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SimpliSafe vs. Nest

SimpliSafe and Nest are alarm systems used by millions of homeowners in the U.S. Find out which one is right for you by reading our SimpliSafe vs. Nest comparison.

Author Icon Written by Brenda Woods Updated 04/18/2024

SimpliSafe and Nest are two popular home security systems used by U.S. homeowners. In this SimpliSafe vs. Nest breakdown, we examine the monitoring plans, security equipment, and pricing for these alarm systems in order to help you decide which offers the best home security for your home.

Our Take

SimpliSafe is less expensive, has a longer trial period, and is fully compatible with Amazon Alexa. However, Nest security products can be remotely controlled without purchasing a professional monitoring plan, and it integrates more naturally with Google Assistant.

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Simplisafe vs. Nest Overview

SimpliSafe Overview

Best Features:

  • Simple DIY installation
  • Inexpensive pricing
  • Fully compatible with Amazon Alexa

Founded in 2006, SimpliSafe was the first home security company to offer professional monitoring plans with no long-term contracts. SimpliSafe now protects over three million people in the U.S. In 2019, SimpliSafe started selling its security devices in the United Kingdom.

Nest Overview

Best Features:

  • Smooth integration with Google Assistant and Google Home products
  • Advanced video monitoring capabilities
  • Keypad and door/window sensors capable of detecting motion

Released in 2017 by Google, Nest is a home security system compatible with a wide range of Google Home and Google Assistant features. Nest’s Yale keypad and door/window sensors are unique in that they are also able to detect motion.

What Do SimpliSafe and Nest Have in Common?

SimpliSafe and Nest are fairly similar in their target market. Here are the most significant commonalities:

  • Smart home integration—Both SimpliSafe and Nest work with smart home devices. For example, both home security systems can be integrated with Google Assistant.
  • No contracts—Neither SimpliSafe nor Nest requires a long-term contract for professional monitoring. This is a significant benefit for homeowners hoping to test a home security system without a burdensome commitment.
  • Easy DIY Installation—Both SimpliSafe and Nest are designed for easy setup by homeowners.
  • Lengthy trial period—SimpliSafe and Nest allow homeowners to test their home security systems for at least 30 days.
  • Two monitoring plans—Two monthly monitoring plans are offered by both companies.
  • Doorbell camerasDoorbell cameras are sold by both companies.

How Are SimpliSafe and Nest Different?

Here are a few points of contrast between the two home security systems:

  • Trial period—SimpliSafe has a longer trial period than Nest.
  • Smart home devices—Nest offers more smart home devices than SimpliSafe, such as smart thermostats.
  • Outdoor cameras—Only Nest sells a non-doorbell, outdoor camera.
  • Smart home compatibility—Only SimpliSafe is fully compatible with Amazon Alexa.
  • Access to mobile application—SimpliSafe requires homeowners to purchase a professional monitoring plan to remotely control their security system and connected smart devices.

SimpliSafe Home Security Packages

SimpliSafe offers five different packages that include basic home security equipment: The Foundation, The Essentials, The Hearth, The Knox, and The Haven. Most of the company’s hardware can also be purchased on an a la carte basis:

SimpliSafe Packages

Feature“The Foundation” Package“The Essentials” Package“The Hearth” Package“The Knox” Package“The Haven” Package

Base Station


Entry Sensor

✔ 1 included

✔ 3 included

✔ 3 included

✔ 6 included

✔ 4 included

Motion Sensor

✔ 1 included

✔ 1 included

✔ 1 included

✔ 2 included

✔ 2 included


Key Fob

Smoke Detector

Panic Button

Temperature Sensor

Water Sensor

SimpliSafe also offers the following equipment:

Nest Packages

Unlike SimpliSafe, Google does not offer pre-built packages with Nest. Instead, it offers the Nest security and safety products. Homeowners can customize their system as needed with additional smart devices and cameras.

Nest Security products include:

  • One Nest Hub—The Nest Hub is the command center device. It also provides many smart home automation features.
  • Nest key fobs—These key fobs are used to arm and disarm the system.
  • Nest Detect sensors—The detector sensors are combined motion and entry sensors that can be placed on doors and windows.

Nest also offers the following products as well:

  • Nest Protect carbon monoxide and smoke detector
  • Nest X Yale lock, which can be used to lock and unlock your front door
  • Nest Hello doorbell camera
  • Additional motion sensors
  • Indoor and outdoor cameras

SimpliSafe vs. Nest: Doorbell Comparison

ProviderSimpliSafe Doorbell ProNest Hello




Subscription fees

Included with the Interactive monitoring plan

Optional $6 to $12 per month depending on video storage preferences


DIY or professional

DIY or professional

Video quality

1080p, HDR

1600 X 1200, HDR

Night vision



Range of motion

162 degrees

160 degrees

Connectivity options

WiFi connection

802.11 a/b/g/n/ac (2.4GHz and 5GHz)

Audio features

Door chime

Noise and echo cancellation; pre-recorded message playback

Additional features

Motion alerts; pan and zoom

Alert notifications and facial recognition

SimpliSafe vs. Nest Pricing

SimpliSafe Pricing

Pricing“The Foundation” Package“The Essentials” Package“The Hearth” Package“The Knox” Package“The Haven” Package

Equipment Cost






There are two elements of SimpliSafe’s cost: The cost of professional monitoring services and the cost of the company’s equipment. Here are the details you need to know:

SimpliSafe offers two different monitoring plans: a Standard Plan and an Interactive Plan. The Standard Plan simply connects the base station to a monitoring center, while the Interactive Plan gives you access to alert notifications and the company’s mobile application. The Standard Plan costs $14.99 per month, and the Interactive Plan costs $24.99 per month.

SimpliSafe offers a 20% discount on its equipment for homeowners who have signed up for professional monitoring, as seen in the table below.

Nest Pricing

Your overall cost with Nest will vary according to which products you buy. One package deal offered by Nest is the Nest Front Door package. This packages provides the Nest Hello video doorbell and the Nest Hub. This package costs $288.99 upfront or $12.04 across 24 months. is fairly expensive, costing more than all of SimpliSafe’s discounted packages. Professional monitoring is performed by Brinks Home Security and costs $29.99 per month.

Note: The professional monitoring cost can be reduced to $19.99 per month for homeowners who choose to purchase a three-year contract.

SimpliSafe vs. Nest: How Does It Work?

How Does SimpliSafe Work?

SimpliSafe installation only takes a few minutes and does not require tools. Homeowners simply place the wireless sensors around their home or apartment and plug in their Base Station. When the sensors are triggered, they will sound a siren and will contact SimpliSafe’s monitoring center for those who purchased professional monitoring.

How Does Nest Work?

Like SimpliSafe, Nest is easy to install. Simply plug in the Nest hub and set it up using the mobile application. If you’ve chosen to self-monitor your system, your mobile device will be contacted with any alerts. Professionally monitored homes have their alarms sent to the Brinks Homes Security dispatch center.

Our Conclusion

SimpliSafe and Nest are both reputable home security systems with no long-term contracts and DIY installation options. Our Reviews Team named SimpliSafe among the top home security companies in the industry because of its easy installation.

We recommend SimpliSafe for homeowners who use an Amazon Alexa or are looking for a good bargain on a security system. Homeowners who are already planning on self-monitoring or use Google Assistant are better suited for Nest.

If you’re not sure whether SimpliSafe or Nest is right for you, compare them to other top-rated security providers like AbodeADT, and Vivint.

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24/7 Monitoring

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DIY Installation

Mobile App Access

Motion Detection

Smart Home Compatibility

Video Surveillance

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Video Streaming Capability

✔ With camera purchase

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does SimpliSafe work with Nest?

SimpliSafe is compatible with Nest’s Learning Thermostat device. When you arm SimpliSafe to leave, SimpliSafe tells your Nest Thermostat, so Nest lowers its energy use. When you come home and disarm your SimpliSafe system, the Nest Thermostat will return your temperature to your desired level.

Which is better: Nest or SimpliSafe?

Nest and SimpliSafe are both quality security systems, and the right option for you will depend on your specific needs. We recommend SimpliSafe for homeowners who are looking for an inexpensive home security system or use an Amazon Alexa. We recommend Nest for homeowners who plan to self-monitor or use a Google Assistant.

Is SimpliSafe as good as ADT?

SimpliSafe and ADT have very different security system offerings. ADT comes with professional installation and requires a 36-month contract, while SimpliSafe is designed for DIY installation and requires no long-term contract. You can learn more about these companies and their respective security systems in our review of the best home security companies.

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