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How to File a Home Warranty Claim

Read our guide on how to file a home warranty claim to make sure you seamlessly get your appliance or system back up and running.

How to Deal with a Low Home Appraisal

If you’re selling your home and are dealing with a low appraisal, it can throw a wrench into your plans. However, there are a few tricks you can use to offset the impact of a low home appraisal.

Home Remodeling Through Refinancing

Consider the pros and cons on how to pay for your next home remodeling or renovation project.

5 Money-Saving Ways to Warm Up the House

On average, nearly half of household energy expenses go toward heating and cooling. Here, ways to keep warm without cranking the thermostat

How Thermostat Setbacks Save Money

This Old House plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey explains how adjusting the thermostat can reduce energy consumption and save you money.

How to Perform a Whole-House Energy Audit

This Old House host Kevin O'Connor and a specialist perform a whole-house energy audit

How to Review and Update Your Homeowner's Insurance

Reassess your homeowner's policy on an annual basis with these five steps

How to Prep Your House to Sell

This Old House host Kevin O'Connor discusses how to make your home market-ready with real estate expert Robert Schwartz

How to Perform a Home Energy Audit

Spot the leaks, gaps, and cold spots around your home with some simple pieces of equipment

10 Ways to Beat the Heat

Staying cool this summer doesn't necessarily mean you have to pay a fortune to keep the air conditioning running day and night

How to Do Your Own Home Inspection

Even before you call in the engineer, you can give the house you want to buy the once-over with this advice from TOH's Two-Minute Expert

What to Look for Before the Home Inspector Arrives

Before you sign a contract and pay a professional to inspect a house, there are a few things you should be on the lookout for yourself

How to Keep a House Warm in Winter

13 simple things you can do to cut down on your heating bills, save money, and have a warm house.