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  1. Set up scaffolding (staging) in the work area.
  2. Measure the center to center distance between the two hooks on the back of the mirror.
  3. Measure from the bottom of the mirror to the top of the hook.
  4. Measure the width of the chimney, then divide that in half to find the center location.
  5. Determine the height of the bottom of the mirror off the mantle. From that point, measure up to the height of the hooks.
  6. Using the center mark as a reference, divide the spacing between each hook in half, placing two marks on the stone equidistant from the center mark.
  7. Determine the height from the mantle to the center height mark. Transfer that height to the two hook position marks.
  8. Use a hammer drill to make a hole at your mark for the concrete anchors. Pump the trigger and be gentle when starting the hole.
  9. Slide the concrete anchor into the hole and tap it in place with a hammer.
  10. Use a hand screwdriver to set the screw into the anchor.
  11. Lift the mirror and set it on the hooks.

Staging and hammer drills can be rented from a home center or a tool rental shop.

Concrete anchors and screws can be purchased at a home center.