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The Basics of Stripping Wallpaper

Pro painter Nick Slavik uses a tried-and-true 3-step process to get rid of wallpaper. He takes you along on a job to show you how it's done

Paint a Supersized Stencil Pattern

A large Scandi-inspired stencil pattern and a soft two-tone paint palette offer a fresh take on the wallpaper look


How to Locate Structure Behind Walls

When you’re hanging a shelf or TV, you’ll need to find the studs in your wall. As part of the Ask TOH Tips from the Pros series, Tom Silva reveals simple, low-tech ways to get the job done


How to Hang a Heavy Mirror on Masonry

Ask This Old House general contractor Tom Silva helps a homeowner hang a large mirror on the stone chimney above his fireplace


Tips with Tommy: Stone Wool Insulation

It’s efficient, easy to install, and incredibly effective; hear what Tom Silva has to say about this versatile insulation product

Pro Paint Tips: Get the Most Out of Rolling

Three paint roller tips from Mauro Henrique

Brush Advice to Know Before Painting a Room

These three hints can help you prolong your brush’s life and save some wear and tear


Paint a Room Like a Pro

Ask This Old House painter Mauro Henrique teaches a homeowner the basics of painting a room perfectly.


How to Build a Chalkboard Message Center

Taking a cue from classic window trim, Tom Silva and Kevin O’Connor dress up a chalkboard with molding from the home center

Stick-on Style

If you’ve got a space that needs a quick makeover, there’s a growing array of innovative stick-on wall decor and window treatments that offer major visual impact in minimal time—no commitment needed

How to Hang Something Heavy

Support a large wall hanging with a French cleat. Here's how to make one

How to Install Easy DIY Wainscoting

This Old House general contractor Tom Silva helps homeowners dress up their dining room walls using stock molding from the home center

How to Paint Gingham Pattern Checks on a Wall

Plain walls take on the fresh look of a gingham print with three shades of blue on a field of white


How to Create Simulated Panels with Molding

Ask This Old House general contractor Tom Silva creates a simulated stile and rail wainscoting on a dining room wall by using base cap molding.


How to Treat Stains on Plaster and Drywall

Ask This Old House general contractor Tom Silva explains the best way to get rid of water stains on ceilings and walls.


Future House | How to Install a Robotic Wall

Ask This Old House home technology expert Ross Trethewey helps install a robotic wall to maximize space for a small, urban apartment in Future House.

No-Fail Color Combos to Make Any Space a Work of Art

Perplexed by palettes? Fan decks got you flummoxed? Choosing color schemes to refresh your rooms needn’t be daunting. Consider the no-fail, four-color combos we’ve gathered here—from muted pastels to bold brights, they’re sure to turn any space into a work of art


How to Paint a Scallop Pattern

Looking to warm up a wall? Try this whimsical pattern

How to Create Faux Wall Frames

Brush on a paneled look to add dimension to blank walls


How to Hang a Flat-Panel TV with Concealed Wiring

Electrician Scott Caron hangs a flat-screen TV on the wall and conceals all the wiring

Editors' Video Picks: Insulation Tips for Every Corner of Your Home

Airtight solutions for your house's drafty problems

Don't Be Afraid to Wallpaper Your Powder Room

Give this small room big personality with a standout print

How to Choose the Right White Paint

Overwhelmed with white paint options? Consider these three things

5 Cool Painter's Tape Techniques

Use this versatile tape to enhance your craft projects

Plan a Gallery Wall With This New App

Visualize your gallery-wall masterpiece with a digital mock-up

Match Your Favorite Flowers to Paint Colors

A new app helps you turn nature's colors into paint

Decorate Large Spaces With Budget Wall Art

Fill empty walls by using these art tips that won't break the bank


How to Build a Pass-Through Wall

This Old House general contractor Tom Silva opens up a load-bearing wall between a kitchen and a family room

Paint on a Colorful Accent Wall

Brighten any space in your home with a fresh coat

Best Makeovers for Ugliest Wallpaper 2014

These finalists in our annual Search for America's Best Remodel Contest share some impressively appalling paper from their projects


How to Mud and Tape Drywall Corners

Creating perfectly smooth wall corners with This Old House general contractor Tom Silva


How to Hang a Heavy Mirror

This Old House general contractor Tom Silva shares tips and techniques for safely hanging framed objects on walls