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How to Paint Over Wallpaper

Do you want to change the look and feel of your room with paint, but are faced with the challenge of wallpaper? You don’t always need to remove wallpaper first. Read this guide to learn when and how to paint over wallpaper.

S20 E14, Mauro Henrique teaches Kevin O’Connor about repairing plaster

How to Repair Cracks in Plaster Walls

Painting expert Mauro Henrique shows Kevin O’Connor how to handle cracks in plaster and drywall.

How to Repair Plaster Walls

Our online visitors asked for help with dinged, gouged, and cracked walls. Here's an easy way to repair cracks in plaster walls and get a smooth surface that lasts.

How to Paint a Room

From start to finish, we show you how to give your interior walls a new personality in just one weekend.

All About Wainscoting

Dress up your plain-Jane walls with stylish trim that also guards against scuffs and scratches. This Old House helps you get the look you want at a price you can afford.

How to Insulate an Old House

We share different types of insulation so you can select what works best for your home’s interior walls.

Learn the Secrets of a Perfect Paint Job

Read these 24 pro tips to ensure our walls and trim get a flawless finish.

How To Cut Drywall

Read this DIY guide to learn how to cut drywall.

How to Build a Temporary Wall to Partition a Room

Using a temporary wall you can build an instant extra bedroom—and when you need your old room back, it can be taken down in minutes.

How to Cut Batts of Fiberglass Insulation

3 easy steps and neat trick to safely make tidy cuts in fiberglass insulation batts.

How to Install Insulation

Learn how to beef up your wall's weather protection in 4 easy steps.

How to Repair Mortar in a Brick Wall

Repointing is a simple job, but it has to be done with care, using the right tools and the right materials.

Choose Paint Colors With a Color Wheel

Learn how to pick a complementary color scheme for your next paint job.

How to Install Baseboard

Tom Silva shows how to install baseboard trim that become visual anchors for any room.

How to Sponge Paint a Wall

Colored glaze layered on in a random pattern with a sea sponge can do wonders for a flat wall.

Sash brush used for cutting in paint.

How to Cut in Paint Edges with a Brush

Trying to paint edges neatly? Here’s how to cut in paint like a pro.

How to Hang Drywall

Drywall contractor Paul Landry's step-by-step method for installing rock.

How to Finish Drywall

This step-by-step guide shows you how to use tape and drywall mud to finish your new wall with ease.

How to Frame a Partition Wall

This Old House general contractor Tom Silva's technique for erecting an interior dividing wall.

Fixing Cracks In Concrete Walls

A simple, permanent repair for a leaking crack in a basement wall.

How to Hang Wallpaper

Painting and decorating contractor John Dee's step-by-step method for a well-clad wall.

Wainscoting Panels and Design Ideas

Ideas and inspiration to help you select, plan, and install wainscoting.

How to Install Shiplap Walls

Here’s how to create the effect of shiplap by installing plywood panels to walls inside your home.


Exterior Walls That Exceed the Code | Pro2Pro Premiere

Learn how to build an exterior wall assembly that is air-tight, manages moisture, and provides an R-value that goes beyond the code.


How to Paint a Striped Wall

Create a bold accent wall with painter's tape and a menu of complementary colors


How to Stencil a Border

Dress up a doorway—or any room feature—with a pattern of your own design


How to Install Wainscoting

Layer stock lumber and moldings to produce this classic architectural element

Norm Abram’s Best Tricks of the Trade VII

You asked, Norm answered! Now, learn from the best

Create the Perfect Gallery Wall for Winter

Here’s a classy conifer-themed holiday decor idea

How to Adjust the Top Plate for Straight Walls

Use a springboard to make walls straight and plumb

The Basics of Stripping Wallpaper

Pro painter Nick Slavik uses a tried-and-true 3-step process to get rid of wallpaper. He takes you along on a job to show you how it's done

Paint a Supersized Stencil Pattern

A large Scandi-inspired stencil pattern and a soft two-tone paint palette offer a fresh take on the wallpaper look