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All About Window Tinting

Window tinting is a sub-section of a broader category of window upgrades more accurately called "window film". While some tint, others offer no tint or privacy but do increase impact resistance. Read on to learn if adding tint to your home’s windows is worth it, as well as the methods for installation, types of tint available, and more.


How to Quickly Prime and Paint Windows

Ask This Old House host Kevin O’Connor works with painter Mauro Henrique to demonstrate a masking primer that leaves clean lines on a window

Planning Window Placement

We share what to do (and not to do) when deciding where to place windows on your house.

Dormer Window Ideas

Dormer windows add light and living space to a roof’s slope. See our pictures that show a variety of style and design ideas.

Easy Angle Finder

How to verify the slope of a windowsill without special tools or advanced math skills

12 Fall Fix-Ups That Pay You Back

Save yourself thousands in future repair, maintenance, and energy costs by not leaving these minor problems to get out of hand

All About Wood Windows

Whether you're looking for new units to outfit an addition or replacements for your existing windows, the experts at This Old House sort through the options to simplify your search

Velux Sun Tunnel Skylights

Learn how to "live lighter" with this cost-effective, energy-efficient, and simple-to-install skylight option from VELUX.

All About Fiberglass Windows

Stronger than vinyl, more affordable than clad wood, they stand out for their strength, low upkeep, and good looks

Choose the Right Window Style for Your Home

Pinpoint the perfect type of window to match your home’s architecture

6 Tips on Shopping for Vinyl Windows

Properly installed vinyl windows can deliver major energy savings—and a look that's convincingly like wood. Here, five things to hunt for in a quality unit

How to Measure a Window Opening

Make sure your exterior shutters and storm windows fit the way they should

Fitting Dormers to a House

When you build a dormer, there's more to consider than its style alone. It needs to fit in with the general design of the house. If you are adding more than one dormer, you also need to decide how to link or separate them.

Replacement Sashes

Replacement windows are a good idea — as long as the new windows are well made and the old ones really need replacing

Window Glazing

If your eyes glaze over when conversation turns to U-value and low-E, wake up to what's new in window glass.

Adding an Eyebrow to Your Roof

They might not be the most inexpensive home improvement project you'll ever attempt. But eyebrow windows can dramatically improve the look of your home

Clear Choices for Windows

A buyer's guide to materials, styles and money-saving options.

Build the Bay Window You've Always Wanted

Change your outlook by replacing a flat picture window with a beautiful bay.