ServicePlus, formerly known as Total Home Protection, is newer to the home warranty industry. In this review, the This Old House Reviews Team takes an in-depth look at the company to evaluate costs, coverage caps, customer reviews, and more. Read on to learn if ServicePlus Home Warranty is the best home warranty for you.

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Our Take on ServicePlus Home Warranty

We rated ServicePlus Home Warranty a 80 out of 100 and named it the home warranty company with the ‘Best Eco-Friendly Incentives.’


Pros and Cons of ServicePlus Home Warranty

✔ 90-day parts guarantee
✔ 24/7 claim hotline and online customer portal

✘ Expensive plans compared to most other companies
✘ Cease and desist order against provider in CA
✘ Coverage is capped at $200–$500 per claim


ServicePlus Home Warranty Plans & Coverage

ServicePlus Home Warranty offers two home warranty plans:

  • Gold: Best for a Basic Combo Plan
  • Platinum: Best for Comprehensive Coverage

Unless otherwise specified, every ServicePlus Home Warranty plan includes coverage for one unit, system, or appliance. If you need extra coverage for two of the same units, you can add on protection for an additional monthly fee.

Item CoveredGold PlanPlatinum Plan
Plumbing System✔️✔️
Plumbing Stoppage✔️✔️
Water Heater✔️✔️
Whirlpool Bathtub✔️✔️
Electrical System✔️✔️
Sump Pump (Permanently Installed)✔️✔️
Built-in Microwave✔️✔️
Garbage Disposal✔️✔️
Trash Compactor✔️✔️
Garage Door Opener✔️✔️
Ceiling And Exhaust Fans✔️✔️
Air Conditioning System (2 Units)✔️
Heating System (2 Units)✔️
Clothes Washer✔️
Clothes Dryer✔️

Optional Add-Ons

ServicePlus Home Warranty provides optional add-on coverage for items like a swimming pool or hot tub. If you want coverage for duplicate systems and appliances (like two refrigerators, for example), or if you need coverage for an item that’s not included in a typical plan, consider investing in optional add-on coverage.

Here’s a price breakdown of optional items for homes under 5,000 square feet.

  • Pool/Spa: $150 per year
  • Limited Roof Leak: $50 per year
  • Sump Pump: $50 per year
  • Well Pump: $75 per year
  • Septic System: $100 per year

Note: Optional coverage is available for purchase 30 days after the first payment.

Repair Guarantees

ServicePlus Home Warranty offers a 90-day parts and 30-day labor warranty, so if a repair or replacement fails during that period due to faulty workmanship or poor parts, the company will offer a re-service without requiring an additional trade service call fee.

If a repair is deemed to not be covered under your warranty, ServicePlus Home Warranty may allow you to obtain a second opinion from another service contractor within seven days. You’ll have to pay a service fee again if the outcome of the second opinion ends in a coverage denial.

Note: ServicePlus Home Warranty will reimburse you in cash if the company is unable to service an approved claim through repair or replacement.

Coverage Limits

Home warranties don’t cover all systems and appliances and there are coverage restrictions even within the items included in your plan. Similar to other home warranty companies, ServicePlus Home Warranty comes with its own set of exclusions.

Here are some examples of what components are excluded from ServicePlus Home Warranty coverage:

  • Air Conditioning: ServicePlus Home Warranty provides coverage for air conditioner units up to a five-ton capacity. There are several mechanical parts and components excluded from coverage like filters, condenser casings, registers and grills, water towers, humidifiers, and window units.
  • Refrigerator: For your refrigerator to be eligible for coverage, it must be located in the kitchen. Most refrigerator parts, including the freezer unit, are eligible for repair and replacement. Some exclusions include the racks, shelves, glass, handles, doors, hinges, seals, and gaskets. Any leakage or noise caused by mechanical failure are not covered.
  • Whirlpool Bathtub: Mechanical parts and components of the bathtub, as well as the electrical controls, are eligible for coverage. However, any damage to the bathtub shell, heating, lights, faucets, and fixtures are excluded from coverage.

Other than the component-based exclusions, here are a few other items that ServicePlus Home Warranty won’t cover:

  • Items with known or unknown pre-existing conditions
  • Items that malfunction due to rust or corrosion, lack of maintenance, abuse/misuse or items, chemical or sedimentary build-up, or collapsed ductwork
  • Malfunctions due to lightning strikes; missing parts; animal, pet, or pest damage; power failure; power surge; or any natural disaster
  • Cosmetic defects
  • Routine maintenance
  • Malfunctions attributed to mold or mildew, virus, bacteria, or fungus
  • Items that are deemed to be defective by the Consumer Product Safety Commission or the manufacturer

Additionally, ServicePlus Home Warranty requires that all covered appliances and systems be located inside the home or garage, except for air conditioning, pools, spas, septic systems, and well pumps.


ServicePlus Home Warranty Pricing

The ServicePlus Home Warranty Gold plan starts at $550 per year ($45.83 per month) and the Platinum plan starts at $500 per year ($41.66 per year). The exact pricing will vary based on your state, the square footage of your home, and whether or not you choose to include add-on coverage to your plan.

In addition to a monthly premium, ServicePlus Home Warranty comes with a $75 service fee per claim. You’ll be charged this fee for every service request, even if, upon diagnosis, the coverage is denied. Additionally, if you aren’t at home for the scheduled appointment, or you cancel the service request while the contractor is en route to your home, you will still have to pay the service fee.

DurationGold PlanPlatinum Plan
1 year$550$500
2 years$900$850
3 years$1,300$1,200
5 years$2,000$1,850

*The prices above are only for properties under 5,000 square feet. For properties larger than 5,000 square feet, you’ll have to pay an additional $300 for your plan.

Note: If you purchase a multi-year contract with ServicePlus Home Warranty, you’ll be able to lock in a discounted yearly premium. Signing up for multiple years of coverage will save you anywhere between $200–$750 for the Gold plan and $150–$650 for the Platinum plan.

Coverage Caps

All home warranties come with annual payout caps, which limit the dollar amount a company is liable to pay for the repair and replacement of damaged home systems and appliances. ServicePlus Home Warranty has a per contract cap of $1,500 for access, diagnosis, repair, and/or replacement of covered items.

Here are the maximum payout limits for systems and appliances covered:

  • Refrigerant: $10 per pound per occurrence
  • Refrigerator Ice Maker: $200
  • Septic Tank Pumping: $200
  • Lawn Sprinkler System: $200
  • Ceiling and Exhaust Fan: $400


State Availability

ServicePlus Home Warranty is available in 45 states nationwide. It is not available in five states, including CaliforniaIowaNevadaNew York, and Washington.


ServicePlus Home Warranty Reviews

ServicePlus Home Warranty has received mixed customer reviews and is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Here are a few BBB reviews about ServicePlus Home Warranty:

“To me, it feels like I have a company taking care of my house for me, whenever something breaks or fails, and the feeling is amazing.” Eddy B. on 1/8/2020

“The managers are always unavailable and never return phone calls.” —Cherie B. on 7/8/2021

In addition to the reviews above, we have also received feedback from a reader who encountered delays in receiving payment after filing a claim.

Note: Homeowners considering ServicePlus should be aware that the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office sued the company in March 2020, alleging that the company misled consumers and failed to honor claims for covered systems and appliances as promised. As of December 2021, the provider has reached a settlement agreement, in which it agreed to pay $400,000 in consumer restitution and make meaningful and specific changes to its business model and marketing tactics. We will continue to monitor the case for developments.


Our Conclusion

The This Old House Reviews Team gives ServicePlus Home Warranty a 80/100. ServicePlus Home Warranty is a relatively new company but has managed to quickly acquire customers across various states.

We like that new ServicePlus customers are eligible for $200 off and two free months when signing up for a plan. However, the high monthly costs, low coverage caps, and reputation issues give reason for pause. ServicePlus Home Warranty plans will cost at least $45 per month, which is higher than most home warranty companies’ most affordable plans. Also, the company’s coverage caps range between $200 and $500; these numbers are quite low compared to other companies like First American Home Warranty.

Monthly Cost
Service Fee
BBB Rating
Known For
Response Time
Best Customer Ratings
Up to 48 hours
Best for Comprehensive Coverage
Up to 48 hours
Best Value
48-84 hours
Best for Customization
24-48 hours
Best Appliance Coverage
4-48 hours
Best Additional Perks
2-24 hours
Cheapest Appliances Plan
Up to 48 hours
Superlative Monthly Cost Service Fee Response Time BBB Rating Link
Liberty Home Guard Best Customer Ratings $49–$60 $65–$125 Up to 48 hours A+
American Home Shield Best for Comprehensive Coverage $64–$74 $100–$125 Up to 48 hours B
Select Home Warranty Best Value $44–$48 $60–$75 48-84 hours B-
AFC Home Club Best for Customization $48–$55 $75–$125 24-48 hours B
First American Home Warranty Best Appliance Coverage $60–$76 $75–$125 4-48 hours B
Cinch Home Services Best Additional Perks $47–$64 $100–$150 2-24 hours B
2-10 Home Buyers Warranty Cheapest Appliances Plan $22–$74 $65–$100 Up to 48 hours B+
Liberty Home Guard
Logo Liberty Home Guard
Superlative Best Customer Ratings
Monthly Cost $49–$60
Service Fee $65–$125
Response Time Up to 48 hours
BBB Rating A+
American Home Shield
Logo American Home Shield
Superlative Best for Comprehensive Coverage
Monthly Cost $64–$74
Service Fee $100–$125
Response Time Up to 48 hours
BBB Rating B
Select Home Warranty
Logo Select Home Warranty
Superlative Best Value
Monthly Cost $44–$48
Service Fee $60–$75
Response Time 48-84 hours
BBB Rating B-
AFC Home Club
Logo AFC Home Club
Superlative Best for Customization
Monthly Cost $48–$55
Service Fee $75–$125
Response Time 24-48 hours
BBB Rating B
First American Home Warranty
Logo First American Home Warranty
Superlative Best Appliance Coverage
Monthly Cost $60–$76
Service Fee $75–$125
Response Time 4-48 hours
BBB Rating B
Cinch Home Services
Logo Cinch Home Services
Superlative Best Additional Perks
Monthly Cost $47–$64
Service Fee $100–$150
Response Time 2-24 hours
BBB Rating B
2-10 Home Buyers Warranty
Logo 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty
Superlative Cheapest Appliances Plan
Monthly Cost $22–$74
Service Fee $65–$100
Response Time Up to 48 hours
BBB Rating B+


Frequently Asked Questions


Company Information

  • Company name: ServicePlus Home Warranty
  • CEO: Ronald Seruya, President
  • Address: 518 Old Post Road, Suite 7 #315
  • City/State: Edison, New Jersey
  • Zip code: 08817-4683


Our Rating Methodology

The This Old House Reviews Team backs up our home warranty ratings and recommendations with a detailed rating methodology to objectively score each provider. We conduct research by speaking with company representatives, requesting quotes, analyzing sample contracts from each company, and conducting focus groups and consumer surveys. We then score each provider against our review standards for coverage, value, trustworthiness and transparency, availability, and customer service to arrive at a final score out of 100.  

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