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Replacement Windows Done Right

Tom Silva shows the TOH apprentices how to properly install new double-hung windows at the Newton Project House, with Marvin’s Tilt Pac Sash Replacement System

Treated to the Core: The Technology Behind Worry-Free Windows and Doors

Because windows and doors are constantly exposed to various weather conditions and moisture, wood rot can be an issue for homeowners everywhere. Here’s how an innovative treatment process produces virtually worry-free windows and doors.

What's Their Story? Stained-Glass Windows

Learn about what these colorful windows bring to houses

The Surprising Benefits of Skylights

Skylights are designed to bring more natural light into the home, and they can dramatically up the wow factor in any room. But beyond the aesthetic benefits, skylights offer real health benefits, too.  

What's Their Story? Iron Window Guards

Learn the history of the embellished security features

12 Surprising Design Uses for Window Film and Appliqués

Peel and stick this handy material on for utility and decor

Letting the (Natural) Light In | 2020 Cottage on the Cape

Here’s how we flooded our coastal Idea House with an abundance of natural light and fresh air.

Velux Sun Tunnel Skylights

Learn how to "live lighter" with this cost-effective, energy-efficient, and simple-to-install skylight option from VELUX.


How Safety Glass Can Protect You

Ask This Old House general contractor Tom Silva demonstrates how safety glass breaks differently than traditional plate glass.

How to Choose Windows That “WOW”

New or replacements? Double-pane or casements? Here are a few styles and materials to consider to help you choose the right windows for your home.

Beat Drafts by Dressing Windows in Layers

Heat that goes out the window accounts for up to a quarter of heating bills, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. No need to cloak panes in winter woolens (though that might work). Learn how to cover drafty windows with stylish layers instead.

Enhancing Your Home with Custom Windows and Doors

Use oversized windows and doors, like these from Marvin Windows, to create open spaces for entertaining and gathering, both inside and outside the home

6 Tips on Shopping for Vinyl Windows

Properly installed vinyl windows can deliver major energy savings—and a look that's convincingly like wood. Here, five things to hunt for in a quality unit

Window Trim

Interior window molding does double duty, covering gaps while defining a style. Use this guide to understand what each part does and how all the pieces fit together

Wood Window Styles

Windows are among a home's most distinguishing details. Let the architecture of your place help determine a complementary style

Use Window Treatments to Control Drafts

You probably haven't thought of this line of defense against the chills

Divining Uses for Stained Glass

Vintage windows can improve the look of your interior, block unsightly views, filter sunlight, and more

How to Hang Exterior Shutters

With this weekend project, your home will have all the privacy it needs—plus an extra dose of curb appeal

Victorian-Era Windows

The most interesting windows in American architecture showed up in the decades after the Civil War, when architecture veered away from the Classical and toward ornate details and a nostalgia for medieval- and gothic-influenced early-American house styles.

Window Words

How well do you know your window vocabulary? Here's a quick visual glossary of a few of the more familiar, and confounding, terms that pepper the pros' conversations when they're chatting about fenestration.

Window-Box Basics

Like a corsage on a plain suit, a window box can add spark to a house's exterior—if it's hung and filled appropriately.

How to Hang a Window Box

TOH general contractor Tom Silva shows you how to hang a flower box, and TOH landscape contractor Roger Cook tells you how to fill it and maintain it

Replacement Sashes

Replacement windows are a good idea — as long as the new windows are well made and the old ones really need replacing

The Benefits of Blinds

The right blinds, shades or shutters will provide privacy, control light and spiff up a room.

What to Consider When Buying Skylights

Even a small skylight can make a big difference in a dark room.