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Stylish Gates to Safeguard Your Dog

You love your dog, but sometimes it shouldn’t have the run of the house. Fortunately, there are gate options that are as handsome as they are sturdy; many can be left in place all the time without creating an eyesore or obstacle


Tension-mount models offer locking doors, so that it’s easy for humans to pass through but canines are contained. Or try a set of folding panels, like the one above—dare we call it fetching?

Have a wide passageway that won’t hold a tension-mount gate? This 36"-high fold-up barrier with stabilizing feet offers flexible (but not child-safe) coverage. Plus, it opens to almost 7 feet wide.

Primetime Petz Palm Springs Designer Gate, $150; Wayfair

Well Priced

This pet- (and child-) proof gate offers a lot for a small price tag: It fits an opening from 28" to 48" wide, it’s easy to open with one hand, and it shuts automatically.

Summer Infant 36" Gate, $65; The Home Depot


Swap out the patterned door panel on this 36"-high gate for a new look; extras are $39 each. This child-safe option comes in different widths and finishes, too.

32"–34" Bauhaus Fusion Border Gate, $199; Fusion Gates

Extra Strong

Got a bruiser that’ll chew, scratch, or try to push down a gate? While this one has stylish flourishes, the 32"-high heavy-duty wrought-iron-and-steel gate can stand up to a strong dog.

28"–34" Metal Spindle Gate, $169; Orvis