When a major appliance or home system unexpectedly quits working, not only does it disrupt your day-to-day, it could make you vulnerable to debt and other financial difficulties, especially if you don’t have enough saved up to cover necessary repairs and replacements. A home warranty can change that.

A home warranty is a service contract between you and a provider who, in exchange for a small fee, guarantees to cover the repair and replacement costs of certain home systems and appliances that fail due to normal wear and tear.

The This Old House Reviews Team examined Maytag’s warranty, coverage scope, limitations, and customer reviews in this comprehensive review to help you determine if a Maytag Warranty is worth your dime. Keep reading to learn about a Maytag warranty and why a home warranty may be a better option for homeowners looking for whole-home coverage of major systems and appliances.

Maytag Warranty Overview

Maytag is a premier appliance brand owned by Whirlpool Corporation. Its products are designed with dependability front and center. The company’s product line consists of powerful kitchen appliances, washers and dryers, and central heating and cooling systems.

A Maytag warranty is designed to protect customers from having to bear the repair costs incurred from accidental manufacturing errors. Maytag also has Service Plans that extend protection to labor costs and damage from normal wear and tear. Maytag has extended coverage available for each of its appliances.


Maytag Warranty Pros and Cons

Pros Offers single-appliance coverage Has a No Lemon Policy Offers service plans for extended coverage Cash reimbursements available
Cons Only a few parts covered per appliance Doesn’t provide add-on coverage


Maytag Warranty Plans and Coverage

All Maytag appliances are covered under a one-year limited manufacturer’s warranty. Maytag also provides two other types of warranty options—the Maytag 10-Year Limited Parts Warranty and the Maytag Service Plan. Customers will need to register their appliance with Maytag to get the Maytag 10-Year Limited Parts Warranty. This plan covers key components responsible for the main operation of your appliance for up to 10 years.

Coverage Overview

ApplianceWhat’s Covered
WashersDrive Motor Basket
DryersDrive Motor Drum
DishwashersStainless Steel Tub Nylon Racks Chopper
Freestanding RangesCooktop Burners and Elements Ceramic Tub and Grates Bake and Broil Element and Burners Cavity
Wall ovensBake and Broil Elements and Burners Cavity
CooktopsCooktop Burners and Elements Ceramic Top and Grates
CompactorsMotor Ram Screws

The second type of Maytag warranty—the Maytag Service Plan—covers the labor, repair, and replacement costs of an appliance that ceases to work due to mechanical issues and defective manufacturing.

Customers have the option to either purchase separate plans for each Maytag appliance, or they can use Maytag’s Build-A-Plan option to create a single plan with coverage for up to 10 appliances. Getting coverage using this option will earn you a 10% discount.

Here are the key benefits of a Maytag Plan:

  • Customers can get factory-certified parts and service from factory-certified technicians
  • There are flexible payment options available
  • You can design your own multi-product plan and earn a discount
  • You can opt into Food Spoilage Protection for up to $250
  • Customers can transfer the contract to anyone
  • There’s free cancellation for up to 60 days
  • You can purchase for multiple years at once
  • Maytag has a No Lemon Policy*

*Maytag recognizes that certain appliances are prone to frequent damages. If three different service repairs, associated with three separate claim numbers, are performed on the same part for the same product, and a fourth claim is filed again requiring the same repair, Maytag will exchange your product with a comparable replacement or buy the product and reimburse you in cash.

The reimbursement value will be calculated based on the age of the product. Here’s a reimbursement amount price breakdown:


Maytag Warranty Reimbursement

Product AgeReimbursement Amount Of Covered Item
1–5 Years (days 366–1,825)75% of original purchase price
6–10 Years (days 1,826–3,650)45% of original purchase price
11–15 Years (days 3,651–5,475)25% of original purchase price

Based on the reimbursement overview, you can see that Maytag factors in the equipment’s cost depreciation due to age. Older appliances will be reimbursed at a lower percentage than newer products. So, a 10-year old Maytag refrigerator priced at $1,000 will yield a reimbursement amount of $550.

Maytag offers 45 days to purchase a replacement appliance. After that period, the original covered item will be the company’s property.

Maytag Coverage Exclusions

Maytag Service Plans have certain exclusions. The company will not cover expenses for damages resulting from equipment alteration, or situations beyond Maytag’s control like theft, vandalism, mishandling, fire, flood, wind, power failure, war, or acts of God. The contract will also not cover damages incurred from improper storage, poor ventilation, and mismatched components.

The Maytag Service Plan will also not cover any appliances older than 15 years of age. Maytag appliances are popular for the brand’s durability, but in this case, if your appliance is almost two decades old, it will not be eligible to receive coverage.


Maytag Pricing

Compare the cost savings of a Maytag warranty in the chart below.

Major ComponentAverage 1-Year Service Plan Price
Washer Drive Motor$53
Dryer Drum$51
Dishwasher Tub$46
Refrigerator Compressor$106
Range Broil Elements$56


How to Get a Quote From Maytag Warranty

To get a custom quote, simply fill out a quote request form or call 866-256-2146.

To purchase a service plan you will need the product type and description, brand, model number, serial number, date of purchase, retail value, and your address. You can choose to pay for the plan upfront or you can opt for monthly payments spread across three to four installments. Note: monthly payments are available only if the price of a service plan is over $50.


How to Make a Maytag Warranty Claim

To submit a claim with Maytag, simply call 866-265-0029 to speak with a customer care agent.

You’ll be asked for the model number, serial number, and the original purchase date of the appliance. The agent will connect you with an authorized service technician who will perform the diagnosis and repair at the scheduled appointment.

You can start filing claims after paying for the Service Plan in full. If you opt for monthly payments, all installments must be completed before requesting service.

he waiting period, which is the window of time you have to wait before you can file a claim, starts the date you purchase and pay for the plan. Maytag has a 60-day wait period for appliances no longer under the manufacturer’s warranty. If your appliance is still under this warranty, you can start filing claims right away.

If your appliance is beyond repair, Maytag will either exchange your appliance with one that has similar features and functionality or reimburse you up to the amount of the product’s original price.


Maytag Warranty Reviews

Maytag is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), but it holds an A+ rating from the organization. While most Maytag reviews are positive, even the best companies may have negative reviews.

Plenty of customers have noted the company’s extreme delay in dispatching technicians, while some reviews have expressed dissatisfaction in the quality of repair they received from the technicians.

Here are a few BBB reviews from Maytag customers:

Had issues with a new gas oven range less than one year old. Made a complaint and was quickly contacted by Whirlpool. Problem has been dealt with in a prompt and [courteous] manner. Thank you.” — James Cumming, October 16, 2019

The washing machine we bought from them didn’t even last 3 years before the agitator stopped working properly. We first noticed it didn’t work properly after our clothes stopped smelling clean. There is a 10-year warranty on the washer, but the part they don’t tell you is it only covers the parts and the service fee and labor cost as much as a new washer so there really is no warranty. You might as well buy a new machine.” — Jeremy S., August, 13, 2018


Our Conclusion

Though a Maytag warranty does provide coverage for certain appliances, it doesn’t offer a comprehensive solution to protect a wide range of household appliances.

Maytag’s Full Service Plan covers labor costs and normal wear and tear, but it restricts coverage to appliances that are no more than 15 years of age. This can be challenging for homeowners who have older appliances.

Additionally, if you own a few different Maytag appliances, you’ll have to purchase separate service plans for each of them, and the costs can add up to a significant amount. You’ll also have to purchase separate warranties to cover non-Maytag appliances.

Instead of signing up for a Maytag warranty, a much better option would be to invest in a home warranty. Its coverage spans across a variety of home systems and appliances and it protects different parts and components under each item.


Top Home Warranty Companies

If you’re looking to protect all of your major home appliances under one plan, the This Old House Reviews Team recommends American Home Shield.

Superlative Monthly Cost Service Fee BBB Rating Link
Liberty Home Guard Best Customer Ratings $49–$60 $65–$125 A+
American Home Shield Best for Comprehensive Coverage $64–$74 $100–$125 B
Select Home Warranty Best Value $44–$48 $60–$75 B-
AFC Home Club Best for Customization $48–$55 $75–$125 B
First American Home Warranty Best Appliance Coverage $60–$76 $75–$125 B
Cinch Home Services Best Additional Perks $47–$64 $100–$150 B
2-10 Home Buyers Warranty Cheapest Appliances Plan $22–$74 $65–$100 B+
Liberty Home Guard
Logo Liberty Home Guard
Superlative Best Customer Ratings
Monthly Cost $49–$60
Service Fee $65–$125
BBB Rating A+
American Home Shield
Logo American Home Shield
Superlative Best for Comprehensive Coverage
Monthly Cost $64–$74
Service Fee $100–$125
BBB Rating B
Select Home Warranty
Logo Select Home Warranty
Superlative Best Value
Monthly Cost $44–$48
Service Fee $60–$75
BBB Rating B-
AFC Home Club
Logo AFC Home Club
Superlative Best for Customization
Monthly Cost $48–$55
Service Fee $75–$125
BBB Rating B
First American Home Warranty
Logo First American Home Warranty
Superlative Best Appliance Coverage
Monthly Cost $60–$76
Service Fee $75–$125
BBB Rating B
Cinch Home Services
Logo Cinch Home Services
Superlative Best Additional Perks
Monthly Cost $47–$64
Service Fee $100–$150
BBB Rating B
2-10 Home Buyers Warranty
Logo 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty
Superlative Cheapest Appliances Plan
Monthly Cost $22–$74
Service Fee $65–$100
BBB Rating B+

Ultimately, we think American Home Shield is the best overall. With three competitive plan options, American Home Shield provides customers with plenty of flexibility in terms of coverage. For maximum coverage, we recommend ShieldPlatinum. This plan covers 23 systems and appliances, such as your dishwasher, air conditioning, and more. It also includes rekey service, an HVAC tune-up, and air filter discounts.

The ShieldGold™ plan is a level below ShieldPlatinum and also covers 23 systems and appliances. However, it has a lower appliance coverage limit than the ShieldPlatinum plan and doesn’t cover an HVAC tune-up. For basic systems protection, we recommend the ShieldSilver plan. This plan covers 14 home systems, such as your electrical, plumbing, and heating.

American Home Shield also has a few add-ons available to get even more protection for your home, including coverage for your pool, guest house, and septic system. The company even gives you flexibility in choosing your service fee—$75, $100, or $125—with a higher service fee corresponding to a lower monthly premium.

For a free, custom American Home Shield quote, call 844-529-9298 or fill out the online form with your zip code.

Compare Home Protection Plans

ProviderAmerican Home ShieldMaytag Warranty
Plan optionsShieldPlatinum, ShieldGold, ShieldSilverOne-Year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty, Maytag 10-year, Limited Parts Warranty Service Plans
Contract length12 monthsOne year to 10 years, depending on the warranty
Service fee$75–$125Unknown
Repair guarantee30 daysUnknown
Availability49 states (excludes Alaska)All of the U.S.


Our Rating Methodology

The This Old House Reviews Team backs up our home warranty ratings and recommendations with a detailed rating methodology to objectively score each provider. We conduct research by speaking with company representatives, requesting quotes, analyzing sample contracts from each company, and conducting focus groups and consumer surveys. We then score each provider against our review standards for coverage, value, trustworthiness and transparency, availability, and customer service to arrive at a final score out of 100.  

To share feedback or ask a question about this article, send a note to our Reviews Team at reviews@thisoldhousereviews.com.