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How to Make an Embroidery Hoop Wreath

Embellishing an embroidery hoop is an easy and inexpensive way to create a modern and beautiful wreath for just a few dollars. Watch this tutorial from House One’s Jenn Largesse to learn how to make your own hoop wreath.

All you need for this project is an embroidery hoop, floral wire, and a few springs of a leafy green or other embellishment.

You’ll also need a pair of side cutting pliers to trim the floral pieces and wire. Follow the steps below and scroll down for a list of tools and materials needed for this project.

Steps for Making a DIY Hoop Wreath

1. Finish the Hoop

  • Apply stain to the embroidery hoop with a foam brush, and then wipe away any excess with a cloth.
  • Separate the layers of the hoop and stain the remaining edges. Because I’ll be positioning my floral pieces over the hardware, I don’t mind if it gets stain on it, but you could always tape it off if you plan to leave the hardware exposed as an accent.

2. Size the Stems

  • Using side-cutting pliers, trim pieces from a floral stem and layer them into a grouping.
  • For an everyday design made using eucalyptus, I’m cinching the ends of two sprigs together to create one continuous accent.

3. Attach the Stems to the Hoop

House One Fall/Winter embroidery hoop wreaths Jenn Largesse
  • Place the arrangement on the embroidery hoop. Using pliers, cut a piece of floral wire.
  • Wrap the wire around the sprig and hoop to secure the pieces in place.
  • Twist another wire near the tip of the stem to help it follow the shape of the hoop.
  • Now layer on an embellishment (optional) and hold it in place with a piece of wire.
  • Depending on what materials you’re using, you can also use a small block of floral foam or hot glue to secure additional pieces.