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Before You Sell: Fix It or Leave It?

Perfect and execute your to-do list before potential buyers walk through the door

How to Review and Update Your Homeowner's Insurance

Reassess your homeowner's policy on an annual basis with these five steps


How to Prep Your House to Sell

This Old House host Kevin O'Connor discusses how to make your home market-ready with real estate expert Robert Schwartz

15 Secrets No Real Estate Broker Will Tell You

Brokers aren't as loose-lipped as they appear to be. Learn just what brokers are saying to themselves—though never, ever to you

Smart Tips for Single Women Homebuyers

Expert advice for success when you're buying—and living in—a home of your own, from TOH's Two-Minute Expert


How to Do Your Own Home Inspection

Even before you call in the engineer, you can give the house you want to buy the once-over with this advice from TOH's Two-Minute Expert

How to Know Whether to Repair or Replace

Everything breaks, eventually. TOH helps you decide if it's worth your time—and money—to bust out the tool kit for a quick fix or start shopping for something new

How Eight Homeowners Save Over $12,275 on Energy

How do they do it? By putting power-saving technologies to work inside their homes. You can do the same

How to Build a Fireproof Home

Insulated concrete forms—combined with flame-resistant roofing and siding—make for one safe house

Looking for Trouble

For buyers (and some sellers), a thorough house inspection is a must. Here's what you need to know.

What to Look for Before the Home Inspector Arrives

Before you sign a contract and pay a professional to inspect a house, there are a few things you should be on the lookout for yourself