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How to Replace a Mailbox and Posts

Here is what you need to know to install a mailbox and new post.

Prep for Success: Tips for a Pro-Level Paint Finish

You’ve heard the saying before: Fail to prepare—prepare to fail. But whether it’s because prep work is viewed as an unnecessary expense or it just boils down to impatience, many home improvers fail to properly prepare their surfaces before applying paint. We sat down with TOH painting pro Nick Slavik to find out how important it is to take the time to prep and prime.

Best Curb Appeal Before and Afters 2016

The top exterior revamps from the Reader Remodel Contest 2016

Best Curb Appeal Before and Afters 2014

As we gear up to announce the 2015 winner of the Search for America's Best Remodel, take a look back to last year's top home exteriors

Best Curb Appeal Before and Afters 2013

You showed us your amazingly transformed home exteriors. Now see which ones were finalists in our annual Reader Remodel Contest

Curb Appeal Boosts for Every Budget

Making your house the stunner on the street doesn't have to break you or the bank

Picking the Perfect Exterior Paint Colors

The owners of the current TOH TV house used period illustrations, expert advice, and modern technology to find the right hues for their home

How to Make Home Upgrades That Pay

How a couple of hands-on homeowners took a bungalow from dilapidated to delightful, using home-center finds

Best Curb Appeal Before and Afters 2011

You showed us your amazing curb appeal transformations. Now see which ones were finalists in our Reader Remodel Contest, as picked by you and the editors of This Old House

Handsome House Numbers

Detailed digits offer an inexpensive way to boost your home's curb appeal

Best Curb Appeal Before and Afters 2010

You showed us your amazing curb appeal transformations. Now see which ones were finalists in our Reader Remodel Contest, as picked by you and the editors of This Old House

How to Design an Entry Garden

Plan a front-yard landscape that boosts curb appeal and welcomes you home

Wood Window Styles

Windows are among a home's most distinguishing details. Let the architecture of your place help determine a complementary style

5 Design Ideas for Sheared Shrubs

These living fences can set off areas in your yard and solve a multitude of problems. Here are pro tips and design ideas for shearing success

Best Curb Appeal Before and Afters 2009

You submitted thousands of remodels to us. Then you voted on your favorites. Here are some of your top picks and ours

Get the Right Door For Your House

A door is one of the telltale details that distinguishes the style of a house. So if your entry is due for an upgrade, let the look of your place help you pick the best match

Front Entry Fix-Up

Transform your entry with budget-conscious improvements that'll boost your home's wow factor—and its value

Best Places to Buy a Fixer-Upper

14 great places where the historic houses need TLC, presenting life-affirming DIY challenges and plentiful opportunities

Add Exterior Style with Chimney Pots

A sure-fire way to add curb appeal without breaking the bank—or your back

How to Hang Exterior Shutters

With this weekend project, your home will have all the privacy it needs—plus an extra dose of curb appeal

Boost Your Home's Curb Appeal

5 inspirational and smart exterior upgrade ideas


Perched atop houses and barns, these wind indicators have been in use in America since Colonial times, doubling as personal expressions of an individual's interests or trade. Check out these classic examples of form meets function.


These diminutive structures sit atop a roof ridge and bring light and air into a dark attic space. Check out a few cupolas that also bring style and interest to their top spots.

Front Entries

A house's front door and the decoration around it give visitors a strong sense of the building's style. Take a look at this interesting collection of architectural first impressions.

Victorian-Era Windows

The most interesting windows in American architecture showed up in the decades after the Civil War, when architecture veered away from the Classical and toward ornate details and a nostalgia for medieval- and gothic-influenced early-American house styles.

Choosing Exterior Colors

From exuberant Victorians to quieter traditionals, these houses illustrate some of the fine points that go into selecting the best exterior colors for your home.

Advances in Clear-Coats Make Them More Practical

See-through exterior finishes more closely match their makers' marketing hype