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PETS Healthy Paws Pet Insurance Review

Healthy Paws offers pet insurance policies with no annual or lifetime coverage maximum. Keep reading to learn more about the company’s coverage plans, pricing, and how to get a free quote from the provider.

PETS 7 Cheapest Pet Insurance Companies

If you want affordable and quality protection for your pet, read our review below on the cheapest pet insurance companies available. We discuss each company’s plans and pricing and include information on how to get a free quote.

Best Pet Insurance Companies of September 2021

Pet insurance can help protect your pet in the case of an emergency and prevent you from paying expensive vet bills out of pocket. Keep reading for the nine best pet insurance companies in the industry.

PETS 9 Best Pet Insurance Companies for Dogs 2022

To protect your dog from accidents and unexpected illnesses, consider investing in a pet insurance policy. Read our review of the best pet insurance for dogs to determine which provider is best for you and your pet.

Pets Best Insurance Review (2022 Pricing & Coverage)

Pets Best is an ideal choice for those who need minimal pet insurance coverage at affordable rates. Keep reading to learn if Pets Best is right for you and your pet.

PETS Embrace Pet Insurance Review

Embrace is a top pet insurance company with unique coverage and a diminishing deductible that rewards customers who renew their policies. Keep reading to learn about the company’s coverage plans, pricing, and benefits.

PETS Nationwide Pet Insurance Review

If you’re a pet owner, getting pet insurance protects your wallet if they get sick or injured. Keep reading to learn how Nationwide pet insurance stacks up to other top providers.

5 Best Pet Cameras of 2022

Pet cameras let you monitor your dog or cat when you’re out of the home, showing you how your pet is doing and confirming that they’re staying out of trouble. In this review, we dive into the five best pet cameras on the market and how they can help ease you and your pet’s separation anxiety.

Figo Pet Insurance Review (2022)

Figo is a pet insurance provider that offers a unique cloud-based mobile app, decent coverage, and affordable plans. Keep reading our Figo Pet Insurance reviews to determine if this company is right for you and your pet.

Best Pet Insurance for Dogs (2022)

To protect your dog from accidents and unexpected illnesses, consider investing in a pet insurance policy. Read our review of the best pet insurance for dogs to determine which provider is best for you and your pet.

OLD - 7 Best Pet Insurance Companies in Massachusetts (2022)

If you’re looking for pet insurance in Massachusetts, read our in-depth review below to compare eight of the best pet insurance companies.

How to Get Rid of Pet Odors in Your Home

No one will know a pet is in the house when you take these steps to remove odors from furniture, flooring, and the air.

8 Pet-Friendly Houseplants to Keep in Your Home

Enjoy the natural element houseplants bring to your home while protecting your fur babies with these non-toxic options.

Everything to Know About Dog Doors

Entries right-sized for pets are easy for them to use—and convenient for their humans, too. Here’s how to install a dog door that’s safe and secure for you and your pet.

Cat Shelf and Activity Center Shopping Guide

Our most popular Facebook post of the summer was our How to Build a Catio tutorial. Turns out homeowners are all too willing to make home upgrades for their pets. Now you can consider installing a single wall-mounted shelf or full activity center for your feline

Best Gifts for Cats and Cat Lovers | Gift Guide 2018

Amazing finds from Amazon Handmade, IKEA, and more DROP A HINT! See something you want? Use the social media buttons below to share on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest and drop a not-so-subtle hint.

Best Gifts for Cat Lovers

Shopping for a cat lover? For the finest feline finds, look no further than this guide to the best gifts for cats and cat lovers.

How to Create a Dog-Friendly Yard

Your yard is your happy place, and you want it to be your pet’s, too. Here’s how to protect your landscaping while giving her an ideal romping ground.

Creative Ways to Use Pet Crates and Gates in Your Home

Can you safely corral four-legged family members without undermining the look of your home? Absolutely.


How to Install a Storm Door with a Dog Door

Ask This Old House general contractor Tom Silva helps a homeowner install a storm door with her active dog in mind

How to Dog Proof Your Home for the Holidays

Use these 8 dog safety tips during the holidays to keep your canine companion happy and safe.

How to Make a DIY Cat Tower

Build a homemade cat tower out of wood and PVC pipe and keep your feline friend entertained all day.

Exterior Dutch Door for $63

An intrepid homeowner saves the cost of a new Dutch door to contain her dogs—by cutting her existing front door in half.

9 Hidden Cat Litter Box Ideas

Whether you want to make a hidden cat litter box out of furniture or create an entryway for your kitty to enter an inconspicuous room, we have a variety of ideas to give him his privacy.

How to Build a Dog Feeding Station

An elevated feeding platform will save your best friend's neck—and it's great for storage, too.


How to Build a Dog Bowl Stand

Ask This Old House general contractor Tom Silva teaches a young Generation NEXT woodworker how to build a dog bowls stand using primarily power tools.

What You Need to Build Your Own Doghouse

Consider size, materials, and structure when building a doghouse.

All About Pet-Proofing Your Home

In order for our pets to lead happy, healthy lives, we must keep them safe from the dangers that abound in the average home and yard.

Stylish Gates to Safeguard Your Dog

You love your dog, but sometimes it shouldn’t have the run of the house. Fortunately, there are gate options that are as handsome as they are sturdy; many can be left in place all the time without creating an eyesore or obstacle

Cat Home Shopping Guide

Build your feline a home of their very own.

Why More Pets Go Missing on July 4th Than Any Other Day of the Year

Prep your dog for noisy fireworks on Independence Day

How to Install a Dog Door

Give your pet the freedom to come and go whenever it wishes by installing this energy-efficient kit.