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Samsung Appliance Extended Warranty Review

A Samsung appliance extended warranty can protect your Samsung appliances if they break down from normal wear and tear. Read on to learn more about coverage.

If you have a Samsung appliance, a Samsung appliance extended warranty can cover the item if it breaks down due to normal wear and tear. This protection plan can also prevent you from paying expensive costs if the item needs a repair or replacement. Below you’ll find information on Samsung coverage, pricing, and customer reviews.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons

Easy to opt into an extended warranty plan when a Samsung appliance is purchased

Doesn’t have transparent plan costs on the Samsung website

A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Provides single appliance coverage only

Samsung Appliance Extended Warranty Overview

Samsung appliance extended warranties (also known as Samsung Protection Plus) are extensions of the manufacturer’s warranty that come with the original purchase of your Samsung appliance. Samsung only offers this warranty before your manufacturer’s warranty has expired.

Samsung Appliance Extended Warranty Plans and Coverage

Samsung appliance extended warranty plans can be purchased for the following types of appliances:

Each of these appliances comes in a variety of models, with different features. Each model has its own unique extended warranty. Depending on the age and type of your product, Samsung may offer an extended warranty that lasts between one and five years.

Samsung also offers two types of appliance warranties: one that covers accidental damage and one that doesn’t.

  • General coverage—This is repair or replacement coverage for Samsung product hardware failures due to normal wear and tear.
  • Accidental damage—This includes general coverage and includes drops, liquid spills, and cracks.

Each warranty is purchased per appliance, which means no add-ons are available.

Shopping for Appliances

Warranty is just one factor to look out for when you’re shopping for a major appliance. Here are some of the other most important factors to look out for to ensure you’re finding the best product for you. 


Brands are constantly innovating new features to add to their major appliances to help them stand out from the pack. But before you start shopping, you should take time to research which factors are actually important to you. For example, when buying a refrigerator, is smart features and Wi-Fi connectivity as important to you as capacity and design? Answering these questions will help make certain models stand out more and make it easier to find the best option for your home. 

Brand Reputation

Certain brands are well-known for making high-quality major appliances, such as Samsung. If you’re considering purchasing an appliance from a less recgonized brand, it’s essential that you do your research ahead of time to make sure the product will not disappoint you. When comparing different name brands, research their reputation for quality and warranty information. 


Appliances don’t come cheap, and it’s important to know going in exactly how much you want to spend. Models with more size or more modern features will be the most expensive, while budget options can still be high-performing but may have less capacity and be missing some standout characteristics.  To help you find a better deal on appliances, shop around the holidays such as Black Friday, Fourth of July, or Memorial Day. 


Before buying an appliance, check to make sure that it will fit properly in your home by measuring the exact space and comparing it to the dimensions of the appliance. You should also make note of the installation and if you need to hire professionals to ensure you have the proper hookups. 

Samsung Appliance Extended Warranty Pricing

Samsung doesn’t advertise the specific costs of its extended warranties on its website, so you’ll have to register your product and include the model number to receive pricing. Once you’ve registered your product, you can view the price and purchase a Samsung appliance extended warranty.

These warranties are purchased in monthly installments and Samsung will charge your credit card starting on the day you make your purchase.

In addition to a monthly premium, Samsung will charge a deductible, or service fee, any time a technician comes to your house to diagnose and repair your system or appliance. You have to have a registered Samsung appliance to view the service fee amount.

How to Get a Quote for a Samsung Appliance Extended Warranty

To get a quote, you’ll need to register your Samsung appliance online.

You can also call Samsung directly at 866-553-3239.

Customer service representatives are available Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 12:00 am, and Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. For extra convenience, you can also live chat with a representative 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Filing a Claim With a Samsung Appliance Extended Warranty

To file a claim, log into your Samsung portal where you registered your product or call Samsung at 866-553-3239.

Once you’re logged into your portal or on the phone with a service representative, here’s how the claims process looks like:

  • Samsung reviews your claim internally.
  • Once approved, Samsung will connect you with a certified technician.
  • You’ll set up a service date with your technician to come to your home and service your home appliance.
  • Your technician will come to your home and service your appliance, and you’ll pay a service fee once the work is complete.

If your appliance needs to be replaced, Samsung will replace your appliance with a comparable model. A replacement product might be new, rebuilt, or reconditioned with similar features and functionality.

Samsung may choose to settle replacement with cash or a gift card, depending on the price of replacement. Samsung may also choose to handle the disposal of the item. However, if they don’t, it’s up to you to dispose of the item before the replacement arrives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Samsung offer an extended warranty?

Yes, Samsung offers an extended warranty for Samsung appliances. Warranties can be purchased at the point of sale or after the fact, but they can only be purchased before the manufacturer’s warranty has expired.

What is a Samsung appliance extended warranty?

A Samsung extended warranty covers the repair and replacement of your Samsung appliances for one to five years (depending on the model). The warranty covers damage due to normal wear and tear. You can also purchase accidental coverage which covers normal wear and tear, as well as drops, liquid spills and cracks.

When does coverage go into effect?

The time your warranty goes into effect depends on when you buy it. If you purchase the warranty when you purchase your appliance, it goes into effect immediately. If you purchase the warranty later on, it’ll go into effect 30 days later. It can take between one and four weeks to receive your final contract in the mail.

When you purchase your Samsung extended warranty while your manufacturer’s warranty is still in effect, your protection plan will begin after your manufacturer’s warranty expires.

Should I get an extended warranty on Samsung appliances?

An extended warranty on a single appliance can provide peace of mind for homeowners who don’t want to shoulder the cost of expensive repairs or replacements.

Do I need a home warranty even if I have a Samsung extended warranty?

A Samsung extended warranty covers only Samsung systems and appliances, whereas a home warranty will cover all major home systems and appliances, regardless of brand, and give homeowners peace of mind when one of these items fails.

Samsung Appliance Extended Warranty Reviews

Samsung is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and holds an A+ rating. However, even the best home warranty companies have a mix of positive and negative customer reviews. Here are a few BBB reviews from Samsung appliance extended warranty holders:

I fully realize that there is always a chance that no matter whose appliance I purchase, there will be a chance of a fault/defect. So I look to companies that stand behind their products and make customer satisfaction a priority. Samsung is exactly that sort of company. I have four Samsung appliances….I had a cosmetic issue (over time) on the front load washer….Samsung fixed it. I had an ice maker issue on my refrigerator…Samsung fixed it. I had liquid get into my oven door…Samsung fixed it. At no time was it difficult to contact customer service. In fact the alternative to a phone call, the Facebook social media team works amazing well too. Each time Samsung has exceeded my expectations. Needless to say…I am now a loyal customer of Samsung’s.” — Kathy, January 19, 2020

Samsung Customer Support in their appliance department is the worst department I’ve ever dealt with. They hired someone to install my malfunctioning dishwasher incorrectly, didn’t take responsibility for their actions, and avoided my messages asking for support. They will call you and not leave a message, hope you don’t pick up, not send a follow-up email that they tried calling, then close a case out of nowhere that I’ve spent hours and hours trying to resolve. They are responsible for paying for a technician to fix the broken dishwasher they provided me with in the first place, but they won’t admit it.” — Jeff R., April 7, 2017

Our Conclusion

Though Samsung has a decent extended warranty option, there are other home warranty companies available that have more comprehensive coverage. If you’re looking to cover major systems and appliances in your home, the This Old House Reviews Team recommends a home warranty from American Home Shield.

Best Customer Ratings
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Best for Comprehensive Coverage
$150 Off Any Plan
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While we recommend all three companies listed above, we ultimately think that American Home Shield is the best overall. Here are just a few benefits of AHS:

  • Provides three plans to choose from for added flexibility
  • Operates in 49 states (excluding Alaska)
  • Has been in business since 1971
  • Responds to service requests within the first 24 hours 98% of the time
  • Allows customers to choose from a range of service fees ($75, $100, or $125)

American Home Shield is the oldest and largest home warranty provider in the business and has a network of more than 15,000 licensed contractors.

Here’s how American Home Shield stacks up against Samsung.

AHS vs Samsung

Provider American Home Shield Samsung Extended Warranty

Sample Contract Provided



Number of Plans


1 per appliance

Average Lowest Cost

$500 per year

Not available

Optional Add-Ons



# of States Covered


Not available

Excluded States


Not available

Waiting Period

30 Days

Not available

Service Fee

$75, $100, or $125

Not available

Years in Business

Since 1971

Since 1938

BBB Accredited



BBB Rating



Average Trustpilot Reviews

2.5/5 stars

1.5/5 stars

Get a free quote from American Home Shield by calling them at 844-529-9298 or filling out this simple online form.

Our Rating Methodology

We back up our home warranty ratings and recommendations with a detailed rating methodology to score each provider objectively. We conduct research by speaking with company representatives, requesting quotes, analyzing sample contracts, and conducting focus groups and consumer surveys. 

We score each provider against our review standards, which include four comparison categories: coverage, value, trust and transparency, and availability and service. We rate each provider across 31 factors within these categories. Each factor is assigned a point value based on its importance to a homeowner, totaling 100 points. We then convert the final scores to a 5-star rating. 

Here’s a breakdown of our weighted factors:

  • Coverage (40%): We scored coverage based on included home systems and appliances, add-on options, and unique benefits. We also compared coverage caps and policy exclusions.
    • Additional coverage items
    • Annual coverage cap
    • Home systems coverage
    • Major appliances coverage
    • Obstructed wall coverage cap
  • Value (30%): We compared the coverage level received to monthly pricing to determine plan value. We considered premium pricing, service fees, and flexibility in customizing plan costs. 
    • Average monthly cost
    • Cost flexibility
    • Lowest service fee
  • Trust and Transparency (16%): We evaluated each company’s reputation using the Better Business Bureau ratings and customer reviews on third-party review sites. We read through plan change policies, workmanship protections, and sample contract availability. 
    • Brand reputation
    • Policy change flexibility
    • Sample contract availability
    • Workmanship guarantee length
  • Availability and Service (14%): We award higher scores for faster claim processing and response times. We also considered service technician policies, including options to choose your technician. 
    • Claims process
    • Guaranteed response time
    • Service flexibility

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