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Save Money with 2022’s Best Black Friday Mattress Sales

Black Friday poses an excellent opportunity to cash in on some of the best mattress offers of the year. Which ones offer the most value, and which mattress will cater the best to your lifestyle? Take a look at 9 of the best Black Friday mattress sales of 2022.

Best Black Friday Mattress Sales

Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn a commission.

The 9 Best Black Friday Mattress Sales

Looking to find the best Black Friday mattress sales? The start of the holiday shopping season can be a smart time to buy. You can expect big Black Friday savings from popular mattress companies—many sweeten the deal with freebies and accessories, throwing in mattress protectors, sheets, pillows, and more. Some even offer serious markdowns on bedroom furniture, from bed frames to adjustable bases.

While browsing for the best Black Friday mattress deals, it’s important to consider more than just value. You’ll also need to think about your sleeping position, body type, comfort preferences, and even mattress size to ensure that whatever purchase you make will ultimately help you get a better night’s sleep. Check out This Old House Reviews Team’s top mattress sales of the 2022 season.

Best Black Friday Mattress Sales

Editor’s Choice - Saatva Classic

Saatva Classic mattress

Some shoppers want a mattress that will give them five-star hotel levels of quality but shy away at the thought of paying top-dollar for one. Saatva solves this, offering affordable luxury mattresses. Black Friday deals make these high-end beds even more accessible to those who have held off throughout the year. With high test scores and materials like organic cotton, recycled innerspring coils, and gel memory foam, the popular Saatva Classic is a deal you do not want to pass up. It also has a lavish pillow top layer, and you can pick between three firmness options to customize your comfort level. Zoned pressure relief and a lumbar support layer makes the Saatva a great pick for people who suffer from back or joint pain; meanwhile, the free in-home setup makes it a convenient option for anyone.

Best Luxury - DreamCloud Premier

DreamCloud Premier mattress

Perhaps you’re in the midst of a bedroom redo, or are just looking for an opportunity to ditch your old mattress for a more luxurious one. The DreamCloud Premier’s hybrid materials give you needed support while adding in the bit of luxury you deserve with a cashmere Euro pillow top, soft foams, and strong coils. This mattress passed each testing category with flying colors excelling with overall responsiveness, pressure relief, motion transfer, and durability. Only adding to its appeal is the year-long sleep trial and lifetime warranty, DreamCloud is adding a mattress protector, sheets, and cooling pillow to your order this Black Friday.

Best Value - Nectar

Nectar Original mattress

Nectar makes one of the best memory foam mattresses online. Its multiple layers of high-quality foam help with pressure point relief and motion isolation––great for side sleepers and couples. But one of the main reasons to keep Nectar on your radar is its value proposition, offering a low price point, everlong warranty, and a year-long sleep trial. No matter if you need a twin XL size mattress for your child’s new bunk bed or a queen-size for your guest room, Nectar offers one of the best opportunities to maximize your mattress dollar. Black Friday sales only sweeten the deal, with $100 off your mattress plus free accessories.

Best Mattress for Couples - Helix Midnight

Helix Midnight mattress

Keeping your eye on the best mattress for couples during your Cyber 5 shopping? Add the Helix Midnight to your list of sales to watch. One of the most critical mattress performance factors for couples is motion isolation. This is the property that allows a mattress to minimize one sleeper’s movements or adjustments in the night, keeping the other partner from being rudely awakened. The Helix Midnight stifles the feeling of movement from shaking the bed, with top test scores to prove it. And if a cooling mattress is a non-negotiable purchase for you and your hot-natured partner, this hybrid contains a cool-to-the-touch top layer and innerspring mattress technology to stay breathable.

Best Hybrid Mattress - The Winkbed

The WinkBed mattress

Can’t decide on what mattress type you need? Hybrids fuse various materials together to make one unique bed. The WinkBed hybrid uses two layers of coils and three layers of foam, all of which help with cooling, responsiveness, and durability. If you deal with back pain, there’s even a layer dedicated to supporting your lower back. WinkBed includes top-of-the-line features like a Euro pillow top, four customizable firmness options, and a lifetime warranty. This Black Friday, don’t miss out on this handmade mattress—take 20% off at checkout and get two free pillows.

Best for Pressure Relief - Puffy Lux

Puffy Lux Hybrid mattress

Whether you’re tired of waking up with joint pain or a side sleeper that needs pressure relief, picking a mattress may make or break your sleep experience. The Puffy Lux hybrid mattress has some of the best pressure relief test scores to be found. Six layers distribute body weight across the mattress, instead of letting pressure build up around the hips and shoulders. These layers are also manufactured to dispel heat, so no need to worry about trading joint pain relief for overheating. As part of Puffy’s Black Friday sale, take $300 off your purchase and get $455 worth of free accessories.

Best Mattress for Heavy People - Titan by Brooklyn Bedding

Titan mattress
Brooklyn Bedding

If you have a taller and fuller figure, looking for a reliable new mattress can be a bit daunting. Foam mattresses may feel too soft, and innerspring beds too rigid. You need a firm mattress that’s highly durable, handling extra weight with ease. Brooklyn Bedding produces the Titan, a hybrid mattress with reactive gel foams and coils. It has undergone meticulous durability testing, and our team agrees that while it’s undoubtedly durable, comfort isn’t sacrificed—it checks all the boxes for great spine alignment, cooling, and responsiveness. The cooling mattress topper does come with an extra fee, but it’s worth the splurge when you can take 25% off this Black Friday.

Best Organic Mattress - Awara

Best Cyber Monday Mattress Sales
The Awara mattress

For Black Friday shoppers that want a mattress made from all-natural materials, the Awara is one of the best beds of its kind. Made with sustainably sourced innerspring coils and organic latex, the Awara mattress offers everything you could want from an eco-friendly option: It’s clean, hypoallergenic, and virtually free of off-gassing. Latex has benefits beyond its eco-friendliness: It provides a highly breathable surface for hot sleepers to be comfortable. It gives just the right amount of bounce to accommodate combination sleepers.

Best Memory Foam Mattress - Casper Original

Casper Original

Casper is a mattress brand that has long been one of the pillars of the online mattress space. Not only do they have robust customer service, warranty, and return policies, but they also offer a well-regarded product. Their flagship mattress offers the familiar cushiness of memory foam, complete with zoned support layers to ensure that all your sensitive joints and pressure points get just the level of relief they need. In addition to precisely distributing your body weight for maximum comfort, the Casper also boasts one of the highest responsiveness scores of any mattress we’ve ever tested. You can get some great discounts off Casper’s sleep bundles and mattresses this Black Friday.