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Cinch Home Services Review (2024)

We rank Cinch Home Services as one of our best home warranty companies. Learn how it compares to other top providers in our review.

Author Image Written by Dana Getz + 1 other Reviewer Icon Reviewed by Jacquelyn Kfoury Updated 04/10/2024

Cinch Home Services is a popular nationwide home warranty provider. Homeowners like that it covers items with preexisting conditions and rust and corrosion damage. Cinch offers three plans with a handful of additional coverage options and a 180-day service guarantee that’s among the strongest in the industry. 

For this Cinch Home Services review, we analyzed its plans, coverage, pricing, and customer reviews. We also surveyed more than 1,000 customers of the best home warranty companies. We then rated Cinch against our unbiased ratings and review standards. Below, we’ll share our findings and explain everything you need to know about Cinch Home Services. 

Editor’s Note: This review was updated on March 18, 2024, with our latest consumer survey data, competitor comparison details, and added insights from industry experts. All pricing information in this article was gathered from a sample quote for a 2,000-square-foot home in Tempe, Arizona.

Cinch Home Services
Phone: 844-979-0899
BBB Rating: B+
Monthly Cost: $30–$56
Service Fee: $100–$150
Cinch stands out due to its unique and comprehensive coverage
  • 180-day workmanship guarantee
  • Covers nonessential components such as doors, drawers, and knobs
  • Covers unknown preexisting conditions
  • Limited additional coverage options
  • No roof-leak repair coverage
  • Fewer add-ons compared to other companies
  • Monthly cost: $30–$56
  • Service fee: $100–$150
  • BBB rating: B+
  • State availability: 48 states
  • Plan options: Three (Appliances Plan, Built-in Systems Plan, Complete Home Plan)
  • Known for: Best Additional Perks
  • Appliances Plan: Covers 12 appliances, such as clothes dryer, dishwasher, cooktop, and refrigerators.
  • Built-in Systems Plan: Covers 16 built-in systems, such as electric, plumbing, and air conditioning systems.
  • Complete Home Plan: Covers everything within the comprehensive appliance and system plans, plus up to $500 per term for a homeowners insurance deductible reimbursement.
  • Appliances Plan: $2,000 
  • Built-in Systems Plan: Varies from $500–$3,000
    • Air conditioning systems capped at $1,500
    • Plumbing systems capped at $1,000
  • Complete Home Plan: Same coverage caps apply
  • The maximum annual coverage cap across all plans is $10,000

Our Take on Cinch Home Services

We like Cinch because it covers items other providers don’t, such as built-in food centers and free-standing ice makers. Cinch also provides plan flexibility via its three protection plans. Additionally, it includes a $25 air conditioner and refrigerator filter credit in each plan, making it our choice for the best additional perks. Cinch’s downsides include its costly service call fee range and lack of roof-leak coverage.

Pros and Cons of Cinch Home Services

Here are some of the pros and cons of Cinch Home Services:

Provides a 180-day workmanship guarantee, which is six times longer than the industry standard
Covers appliance and system components, such as doors, drawers, and knobs
Reimburses customers up to $500 for their homeowners insurance deductibles in the Complete Home Plan
Provides limited additional coverage options
Excludes coverage for mobile homes and roof-leak repair
Has high service call fee costs compared to competitors

How We Rated Cinch Home Services

We rated Cinch Home Services with our unbiased rating and review standards based on the criteria homeowners find most important. Cinch received points across all categories to determine its final star rating of 4.6 out of 5. Here’s a breakdown of how we rated Cinch in each key category:

4.4 / 5
4.4 / 5
4.5 / 5
4.5 / 5
Trustworthiness and Transparency
4.8 / 5
4.8 / 5
Availability and Service
4.8 / 5
4.8 / 5
  • Coverage: Cinch Home Services lost some points in this category because of its less comprehensive plan coverage. 
  • Value: Cinch’s higher service fees resulted in a slight reduction in points. 
  • Trustworthiness and transparency: Cinch earned the most points in this category because of its strong workmanship guarantee, high customer review scores, and sample contracts. 
  • Availability and service: We awarded Cinch the most points in this category thanks to its quick claims process and multiple means of communicating with customers. 

Our Home Warranty Experts

We contacted a home warranty expert to supplement our research on Cinch Home Services.

Seamus Nally: Seamus is the CEO of TurboTenant and a landlord who owns multiple properties in upstate New York.

What Plans and Coverage Does Cinch Offer?

Cinch Home Services offers an Appliances Plan, Built-in Systems Plan, and Complete Home Plan. The Appliances Plan covers major appliances, including clothes washers and cooktops. The Built-in Systems Plan covers major systems, such as air conditioners and plumbing systems. The Complete Home Plan bundles appliance and system coverage and adds home insurance deductible reimbursement. Cinch provides these plans to homeowners in 48 states, excluding Hawaii and Alaska.

After reading through Cinch’s sample contract, we discovered it provides a $10,000 annual coverage cap. Cinch will cover repair and replacement costs for any covered item up to $10,000 throughout the plan year. You’ll have to pay additional repair or replacement fees once you’ve reached the coverage limit. Cinch also has specific coverage caps for different items and categories. Its Appliance Plan uses a $2,000 coverage limit for each appliance. Its Built-in Systems Plan has numerous coverage caps ranging from $500–$3,000, depending on the item covered.

CoverageAppliancesBuilt-in SystemsComplete Home
Air conditioner or water filter credit
Air conditioning including ductwork
Attic fans
Ceiling fans
Central vacuum
Clothes dryer
Clothes washer
Electrical system
Food center (built-in)
Freestanding ice maker
Garage-door openers
Garbage disposal
Heating system including ductwork
Homeowners insurance deductible reimbursement
Instant hot/cold water dispenser
Microwave (built-in)
Plumbing system
Range exhaust hood
Smoke detectors
Sump pump
Trash compactor (built-in)
Wall oven
Water heater
Whirlpool/jetted tub (built-in)

Optional Add-ons

Cinch only offers six optional add-ons for homeowners to customize their plans. These add-ons range from $4.58–$22 per month. This selection falls short compared to other home warranty providers, most of which provide between eight and 12 add-ons or more. For example, Liberty Home Guard provides 40 add-ons. 


Outdoor Amenities


  • Septic tank/pumping
  • Well pump
  • Pool 
  • Pool with spa
  • Spa
  • Premier Upgrade Package (permits, code updates, etc.)

Why Would Cinch Home Services Deny My Claim?

Cinch Home Services can deny your claim for several reasons. The most common reason for claim denial is that an item or part falls under your policy’s exclusions. Exclusions can vary by plan and be specific to a category or general across all policies. More expensive policies typically have less restrictive coverage and fewer exclusions than cheaper ones. We analyzed Cinch’s sample contract to find all the most important exclusions, which are listed below:

Ductwork/HVAC System

Water Heaters

Kitchen Appliances


  • Chillers 
  • Geothermal pump
  • Well pump
  • Window units 
  • Auxiliary holding tanks
  • Energy conservation units
  • Storage tanks
  • Broken, chipped, cracked glass cooktops due to misuse and abuse
  • Free-standing freezers
  • Bathtubs
  • Caulking or grouting
  • Saunas or steam rooms
  • Septic tanks
  • Sinks
  • Vent or sewer lines outside the home’s main foundation

Cinch stands out because it doesn’t exclude some common items or tertiary components typically excluded in most policies. Its policies cover items such as glass, knobs, hinges, and doors on appliances, unlike most other home warranty plans. 

Cinch’s general exclusions are similar to those of other home warranty providers. For example, Cinch does not cover damages already protected by other warranties or insurance. Other important exclusions we noticed include the following:

  • Repairs or replacements resulting from floods, fires, earthquakes, lightning strikes, and other natural disasters  
  • Repairs or replacements resulting from theft and vandalism
  • Improperly installed or improperly repaired items or those with manufacturer defects
  • Items damaged due to misuse, abuse, or neglect
  • Any repair that involves removing or remediating toxic or otherwise harmful materials such as asbestos 

How Much Does Cinch Home Services Cost?

Cinch’s pricing will depend on your coverage and where you live. Our sample quotes ranged from $30–$56 per month. Cinch has three service fees that directly affect your monthly premium. Your monthly premium will be higher with a lower service fee and lower with a higher service fee.

Customers can pay for their home warranty plan in monthly installments or make a single annual payment. If you pay in monthly installments, Cinch offers two months of free coverage when you purchase any plan. This offer excludes optional coverage and add-ons, and you can’t combine it with other offers. Our survey results show that annual plans are slightly more popular, as 52.5% of respondents choose a yearly premium.

The table below indicates the cost of each Cinch Home Services plan:

PlanMonthly CostService FeeCoverage Cap
Appliance Plan $30–$40$100–$150$2,000 
Built-in Systems Plan$35–$47$100–$150$500–$3,000
Complete Home Plan$45–$56$100–$150Same coverage caps apply

What is Cinch’s Service Call Fee?

Cinch Home Services has three service fees: $100, $125, and $150. You’ll see which service call fee applies to your policy when you sign up. This fee will determine the price of your monthly premiums.

How Do I File a Claim with Cinch Home Services?

You can file a claim with Cinch Home Services by using its online portal or calling its phone number at 844-324-5688. Cinch’s customer support staff is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Here is an overview of the claim filing process: 

  • Claim submission:  Cinch’s claims portal has three options for claim submission: phone number, house number, or policy number. Next, you’ll select the appliance or system and schedule an available time for a repair professional to arrive at your home. You’ll get a confirmation screen with your damaged item, appointment date and time, contact information, and service request number.  
  • Confirmation and appointment scheduling: The assigned contractor will contact you to confirm the appointment date and time. Cinch’s sample contract states that it will attempt to appoint a service professional for your claim within two hours or up to 24 hours if requested outside of business hours. Cinch’s contract allows homeowners to choose their own service technician if no in-network professional is available. This process is at Cinch’s discretion, and they hold the final say over the approval of all out-of-network technicians. 
  • Repair complement: The technician will arrive at your home on the appointment date. Once your technician repairs the item, you must pay your service call fee. Cinch’s sample contract states you’ll still have to pay the service call fee if the technician is sent to your home but cannot access it.  

Cinch Home Services Reviews: Reddit, BBB, and More

For our research, we read over 100 responses from third-party review sites such as Trustpilot, the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Reddit, and Google Reviews and surveyed over 1,000 customers. Cinch has mixed customer sentiment across all review sites. Some positive reviews praise its knowledgeable staff, while some negative reviews note slow response times.

What Homeowners Like

Homeowners like Cinch’s clear warranty plan, prompt service, and professional technicians. 

  • Clear warrant plans: Customers like Cinch’s clear, concise, and well-detailed warranty plans. Customers praise the detailed plans and clearly spelled-out coverage. 
  • Polite representatives: Customers praise Cinch’s customer service and sales representatives’ politeness and knowledgeability. 
  • Prompt service: Customers praise Cinch’s customer portal and quick claim processing.  

What Homeowners Dislike

Displeased customers mention problems such as inconsistent repairs, long response times, and high service call fees. 

  • Inconsistent repairs and technicians: Some customers cite unskilled technicians and unsatisfactory repairs.
  • Long response times: Customers claim that callbacks and correspondence with customer support staff take a long time. 
  • High service call fees: Customers note high service call fees or multiple service call fees for claims. 

Average Customer Rating

Cinch has mixed customer review scores. Its BBB page has over 1,500 responses with a score of 1.1 out of 5 stars. Its Trustpilot page has a score of 3.8 out of 5 stars and over 3,100 reviews. 

These scores are slightly below the industry standard. Most home warranty companies have at least 2.5 out of 5 stars. Overall, these industry-wide scores conflict with our survey results. Our data shows that 92.5% of all respondents were either “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with their policy and company performance. 

Customer Reviews

Here’s a sampling of third-party customer reviews for Cinch Home Services:

Best Company

Positive Reviews

Quick claim process
“Filled out form on-line. Was contacted almost immediately. Informed representative I was at work and requested a call back at 5 p.m. Representative called back on time at 5 and answered all my questions etc. Very impressed with Justin’s responsiveness and professionalism. Thank you.”
— John D., March 6, 2024, on TrustPilot
Communicative resolution team
“My experience STARTED out poorly BUT it ended very well. There will always be issues with any company or service and I had one. Big issue, however, after talking with someone in a higher department, they worked everything out and then some. I’ve used them for other claims and I received quick service and good results. Even though I had an issue with my last claim, Cinch still did the right thing and made up for the issue at hand. Resolution team was great and that’s all that matters. I do recommend Cinch personally after the ups and downs. A certain thank you to Mary, who helped me through these issues, and ultimately was the person within the company that helped me get it resolved.”
Jordan B., February 7, 2024, on Trustpilot
Professional representatives
Your sales representative was professional, knowledgeable, and thorough. She was able to keep me interested in your product without making me feel uncomfortable. The other thing that I appreciated is she was not pushy at all. I really appreciate how our call went.”
— Ronald, April 1, 2024, on Trustpilot

Negative Reviews

Irresponsible contractors
“The turntable in our microwave was not turning, causing food to heat unevenly. We paid the fee and requested it to be fixed. In the process of replacing the motor, repairman bent the door not allowing microwave to close properly.. Cinch refused to fix or require the repair service to fix the damage done. They refused to take care of the issue. Replacement of the door quoted cost over $1,000 to replace due to Damage.”
— Melissa C., February 21, 2024, on the BBB
Unclear contracts
“Cinch’s chosen plumber determined that our gas hot water heater needed to be replaced. Cinch told them they would ship a new water heater, but additional charges of over $1000 would not be paid. These included a ball valve, a dielectric union, a drop leg, expansion tank and new water heater pan. This is despite the contract clause that says under Water Heater ‘All components and parts’ are covered. Cinch manager told me that the parts required to install the water heater are not water heater parts and so are not covered.”
— Seth, February 6, 2024, on Trustpilot
Poor communication
My experience with Cinch has been awful and is still in progress. I have been out of a washing machine since November and after finally approving a payout for a replacement (after multiple delays and service visits), I still haven’t received my claim check. I have called the company and there is no clear option to speak to a rep.”
— Summer B., February 6, 2024, on Trustpilot

Cinch Home Services vs. Competitors

The following table provides an in-depth comparison of Cinch Home Services and other top-rated home warranty providers.

Company BBB Rating Monthly Cost Service Fee Visit Site
B+ $30–$56 $100–$150 VISIT SITE
B $42–$82 $75–$125 VISIT SITE
NR $49–$59 $65–$125 VISIT SITE
B $29–$89 $100–$125 VISIT SITE
A+ $44–$58 $70 VISIT SITE
B- $44–$47 $60–$75 VISIT SITE
No results were found.
Monthly Cost Service Fee Response Time BBB Rating Link
Cinch Home Services Cinch Home Services $30–$56 $100–$150 2-24 hours B+ VISIT SITE
First American Home Warranty First American Home Warranty $42–$82 $75–$125 4-48 hours B VISIT SITE
Liberty Home Guard Liberty Home Guard $49–$59 $65–$125 Up to 48 hours NR VISIT SITE
American Home Shield American Home Shield $29–$89 $100–$125 Up to 48 hours B VISIT SITE
Elite Home Warranty Elite Home Warranty $44–$58 $70 Up to 48 hours A+ VISIT SITE
Select Home Warranty Select Home Warranty $44–$47 $60–$75 48-84 hours B- VISIT SITE
Cinch Home Services
Logo Cinch Home Services
Monthly Cost $30–$56
Service Fee $100–$150
Response Time 2-24 hours
BBB Rating B+
First American Home Warranty
Logo First American Home Warranty
Monthly Cost $42–$82
Service Fee $75–$125
Response Time 4-48 hours
BBB Rating B
Liberty Home Guard
Logo Liberty Home Guard
Monthly Cost $49–$59
Service Fee $65–$125
Response Time Up to 48 hours
BBB Rating NR
American Home Shield
Logo American Home Shield
Monthly Cost $29–$89
Service Fee $100–$125
Response Time Up to 48 hours
BBB Rating B
Elite Home Warranty
Logo Elite Home Warranty
Monthly Cost $44–$58
Service Fee $70
Response Time Up to 48 hours
BBB Rating A+
Select Home Warranty
Logo Select Home Warranty
Monthly Cost $44–$47
Service Fee $60–$75
Response Time 48-84 hours
BBB Rating B-

Cinch vs. American Home Shield

American Home Shield has better coverage than Cinch Home Services and is a more popular choice for homeowners. According to our survey results, 37% of 1,000 respondents chose to go with AHS.

Cinch and AHS cover preexisting conditions. AHS has higher coverage caps and more robust add-ons. However, Cinch covers various niche and tertiary items that AHS doesn’t, including nonessential components for home appliances such as glass, knobs, doors, etc. 

Cinch Home Services has lower monthly premiums. AHS’s premiums are $29–$89, while Cinch’s are $30–$56. Service call fees are similarly priced, with AHS having a slightly lower range from $100–$125 and Cinch $100–$150. The breakdown of plan policies is the largest difference between Cinch and AHS. Cinch has an appliance, system, and combination plan. AHS only offers combination plans covering both appliances and home systems. 

Cinch vs. Select Home Warranty

Select Home Warranty is a budget-friendly alternative to more comprehensive companies like Cinch Home Services. It offers lower-cost plans with wider add-on options that allow homeowners to create a custom and affordable policy. Select’s monthly premiums are under $50, with service call fees ranging from $60–$75. 

Cinch outshines Select in coverage and overall plan quality. Select’s plans have a $500 cap, except for HVAC coverage, which has a $3,000 cap. Cinch provides a $2,000 appliance cap. Its Built-in Systems Plan has $500–$3,000 coverage caps.

How To Choose a Home Warranty

We recommend taking the following steps when shopping for a home warranty plan:

Assess your coverage needs: Gather information on your appliances and systems to assess your home’s coverage needs. Consider your item’s age, condition, and installation date before choosing a plan.
Set your budget: Create a budget for service call fees, monthly premiums, and add-on costs.
Request multiple quotes: Get at least three free quotes from home warranty companies. Shopping for quotes can help you find the best policy at the most reasonable price.
Review sample contracts: Check each provider’s sample contracts on their websites and familiarize yourself with their coverage limits, exclusions, and technician policies.
Research each company: Check each company’s customer review score through independent sites such as the BBB.

Home Warranty Cost Calculator

We created a calculator to break down the estimated annual cost of owning a home warranty. Use the following steps to calculate your projected cost:

  1. Enter your monthly premium
  2. Enter your service call fee
  3. Enter your estimated number of claims 

It’s best to request a quote directly from one of our recommended providers, as annual costs and service fees vary.

Use the table below to compare your calculated cost to repair and replacement costs for common appliances.

ApplianceAverage Repair CostAverage Replacement Cost
Exhaust Fans$16–$300$250–$950
Electric Range$100–$500$230–$3,000
Gas Range$100–$500$230–$3,000
*Life span and repair cost data sourced from InterNACHI and Home Depot

What’s Our Verdict on Cinch Home Services?

Cinch Home Services may be a good option if you want comprehensive coverage for systems and appliances. Its coverage for items with preexisting conditions, 180-day workmanship guarantee, and extensive network of service providers make it worth considering. However, Cinch may not be a good choice if you need roof-leak coverage or deductibles below $100.

Our Cinch Home Services review yielded 4.6 out of 5 stars. Not only does Cinch provide extensive coverage on important home items, but it also offers coverage for components and parts such as knobs, doors, and drawers. Further, Cinch provides additional benefits such as a $25 credit for AC or fridge filters and an easy-to-use digital dashboard.

FAQs About Cinch Some Services

Is Cinch Home Services owned by Sears?

No, Cinch is not owned by Sears, but you can buy Sears’s warranty through Cinch.

What is the average cost of a plan with Cinch Home Services?

The average cost of a Cinch Home Services plan is between $30$56 per month.

What isn't covered under Cinch Home Services?

Common exclusions include non-mechanical items in your home, such as the roof, windows, walls, and doors. Additionally, items that were improperly installed or repaired might not be covered.

Can I choose my own service technician with Cinch Home Services?

No, in most circumstances, Cinch will select a technician for you. However, Cinch may allow you to choose your own technician if there are no in-network service providers near you.

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