accident and illness plan with preventive care$56.42$66.40$41.31$24.93
Accident and illness plan with vet fees and physical therapy coverage$49.36$62.11$30.05$17.53

Does Lemonade Offer Discounts?

Lemonade offers a 10% discount for pet owners who bundle their pet insurance coverage with a Lemonade home insurance policy. You can save 5% for signing up multiple pets and another 5% for paying annually rather than monthly.

What Plans and Coverage Does Lemonade Offer?

Lemonade offers one primary pet health insurance plan that includes accident and illness coverage. Here are a few examples of incidents that are covered under this plan:

  • Vomiting, diarrhea, poisoning, and infections
  • Broken bones, sprains, and other injuries
  • Cancer, heart disease, arthritis, allergies
  • Skin, congenital, hereditary, and other chronic conditions
  • Elbow and hip dysplasia

Lemonade policies will cover procedures, treatments, or other costs related to accidents and illnesses, including the following:

  • X-rays, MRIs, CT Scans, ultrasounds, blood tests, labwork
  • Emergency care, hospitalization, surgery, outpatient, and specialty care
  • Prescription medications

For extra coverage options, you can add coverage for vet visit fees to your plan, which covers vet visit fees and exam fees related to a covered incident. You can also add coverage for costs related to physical therapy, including chiropractic care and acupuncture.

You can also purchase coverage for routine care with the Preventative Care add-on. It’s intended to assist with keeping your pet healthy and preventing any future issues and covers 70%, 80%, or 90% of the vet bills related to routine care, depending on which reimbursement rate you choose with your standard policy.

Here are the covered items and specific annual limits for each benefit on a policy with an 80% reimbursement rate:

Covered ItemAnnual Limit

Wellness exam


Heartworm test


Internal parasite or fecal test




Three vaccines


Total benefit


You can also pay extra for a premium version of the preventative care add-on that includes all of the above costs, plus routine dental cleaning in addition to flea, tick, or heartworm medication. Lemonade also offer additional wellness visits and vaccinations in the premium preventative care option for puppies and kittens under 2 years old.

Does Lemonade Have any Coverage Exclusions?

Lemonade pet insurance policies don’t cover pre-existing conditions, which are defined in a sample policy as, “conditions that existed before the policy was purchased, such as chronic conditions, bilateral conditions, or intervertebral conditions.” Other exclusions determined by Lemonade include:

  • Dental care, unless necessary to treat an injury
  • Cosmetic and elective procedures
  • Microchipping
  • Grooming
  • Anal gland expression
  • Spaying, neutering, breeding or pregnancy-related conditions
  • Alternative treatments

Lemonade also has age limits for coverage that vary between 6 and 14 years old, depending on the breed’s estimated life expectancy.

Where Is Lemonade Pet Insurance Available?

Lemonade pet insurance policies are available in 37 states across the country, in addition to Washington D.C.

What Are Customer Reviews of Lemonade Pet Insurance?

Lemonade has a C- rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), which is lower than most competitors. However, we noticed the majority of complaints filed are for home or auto insurance. 

BBB reviews from current Lemonade pet insurance customers are mixed. While some rave about the fast claims process and ease of use, others complain about denied coverage and a hard-to-reach customer service team.

Here are some Lemonade pet insurance reviews from the BBB:

“I’ve had Lemonade for a while now and 10/10 would recommend. They are affordable, easy to use, and all communication with them has been understandable—simple language and simple requests.”

Kelsey M. from BBB says:

“I have only been with Lemonade for pet insurance for several months. The company will only review one claim at a time even though more than one vet visit occurred in a two-week period. Nowhere in the agreement that I could find did it tell me I had to wait for one claim to be reviewed before another could be submitted. The decision was made to submit the larger of the two amounts. I had to contact the company [four] times within a month period to find out the status of the claim. They were still reviewing it all the while my premium was being collected.”

Dwin C. from BBB says:

*BBB information accurate as of April 2024

Is Lemonade Pet Insurance Worth It?

Lemonade is the best pet insurance provider for you and your animal if you’re looking for an insurer with customizable annual limits, comprehensive coverage, a wellness add-on, and a fast claims process. However, look to Healthy Paws for unlimited coverage with no annual caps or Embrace for more flexible pet insurance deductibles. We always suggest pet parents get quotes from a few different providers to compare prices based on their location and pet’s species, breed, age, and size.

FAQs About Lemonade Pet Insurance

How long is the waiting period for Lemonade pet insurance?

The waiting period for Lemonade is two days for accidents and 14 days for illnesses after the policy’s effective date before coverage starts. Any incidents that arise during this time are considered pre-existing and won’t be eligible for a claim.

Does Lemonade pet insurance cover pre-existing conditions?

Similar to other pet insurance providers, Lemonade doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions. Any condition that exists before the policy’s coverage starts is considered pre-existing and excluded.

How do I file a pet insurance claim with Lemonade?

Lemonade has one of the easiest claims processes on the market. You initiate the process on the mobile app by interacting with AI technology. Once answering all of the necessary questions, Lemonade may be able to confirm your payout within minutes. Otherwise, a Lemonade representative will review your claim as soon as possible and reach out for any further questions.

Why is Lemonade insurance so cheap?

Lemonade keeps costs down by not maintaining in-person locations and using AI to save on employee overhead. 

Our Rating Methodology

The This Old House Reviews Team is committed to providing comprehensive and unbiased reviews to our readers. We aim to be transparent about our review standards and research process. We’ve broken down our rating methodology for pet insurance providers below.

Factors Evaluated to Compare Pet Insurance

The This Old House Reviews Team is dedicated to thorough, in-depth reviews of each product or service that we detail in our content. Determined to build trust with our readers through transparency, accuracy, and accountability, we’ve built a detailed rating system to score pet insurance brands. Our rating system is a weighted, 100-point scale based on the following factors:

Coverage (25)

Does the pet insurance provider offer standard accident-and-illness and accident-only coverage? How limiting is its preexisting condition policy? 

Plan Options (20)

Does the pet insurance provider offer premium and deductible customizations? What about wellness plan add-ons? 

Company Reputation (15)

Does the pet insurance provider have high customer satisfaction on websites like the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Google Reviews? Do they reimburse claims quickly and communicate policies clearly? 

Customer Service (10)

Does the pet insurance provider have easily reachable, helpful customer service? Is there an app that makes filing claims and receiving support easier? 

Species Eligibility (10)

Does the pet insurance provider offer coverage for older pets or exotic animals?

Our researchers keep all data in each company’s score up to date, making any changes to our content when necessary to provide our readers with the most accurate information on relevant metrics, such as plan options, customer service, reputation, and monthly cost.

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