Abode and SimpliSafe are both DIY home security systems that offer month-to-month contracts, inexpensive professional monitoring plans, and the option to receive professional installation. If you’re having trouble deciding between these two security systems, we can help. In this Abode vs. SimpliSafe comparison, the This Old House Reviews Team examines the two companies to help you find the best home security for your home.

Our Take

Customers may find that SimpliSafe’s installation process is easier than Abode’s, and it offers a longer trial period. However, Abode offers more smart home integrations than SimpliSafe and allows homeowners to self-monitor more comprehensively without a professional monitoring plan. Based on our Reviews Team’s evaluation, both companies are among the top home security providers in the industry.

To watch an overview video of Abode’s system, visit the company’s website. You can also visit SimpliSafe’s website to see a video on its product offerings.

Compare Abode vs. SimpliSafe

Get Free QuoteVisit siteVisit site
Our Rating9.5 / 109.9 / 10
24/7 Monitoring
Monitoring Cost$6–$20 per month$15–$25 per month
Professional installation$99+$79
DIY installationAvailableAvailable
Trial Period30 days60 days
Contract LengthMonth-to-monthMonth-to-month
Motion detection
Smart home compatibility
Video surveillance✔ with SimpliCam
Video streaming capability✔ with SimpliCam
Mobile app access✔ with interactive monitoring

Abode vs. SimpliSafe Overview

Abode Overview

Best Features:

  • Capable of many smart home integrations
  • Inexpensive monitoring plans
  • Ability to send security alerts to your smartphone without a professional monitoring plan

Abode is a DIY home security system founded in 2014 that offers a wide variety of home security devices and integrates with numerous third-party platforms and devices, such as Z-Wave, Google Assistant, and Zigbee. Abode is easy to install and offers mobile and web access with no monthly fee.

SimpliSafe Overview

Best Features:

  • Simple installation
  • Inexpensive professional installation option
  • Long trial period

Founded in 2006, SimpliSafe was initially established to help renters protect their homes or apartments. Now, the DIY home security company serves millions of both renters and homeowners throughout the U.S. and U.K. In July 2020, CNET named SimpliSafe the best DIY alarm system.

What Do Abode and SimpliSafe Have in Common?

Abode and SimpliSafe have a number of commonalities. Here are the ones to know:

  • DIY installation—Both Abode and SimpliSafe are designed for DIY setup by homeowners, though homeowners can pay for professional assistance if needed.
  • No long-term contracts—Neither Abode nor SimpliSafe requires homeowners to purchase a long-term contract to obtain professional monitoring.
  • Self-monitoring option—Both SimpliSafe and Abode can be used without purchasing a professional monitoring plan.
  • Upfront equipment purchase required—To use Abode and SimpliSafe, you must make an initial equipment purchase.

How Are Abode and SimpliSafe Different?

Though Abode and SimpliSafe are similar in some ways, there are also some significant differences between the two companies:

  • Home automation capabilities: Abode is capable of more integrations than SimpliSafe. SimpliSafe integrates with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, while Abode integrates with Z-Wave, Zigbee, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, and Sonos.
  • Trial period: SimpliSafe gives homeowners a 60-day trial period, while Abode’s trial period is only 30 days.
  • Installation cost: Abode charges $99 and up for homeowners who choose to pay for professional installation, while SimpliSafe only costs $79.
  • Mobile app access: All Abode customers can remotely control their system and get push notifications. SimpliSafe customers have to purchase the company’s Interactive Plan to access these capabilities.

Abode vs. SimpliSafe Packages

Abode Packages

Feature"Smart Security Middle" Package"Iota Kit Middle" Package"Smart Security Kit Elite" Package"Iota Kit Elite" Package
Key Fob
Motion Sensor✔ 1 included-✔ 2 included✔ 1 included
Door/Window Sensors✔ 3 included✔ 3 included✔ 4 included✔ 4 included
Smart Device Integration
Built-in Motion Detector--
Type of GatewayGen 2iotaGen 2iota

Abode offers three different security kits: Smart Security Kit, Iota Security Kit, and a Build-Your-Own Kit. Abode’s security systems all come with a 93-decibel siren and can connect wirelessly to camerasdoor sensorsmotion detectors, and other devices. Homeowners interested in the company’s Build-Your-Own kit can take an online questionnaire on the company’s website to get device recommendations based on the size of their home and their home security preferences.

The table below shows the capabilities and products included in Abode’s Iota Security Kit and Gateway Security Kit. Additional products can be purchased from Abode, such as smoke and water detectors, smart home devices, sensors, and additional cameras.

SimpliSafe Packages

Packages"The Foundation" Package"The Essentials" Package"The Hearth" Package"The Knox" Package"The Haven" Package
Base Station
Entry Sensor✔ 1 included✔ 3 included✔ 3 included✔ 6 included✔ 4 included
Motion Sensor✔ 1 included✔ 1 included✔ 1 included✔ 2 included✔ 2 included
Key Fob--
Smoke Detector--
Panic Button----
Temperature Sensor----
Water Sensor----

SimpliSafe offers five security packages. The Foundation serves as the most basic package, while The Haven may be a better fit for consumers seeking the most comprehensive security system. Customers who are unable to find everything they need in any of the five packages can also purchase most of the hardware separately.

SimpliSafe also offers glass break sensors, extra motion sensors and entry sensors, a SimpliCam indoor security camera, and smart locks.

Abode vs. SimpliSafe Pricing

Abode Pricing

Pricing"Smart Security Middle" Package"Iota Kit Middle" Package"Smart Security Kit Elite" Package"Iota Kit Elite" Package
Total Cost$342$379$389$445

There are two costs that come with a security system: The cost of monitoring and the cost of the company’s equipment. Here are the details to know:

Abode offers two different monitoring plans: Standard Plan and Pro Plan. The Standard Plan costs 20 cents per day, or about $6.20 per month, while the Pro Plan costs 66 cents per day, or about $20 per month. The Pro plan includes access to professional monitoring, free shipping and homeowners insurance discounts, while the Standard plan allows homeowners to comprehensively self-monitor their alarm system with a variety of alerts and notifications. Homeowners who purchase the Standard Plan can also pay for on-demand professional monitoring as needed.

Abode’s Smart Security Kit starts at $199, and its Iota Security Kit starts at $279. The cost of the company’s Build-Your-Own Kit depends on the specific security devices a homeowner chooses to purchase.

SimpliSafe Pricing

Pricing"The Foundation" Package"The Essentials" Package"The Hearth" Package"The Knox" Package"The Haven" Package
Equipment Cost$229.00$259.00$374.00$449.00$489.00

The cost of SimpliSafe’s services depends on whether you sign up for professional monitoring or not. Here is the information you need to know:

Two professional monitoring plans are offered by SimpliSafe: a Standard Plan and an Interactive Plan. The Standard Plan only connects the base station to the company’s monitoring center, while the Interactive Plan additionally provides homeowners with access to the company’s mobile application and alert notifications. The Standard Plan costs $14.99 per month, and the Interactive Plan costs $24.99 per month.

Homeowners who sign up for professional monitoring receive a helpful 20% discount on equipment.

Abode vs. SimpliSafe: How It Works

How Does Abode Work?

With Abode’s security system, you can either self-monitor or pay for professional monitoring. Homeowners who pay for professional monitoring have a team monitoring their system and its devices 24/7 for any alerts. When your system is armed, the professional monitoring team will receive an alert any time one of your wireless sensors is triggered by events such as a door being opened, a water leak, motion in your home, or smoke. When the professional team receives an alert from one of the wireless sensors, the team will contact you for confirmation via a phone call and then forward it to the appropriate emergency team.

Homeowners who self-monitor will receive an alert notification via the company’s mobile application and will be responsible for contacting the appropriate emergency team themselves.

How Does SimpliSafe Work?

SimpliSafe offers professional and self-monitoring. With professional monitoring, a homeowner is contacted by SimpliSafe’s professional monitoring center via a phone call when one of the company’s wireless sensors has triggered the system’s siren by events such as motion in the home, a door being opened, or glass being shattered. If the homeowner confirms that the siren being triggered was not an accident or the homeowner is unable to be reached, SimpliSafe’s team will contact the appropriate emergency response team.

Homeowners who purchase SimpliSafe but elect to self-monitor will not receive alert notifications, but if the homeowner purchased a siren, it will sound in the house when one of the wireless sensors has been triggered. Those who choose to self-monitor are responsible for contacting the appropriate emergency response team themselves.

Our Conclusion

Abode and SimpliSafe are both high-quality security systems for homeowners who desire DIY installation, a self-monitoring option, and no long-term contracts. Our Reviews Team named both companies among the best home security companies. If you’re in the market for a provider that offers many smart home integrations, we recommend visiting Abode’s secure website for more information. If you’re looking for a provider with simple installation, we suggest checking out SimpliSafe’s website.

Abode vs. SimpliSafe: Doorbell Comparison

ProviderAbode Outdoor Smart CameraSimpliSafe Doorbell Pro
Subscription feesNoneIncluded with the Interactive monitoring plan
InstallationDIY or professionalDIY or professional
Video quality1080p1080p
Night visionYesYes
Range of motion152 degrees162 degrees
Connectivity optionsWi-Fi connectionWi-Fi connection
Audio featuresDoor chime, two-way voice enabledDoor chime, two-way voice enabled
Additional featuresMotion sensing, facial recognitionMotion alerts; pan and zoom

If you’re not sure whether Abode or SimpliSafe is right for you, compare them to other top-rated security providers in the table below.

Compare Top-Rated Home Security Providers

Get a free quoteView PlansView Plans
Equipment pricesBundled with contract$599.00 and up
Monitoring prices (per month)$29.00 and up$40.00 and up
Contract required36 monthsNo
24/7 monitoringIncludedAvailable
Professional installation$99.00 and upPricing by quote
DIY installationNoNot available
Mobile app accessYesYes
Motion detectionYesYes
Smart home compatibilityYesYes
Video surveillanceAvailableWith camera purchase
Video streaming capabilityAvailableWith camera purchase

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