A home security system can improve overall home safety, protecting you and your family from potential home intruders. Top home security systems protect you from unexpected break-ins and allow you to keep an eye on your home remotely.

With so many providers out there, it can be hard to figure out which one has the best home security system for you. That’s where the This Old House Reviews Team comes in. We’ve compared packages, pricing, contracts, installation options, and warranties to help you find the most secure system for your home.

*Requires 36-month monitoring contract. Early termination and installation fees apply. New customers only. Reward card issued by Pathward, N.A., Member FDIC. Card terms and expiration apply. Read full terms and conditions.

9 Best Home Security Systems

Based on our research, the best home security systems include the following:

Compare the Best Home Security Systems

Product Image Best For Star Rating Monthly Cost Link
ADT ADT Best Overall
$35.99+ VISIT SITE
SimpliSafe SimpliSafe Best for Easy Installation
$14.99+ VISIT SITE
Vivint Vivint Best for Smart Homes
$29.99+ VISIT SITE
Alder Alder Best for Medical Alerts
Abode Abode Best for Renters
Product Image ADT
Best For Best Overall
Star Rating
Monthly Cost $35.99+
Product Image SimpliSafe
Best For Best for Easy Installation
Star Rating
Monthly Cost $14.99+
Product Image Vivint
Best For Best for Smart Homes
Star Rating
Monthly Cost $29.99+
Product Image Alder
Best For Best for Medical Alerts
Star Rating
Monthly Cost $39.99
Product Image Abode
Best For Best for Renters
Star Rating
Monthly Cost $6.00+

ADT Home Security

ADT offers one of the best home security systems in the industry. The company has more than 145 years of experience and serves millions of customers nationwide. It also provides 24/7 professional monitoring, giving customers peace of mind that their home is protected at all times. Due to its comprehensive package options, professional installation process, and competitive pricing, ADT is our No. 1 pick for the best home security system.

ADT Best Overall

Pros and Cons of ADT Home Security

Pros Operates the largest national network of professional monitoring centers with more than nine centers Gives customers access to a range of smart-home devices, with some packages offering mobile app remote control
Cons Requires minimum 36-month contract for professionally installed systems (24 months in California) Doesn't professionally install stand-alone devices; pro-installation requires full system purchase

ADT Packages & Pricing

24/7 Professional Monitoring
Intrusion Detection
24/7 Fire, Flood, & Carbon Monoxide Monitoring
ADT+ Mobile App
Touchscreen Panel
Alexa Guard / Voice Control Integration (with Amazon Alexa)
ADT Mobile App and Remote Access
Video Surveillance (Motion activated + alerts)
Stored Video Clips (Up to 8 cameras)
Smart Home Automation

Note: The packages and prices listed are for ADT’s professionally installed systems.

If you’d like more details on ADT’s offerings, read our ADT home security system review or check out the following brand comparisons:

Get a Quote: If you’d like to get a quote from ADT, call 888-285-6952 or fill out this simple form.

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SimpliSafe is an affordable, no-contract alternative to other top home security systems like ADT. It’s easy to install on your own and integrates with a variety of smart-home devices. SimpliSafe is ideal for renters since installation doesn’t require you to drill into walls or doors.

SimpliSafe Best for Easy Installation

Pros and Cons of SimpliSafe Home Security

Pros Can arm or disarm the system from your phone, Amazon Alexa, Apple Watch, etc. System batteries last 10+ years Monthly payments with no contract required Easy to install on your own
Cons Remote control and alarm alert options only offered with more expensive monitoring SimpliCam has no facial recognition and may send false alerts May be difficult to use for customers who aren’t tech-savvy

SimpliSafe Packages & Pricing

Feature"The Foundation" Package"The Essentials" Package"The Hearth" Package"The Knox" Package"The Haven" Package
Equipment Cost$229$259$374$449$489
Base Station
Entry Sensor✔ 1 included✔ 3 included✔ 3 included✔ 6 included✔ 4 included
Motion Sensor✔ 1 included✔ 1 included✔ 1 included✔ 2 included✔ 2 included
Key Fob--
Smoke Detector--
Panic Button----
Temperature Sensor----
Water Sensor----

Check out how the company compares to other top home security companies in detail with these brand comparisons:

Get a Quote: To get a quote for SimpliSafe Home Security, visit the company’s website.

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Vivint has more than 20 years of experience, with an emphasis on smart-home integration and automation. It’s ideal for homeowners who want to integrate their security system with existing smart-home technology gadgets. Vivint’s system easily integrates with popular smart-home platforms, such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, and the company can provide assistance with features like smart air control and smart lighting.

Vivint Best for Smart Homes

Pros and Cons of Vivint Home Security

Pros In-house professional monitoring includes live video monitoring, medical alert monitoring, and carbon monoxide (CO) detection Customizable package model with affordable, high-end equipment System is controllable by mobile app, key fob, or voice Integrates with third-party smart-home devices like Nest thermostat, Philips Hue smart lights, etc.
Cons Expensive up-front equipment costs and lengthy financing plan There’s no DIY installation option Has an extremely short cancellation policy of three days for a full refund

Vivint Packages & Pricing

Feature"Smart Hub Starter Kit" Package"Home Security System" Package"Smart Home Control" Package"Video Security" Package"Smart Complete" Package
Equipment Cost$599$709.98$1,049.95$1,379.95$1,789.92
Monthly Monitoring Cost$9.98$11.83$17.50$23.00$29.83
SkyControl Panel
Smart Entry Sensors (2)
Voice Control
Motion Sensor
Smart Smoke Detector--
Element Thermostat---
Smart Lock---
Smart Garage Door Opener---
Indoor/Outdoor/Doorbell Camera---

See how Vivint compares to other smart-home security systems with these comparison guides:

Get a Quote: To get a quote with Vivint Home Security, call 855-740-4217 or visit their website here.

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Founded in 2014, Abode is a relatively new home security company in the industry. However, it provides a wide selection of home security system devices and monthly monitoring packages that don’t require a long-term contract. We find Abode the best for customization due to its Build My System option. This option involves working with an Abode representative to create the perfect home security system package for protecting your home.

Abode Best for Renters

Pros and Cons of Abode Home Security

Pros Doesn’t require a long-term contract Abode Cue integration connects and controls smart-home devices On-demand professional monitoring available
Cons Limited devices included in starter kits 4G cellular backup only available with Pro Plan

Abode Packages & Pricing

Feature"Smart Security Middle" Package"Iota Kit Middle" Package"Smart Security Kit Elite" Package"Iota Kit Elite" Package
Equipment Cost$342$379$389$445
Key Fob
Motion Sensor✔ 1 included-✔ 2 included✔ 1 included
Door/Window Sensors✔ 3 included✔ 3 included✔ 4 included✔ 4 included
Smart Device Integration
Built-in Motion Detector--
Type of GatewayGen 2iotaGen 2iota

You can also see how Abode compares with top providers with these brand comparisons:

Get a Quote: To get a quote from Abode, visit their website here.

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Frontpoint provides one of the best DIY systems in the industry. It comes with 24/7 professional monitoring, no long-term contracts, and highly customized smartphone notifications. Frontpoint sends the equipment straight to your door. All you need to do is connect the monitoring hub and sensors to your Wi-Fi.

Note: Frontpoint includes yard signs, window decals, and door stickers with all home security systems.

Pros and Cons of Frontpoint Home Security

Pros Highly customized smartphone notifications No contract required 30-day money-back guarantee
Cons Expensive professional monitoring Monitoring plan required for full functionality No professional installation available

Frontpoint Packages & Pricing

Feature"Safe Home Starter" Package"Safe Home Everyday" Package"Safe Home Select" Package"Safe Home Preferred" Package
Package Price$129.00$295.94$383.92$479.90
Hub And Keypad✔ 1 included✔ 1 included✔ 1 included✔ 1 included
Door/Window Sensor✔ 2 included✔ 3 included✔ 4 included✔ 5 included
Motion Sensor✔ 1 included✔ 2 included✔ 2 included✔ 2 included
Glass Break Sensor
Smoke And Heat Sensor
Indoor Camera

When analyzing customer service and sales calls, we observed that customers who did not own a smartphone or were concerned about using a smartphone had difficulties setting up their systems. If you’re uncomfortable with smartphones and apps, you should let Frontpoint know in advance and be sure to have a tech-savvy friend or family member on hand to help.

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Alder Home Security is a basic home security system that is ideal for those who are new to home security systems. Alder helps you create a customized package based on your needs and the size of your home. Alder’s medical alert pendants and buttons paired with its professional monitoring make it an excellent choice for those concerned about medical emergencies.

Alder Best for Medical Alerts

Pros and Cons of Alder Home Security

Pros Simple and straightforward home security panel Most plans include 24/7 professional monitoring and mobile app access One of the quickest average response times on the market (3.4 seconds)
Cons Lengthy 36-month initial contract required Difficult to cancel a contract

Alder Packages and Pricing

Alder provides only custom packages, unlike most home security companies. It offers a touchscreen panel, indoor/outdoor cameras, door/window sensors, motion detectors, medical alert buttons, doorbell cameras, and other items. You can expect to receive two-way audio with Alder’s indoor cameras.

Alder’s custom package pricing will vary depending on the items you choose. However, professional monitoring fees start at $39.99 per month.

Get a Quote: To get a quote for Alder Home Security, call 844-431-0264 or visit its website here.

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Canary Home Security is a great option for those looking for top-tier technology in their home security system. Each of Canary’s packages comes with a video camera that alerts you to activity inside the home, records video, and automatically adjusts its security mode based on home activity. Canary can also assist with smart-home integration to help monitor temperature and air quality.

Canary Best for Two-Way Audio

Pros and Cons of Canary Home Security

Pros Cameras have night vision capabilities Alarm modes automatically change based on home activity Users can receive two-way communication with Canary Premium Service Devices are free, so customers only pay a monthly service fee
Cons Doesn’t offer professional monitoring services Doesn't offer window or door sensors Can only access one day of video history with the free plan

Canary Packages & Pricing

FeatureCanary ViewCanary ProCanary Flex
Motion Detection
Night Vision
90 Decibel Siren
Temperature, humidity, and air monitoring
CameraHD Camera with 1080p image sensorHD Camera with 1080p image sensorHD Camera with 1080p image sensor
Field of View147-degree wide-angle lens147-degree wide-angle lens116-degree wide-angle lens

Get a Quote: See what home security system package Canary can provide you by visiting here.

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Scout Alarm provides another great option for DIY home security systems that allows you to avoid a long-term contract. The Scout Elements Package comes with the best alarm system with disaster prevention tools such as a smoke alarm and water sensor to help you catch fires or flood damage early. The company also provides some great perks, such as a 60-day return policy and a three-year warranty.

Scout Best for Disaster Prevention

Pros and Cons of Scout Home Security

Pros 60-day free returns 3-year warranty on equipment Compatible with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
Cons Charges for self-monitoring through the Scout app Limited devices offered in most basic package Doesn’t offer professional installation

Scout Packages & Pricing

FeatureScout Small PackScout Large PackScout Elements PackScout Architect Pack
Scout Hub
Door Panel
Smart Lock
Glass Break Sensor
Water Sensor
Yard Sign
Motion Sensor✔ 1✔ 2✔ 1✔ 1
Access Sensors✔ 1✔ 5✔ 4✔ 4
Key Fobs✔ 2✔ 2✔ 2✔ 2

Get a Quote: See how Scout can help with your home’s disaster prevention by learning more on the company’s website here.

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Blue by ADT

Blue by ADT is ADT’s DIY home security service and is a great starting place for those interested in going the DIY route. With its base package, customers receive two security cameras, a video doorbell, and an optional sensor. Customers can also take advantage of other useful features, such as local video storage options and facial recognition technology.

Blue by ADT Packages & Pricing

Blue by ADT offers four package options. Each package features a number of security cameras, alarm sensors and other equipment that you can mix and match to fit your home’s security needs.

Blue by ADT costs $109.19 to $349.99 up-front for an equipment package. Customers decide on either $2.99 or $12.99 per month for cloud storage. Customers can either self-monitor for no additional cost, or they can opt for a monthly $19.99 professional monitoring service.

Our Take on Blue by ADT

  • Superlative: Best for Beginners
  • Recommended Package: We suggest you look into the Build-Your-Own Package with Blue by ADT. This option gives you some control over your total equipment cost and allows you to choose the right equipment for your home and family’s security needs.

Blue by ADT is a great option for anyone starting with home security. The company offers simple package options with plenty of customization and flexibility. Customers get access to a user-friendly mobile app, ADT monitoring service without the lengthy contract, and a 30-day free trial for professional monitoring. Blue by ADT’s equipment is simple and easy-to-use making it a prime choice for home security beginners.

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Additional Home Alarm Systems

Of course, the listed providers are only some of the best home security companies to choose from. Here are a few other home security companies that may have an alarm system that’s right for you.

  • Ring: Known primarily for its video doorbell cameras, Ring also offers a range of cameras and other security equipment. Ring may be best for those on a budget looking for the best home alarm systems, since the company offers some of the most affordable systems in the industry.
  • Google Nest: Google offers home alarm systems that easily integrates with its other smart home products, which is great if you rely on your Google Assistant for home automation.
  • Blink: If security cameras are your main concern, check out Blink’s products for night vision, motion activation, indoor/outdoor monitoring, and more.
  • Xfinity Home: Xfinity customers can receive a discount by bundling the company’s best security system with its phone, internet, and cable services. If you only want to pay one bill for all of the above, you may want to give this company a shot.

Ongoing Deals

Check out some of the current deals offered by some of the top home security system providers:

  • ADT: $100 Visa® Reward Card with purchase
  • SimpliSafe: save 20% with 24/7 professional monitoring, get one free month of professional monitoring, and a free HD camera with your package
  • Abode: 15% off accessories with purchase of a starter kit
  • Alder: 50% off an outdoor camera
  • Canary: Free HD camera with night vision in every package
  • Blue by ADT: First month of 24/7 professional monitoring free with purchase of a plan

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