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Bedroom How To & DIY

Improve the value of your home by discovering our bedroom step-by-step tips & ideas.

The 8 Best Bed Frames (2023)

The best bed frames will sustain your mattress for the long haul and have you feeling more refreshed.

The 10 Best Mattresses for Back Sleepers

Back sleeping can be a healthy sleep position if you have a proper mattress supporting you. We rounded up the best mattresses for back sleepers to ensure you’re resting comfortably and with proper posture.

DreamCloud Mattress Review: Luxury Without the Matching Price Tag

There’s a lot to love about the DreamCloud hybrid mattress. Fusing sturdy innerspring coils with layers of responsive memory foam, find out why this affordable luxury mattress performs like a dream.

Layla Mattress Review: A Dynamic Mattress with a Price Tag Worth Flipping Out Over

Flip-flop between firmness levels for a truly customizable feel. Use this Layla Mattress Review to learn more about this unique mattress in a box.

WinkBeds Mattress Review: Better Beds for Better Sleep

Not all mattresses are created equal, and the same goes for mattress companies. While WinkBeds offers only three mattresses in their fleet, they are all of vastly different construction, and each are highly rated beds. Plus, they come in customizable firmnesses. We’ve reviewed these popular mattresses for easy comparison.

Save Money with 2022’s Best Presidents Day Mattress Sales

If you’re on the lookout for mattress deals, Presidents Day is the perfect time to get high-quality mattresses at discounted prices. Whether you’re looking for memory foam, a luxury mattress, or even something for your guest room, now is prime time to purchase a new bed. Check out 2022’s best Presidents Day mattress sales.

A Fresh Take on Antiques, Starting in the Bedroom

Not your grandmother’s decor, antiques are getting a new spin from today’s top designers, such as Kelli Ellis, renowned for her edgy glamorous style.

A Guest Bedroom Goes From Catchall to Orderly Retreat

A multitasking guest room gets a little help from space-maximizing built-ins


How to Build a Storage Bed

This reader-inspired bed contains 23 cubic feet of storage but no room for dust bunnies

How to Trim Out a Plain Table

This bedside perch now boasts one-of-a-kind style, thanks to strips of decorative molding

Create a Paneled Accent Wall for $50

Faux paneling crafted from stock trim adds character to a budget master bedroom redo

Best Bedroom Before and Afters 2011

You showed us your cozy and elegant bedrooms. Now see which ones were finalists in our annual Reader Remodel Contest

An Attic Turned Ultimate Kids' Bedroom Suite

Clever built-ins tap every square inch of an attic hideaway with so much charm that kids beg for bedtime.

How to Turn an Interior Door into a Headboard

Repurpose a paneled beauty for a bit of classic master bedroom adornment

A Bright Attic Suite for $2,620

A dingy, makeshift bedroom and bath becomes a cheery retreat with custom built-ins—for less than the cost of a new set of furniture

How to Make an Open Shelving Unit

Transform turned spindles and plank shelves into a handsome display space

Outfit Your Bedroom for a Better Night's Sleep

Don't wait for the weekend to get some decent shut-eye. Here, 13 easy bedroom tweaks for a more restful night's sleep—every night.

Best Bedroom Before and Afters 2010

You showed us your cozy and elegant bedrooms. Now see which ones were finalists in our Reader Remodel Contest, as picked by you and the editors of This Old House

Attic Becomes A Suite Retreat Upstairs

Untapped space tucked under the roof becomes a light-filled bedroom, bath, and home office

How to Build a Headboard and Footboard from Bifold Doors

Turn paneled closet closers into handsome bookends for a bed

Bedbug Battler's Checklist

Tips for dealing with bedbugs before, during, and after an infestation. From someone who learned the hard way.


A perp sheet on the culprit in a nationwide epidemic, plus prevention and extermination options you've been itching to know about.