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How to Fold a Fitted Sheet | Best of the Web

There is a way! Learn how with this quick video tutorial from Crane & Canopy

Folding fitted sheets can be a challenge. Take your freshly-laundered linens from lumpy to lovely with this tutorial from Crane & Canopy. It is our "Best of the Web" pick of the week! You are just a few steps away from a more organized linen closet.

Get started:

Step 1_Find your four corners (0:12). Sounds simple but this is key to giving your sheet a foldable shape.

Step 2_Hold sheet inside out by top two corners, as shown (0:23).

Step 3_Fold one corner over the other. Just nest them into each other, basically (0:28).

Step 4_Pick up third corner and tuck the first two corners into it (0:40).

Step 5_Fold the last corner over, so all corners are nested into one another (0:52).

Step 6_Lay the sheet on a flat surface and smooth out, with all corners still folded into each other (1:02).

Step 7_Fold sheet into thirds, as shown (1:09).

For more how-to videos from Crane & Canopy, visit their YouTube Channel

Have some sheet-folding pointers of your own? Share them in a comment below!