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House Tours

Amazing Treehouses from Around the World

Living luxuriously among the leaves has never been so accessible. Check out these amazing treehouses from around the world.


How to Retrofit a Home for Accessibility

This Old House host Kevin O’Connor and Rick Castino from Operation Independence remodel a home for a wheelchair-enabled homeowner

Old Houses for Sale and Can Be Moved

In the market for a historic home? If you’d like to buy an older home, here are 14 options for you.

Home Staging Tips From a Pro

Staging a house to sell doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Check out these house-staging secrets from an expert and maximize your chances of your home selling at a good price.

Virginia Queen Anne | Save This Old House

Detail-filled Queen Anne near the shore!

Fans’ Favorites from Four Decades of This Old House

We asked, and boy, did you answer! From our TOH Insiders to our website users and Facebook followers, loyal This Old House fans eagerly weighed in with what they’ve loved most from the past 40 years. As Kathy Warner of Marietta, GA, told us: "It may be called This Old House, but it never gets old."

Photoshop Redo: From No Character to Classic

A boxy brick house from 1950 gets a timeless redesign

1860 Italianate Remodel: House Proud

The home had seen better days—until a master carpenter lavished his skills on the place, turning it into a forever home for him and his wife

Before and After: 1920 Bungalow Remodel with Beautiful Built-ins

A home gains needed space with an expanded second story that preserves the house’s footprint and its neighborly facade

Louisiana Cottage | Save This Old House

Charming cottage in central Louisiana!

1940s Cottage Remodel Fit for a Growing Family

With a little help from relatives—and a lot of late hours—a young couple preserve and expand a tiny cottage to create a cozy home for their brood

Ranch House Remodel: Lake House Legacy

One step at a time, a family home in North Carolina is reinvented for a new generation

North Carolina Federal | Save This Old House

Stately relic in a Civil War historic district for $60,000

'Save This Old House' Update 2018

What has happened to some of your favorite 'Save This Old House' homes from 2018? Read on to find out

A 1920s Bungalow Remodel: Room to Grow

A tucked-back addition preserves a 1920s bungalow’s historical facade, while providing plenty of gathering space for a young family

Kentucky Italianate for $9,990 | Save This Old House

Up to the challenge of moving (and rescuing!) an old farmhouse? Consider this opportunity in Louisville

18th-century Saltbox Remodel

A DIYer builds her skills—and an online following—filling her family’s 18th-century saltbox with handmade charm

Found While Remodeling

When we posted Look What You Found During Your Renovations to TOH's Facebook page, the comments section filled up with even more cool finds! Check out a new crop of buried treasures

A 1930 House Gets a Vintage-Modern Remodel

A 1930 house gets an unexpected update in the hands of two creatives with an eye for mid-century finds

Phoenix Remodel Rising

Civic-minded homeowners help resurrect a 1903 house in the heart of downtown, enlivening it with color and pattern to spare

Best of TOH Before and Afters

Here's our latest round up of the most popular old-house transformations at

An Eclectic 1930s House in L.A.

This house wasn’t what the homeowners were looking for—but it ended up being just what they wanted

A Modern Home for Lovers of the Great Outdoors

With its low-slung lines, streamlined interior, and openness to the outdoors, a refreshed 1955 house fully embraces its environs

Italianate in West Virginia | Save This Old House

Civil War–era classic in need of a hero!

Mid-century Mastery House Tour

A free-flowing 1959 house with a lofty interior rises to the next level in the hands of two detail-obsessed owners

1930s House Remodel: One of a Kind

Used to designing for a fast sale, a real estate pro ignores the rules and remakes a 1930 house to fit his family—and reflect his unique personal style

Queen Anne in Missouri | Save This Old House

A well-preserved Queen Anne cottage for $45,000

A DIY Renovation Becomes a Family Project

A dilapidated 1927 house regains its serene period spirit, thanks to a meticulous do-it-yourself remodel

Well Balanced Remodel

The 1905 house was water damaged, structurally unsound, and weary throughout—until dogged new owners got it back on its feet

South Carolina Georgian with Acreage | Save This Old House

Built circa 1832, the Caleb Coker house would make a beautiful country escape

Custom Fit for a Rebuilt 1870s House

With a few floor-plan fixes, a couple with an eye for design tailor a meticulously rebuilt 1870s house to how they live today

The Endless Remodel of an 18th-Century Home

A handsome centuries-old house with a history of haphazard improvements meets its match in a family of determined DIYers