When you buy a Samsung appliance, you’ll receive a Samsung manufacturer’s warranty to protect your item. You aren’t legally required to register your warranty, but if you do, the company notifies you of recalls or relevant product information and may offer deals on future products.

In this Samsung washer warranty review, the This Old House Reviews Team discusses coverage, pricing, and customer reviews so you can decide on the best warranty for your appliances. We’ll also compare a Samsung washer warranty to a home warranty and recommend the best home warranty provider for complete home protection.


Samsung Washer Warranty Coverage

A Samsung washer warranty protects your clothes washer against manufacturing defects in materials or workmanship. It doesn’t protect against everyday wear and tear or damage caused by improper installation.

Under a Samsung warranty, Samsung guarantees repairs, replacements, or a refund of the purchase price. However, you must use a Samsung-authorized service technician and return any replaced parts to Samsung after repair work is complete.

Samsung washer warranty coverage will depend on the type of washer you buy. For reference, Samsung sells 2-in-1, front-load, and top-load washers.

Here’s the coverage you can expect from a Samsung washer warranty:

  • One year of coverage on all parts and labor
  • Three years of coverage on the stainless tub part only
  • 10 years of coverage on the washing DD motor part only

Samsung Premium Care for Extended Coverage

If you wish to purchase an extended Samsung warranty, you can choose the Samsung Home Appliance Premium Care for a three- or five-year term. Here’s what the warranty offers:

  • 100% coverage on parts repair and labor for normal wear and tear—This begins after the manufacturer warranty expires.
  • Power surge coverage—This covers any repairs if your equipment fails due to a power surge.
  • In-home product tutorial conducted by a Samsung Care Pro—A Samsung professional will meet you in person to answer questions and help you better understand your new appliance.

Unlike the Samsung washer warranty, this extended warranty does cover breakdowns or failures due to normal wear and tear. It doesn’t cover any loss due to abuse, negligence, pre-existing conditions, rust, corrosion, theft, damage from weather, or any loss covered under a manufacturer’s warranty.


Samsung Washer Warranty Pricing

With a Samsung washer extended warranty, you can expect to pay the following:

  • $114.99 on a three-year plan
  • $199.99 on a five-year plan

Note: The maximum payment on repairs and replacements will not exceed the purchase amount paid for the product. Samsung washers and dryers typically cost anywhere between $499–$1,978.


Samsung Washer Warranty Claims Process

To file a claim, call Samsung at 866-371-9501.

There’s no deductible when you make a claim request and no waiting period between when you sign up for a warranty and when coverage starts.


Samsung Washer Warranty Reviews

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited Samsung and gave it an A+ rating. However, Samsung has received mixed reviews from customers. Some Samsung washer customers have said:

I had a cosmetic issue (over time) on the front load washer…. Samsung fixed it… I am now a loyal customer of Samsung’s.” — Kathy on January 19, 2020

I have never had a more frustrating experience with a company and will never buy anything from Samsung again. I don’t trust the company to honor their warranties, nor make any effort to get things right when one of their products malfunctions.” — Jordan F. on January 15, 2020


Best Front-Load Washer

Courtesy Samsung

Samsung Bespoke Ultra Capacity Front Load Washer

$1688.96 $1099

This front-load washer has over five cubic feet of capacity and can run a full load of wash in as little as 28 minutes. It also utilizes AI OptiWash technology to determine the fabric type and soil levels and adjust the wash time as needed.

$1099 On Samsung

Best Top-Load Washer

Courtesy Samsung

Samsung Extra-Large Capacity Smart Top Load Washer

$1299 $899

If you prefer a top-load washer, consider this Samsung model with a capacity of 5.5 cubic feet and Wi-Fi connectivity for maximum convenience. Like the Samsung Bespoke Ultra Capacity Front Load Washer, this washer can also wash loads in only 28 minutes and it also includes a built-in water faucet that lets you easily pretreat stained clothes.

$899 On Samsung

Best Washer-Dryer Set

Courtesy Samsung

Samsung Bespoke Ultra Capacity Front Load Washer and Electric Dryer

$3000.91 $1898

If you're looking instead for a washer-dryer set, this combo from Samsung provides all of the features of the Bespoke Front-Load Washer with a stylish flat-panel dryer that has nearly 8 cubic feet of capacity. The included dryer also includes a super-speed dry setting, Wi-Fi connectivity, an optimal drying feature that removes the guesswork out of cycle selection.

$1898 Courtesy Samsung


Our Conclusion

The extended Samsung washer warranty doesn’t have an enrollment period. Additionally, you can cancel anytime. With a Samsung warranty, you also get access to a Samsung specialist who can help set up your clothes washing machine, explaining what to do in person and how to maintain it successfully.

Though an extended warranty from Samsung can save you costs in the long run, it’s not as affordable or as valuable as a home warranty which protects washers and other popular home appliances like refrigerators, clothes dryers, and more. Home warranties can be purchased at any time during homeownership and typically come with a 24/7 customer service team and nationwide access to pre-screened, certified contractors.

After reviewing the top home warranty companies, the This Old House Reviews Team found that American Home Shield and Select Home Warranty are the best for Samsung customers.


Top Home Warranty Companies

Below our some of our top-rated home warranty companies:

Superlative Monthly Cost Service Fee BBB Rating Link
Liberty Home Guard Best Customer Ratings $49–$60 $65–$125 A+
American Home Shield Best for Comprehensive Coverage $64–$74 $100–$125 B
Select Home Warranty Best Value $44–$48 $60–$75 B-
AFC Home Club Best for Customization $48–$55 $75–$125 B
First American Home Warranty Best Appliance Coverage $60–$76 $75–$125 B
Cinch Home Services Best Additional Perks $47–$64 $100–$150 B
2-10 Home Buyers Warranty Cheapest Appliances Plan $22–$74 $65–$100 B+
Liberty Home Guard
Logo Liberty Home Guard
Superlative Best Customer Ratings
Monthly Cost $49–$60
Service Fee $65–$125
BBB Rating A+
American Home Shield
Logo American Home Shield
Superlative Best for Comprehensive Coverage
Monthly Cost $64–$74
Service Fee $100–$125
BBB Rating B
Select Home Warranty
Logo Select Home Warranty
Superlative Best Value
Monthly Cost $44–$48
Service Fee $60–$75
BBB Rating B-
AFC Home Club
Logo AFC Home Club
Superlative Best for Customization
Monthly Cost $48–$55
Service Fee $75–$125
BBB Rating B
First American Home Warranty
Logo First American Home Warranty
Superlative Best Appliance Coverage
Monthly Cost $60–$76
Service Fee $75–$125
BBB Rating B
Cinch Home Services
Logo Cinch Home Services
Superlative Best Additional Perks
Monthly Cost $47–$64
Service Fee $100–$150
BBB Rating B
2-10 Home Buyers Warranty
Logo 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty
Superlative Cheapest Appliances Plan
Monthly Cost $22–$74
Service Fee $65–$100
BBB Rating B+

Ultimately, we believe that American Home Shield (AHS) is the best home warranty company overall. With nearly 50 years of experience in the home warranty industry, AHS offers many benefits to Samsung customers, including the following:

  • High coverage caps on systems and appliances
  • 24/7 customer service by phone, online, or through the mobile app
  • Service in 48 states
  • The option to lower monthly premiums by choosing a higher service call fee
  • A nationwide network of certified contractors

For a comparison, here’s a Samsung washer warranty compared to an American Home Shield protection plan:

ProviderSamsung Washer WarrantyAmerican Home Shield
Contract lengthOne year on all parts and labor from the date of product purchaseOne year with the option of renewing from the date of plan purchase
What’s covered?Manufacturing defects in materials or workmanshipEveryday wear and tear, undetectable pre-existing conditions, older items, items without maintenance records, improper installations, and malfunctions due to sediment, rust, or corrosion
Renewable?No, but you can purchase a two-year extended warrantyYes

To get coverage on your Samsung washer, call American Home Shield for a free quote today at 844-529-9298 or fill out this form with your zip code.


How to Shop for Appliances

Shopping for a major appliance, such as a washer, is a big commitment. To ensure you’re fully prepared to make the right purchase, it helps to do as much research in advance as possible. Looking into factors such as the brand’s warranty is an important step. Here are other important steps to take before purchasing an appliance:

  • Set a Budget: Setting a budget in advance and sticking to it can help you avoid stretching out of your comfort zone or being roped into purchasing add-ons you don’t need. Having a budget in advance will also help you narrow your choices right out of the gate. 
  • Identifying Top Features: Before buying an appliance, research the top features and decide which are the most important to you. For example, if you’re buying a washer, you may be most concerned about load capacity. Or, you could be more interested in factors like noise level or energy efficiency.
  • Be Aware of Brands: While it’s not a guarantee, it’s much more likely that a well-established brand will make a high-quality product than an unrecognized one. For example, Samsung is a trusted brand for washers and all other major appliances. Check professional and customer reviews of a brand you’re considering buying from before purchasing to ensure it’s reputable. 
  • Check Sizes in Advance: Picture this: You find the perfect washer and dryer set for your home and purchase in-store. But when the delivery person comes to install it, they tell you you don’t have enough space, and you have to send it back. Sounds like a nightmare, right? Measure the space where you plan on installing an appliance ahead of time to help avoid a similar situation, and only shop for appliances that size or smaller.
  • Don’t Forget About Durability: While having the most up-to-date features are important, remember that a major appliance is supposed to last you for years. Ensure that the model you’re purchasing is well-designed and won’t easily break or damage so you can avoid having to shop for a replacement sooner than expected.


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Our Rating Methodology

The This Old House Reviews Team backs up our home warranty ratings and recommendations with a detailed rating methodology to objectively score each provider. We conduct research by speaking with company representatives, requesting quotes, analyzing sample contracts from each company, and conducting focus groups and consumer surveys. We then score each provider against our review standards for coverage, value, trustworthiness and transparency, availability, and customer service to arrive at a final score out of 100.  

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