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Photo by Adrian Biscoe/ESS/IPC

Even when furniture finds from the attic, the curb, or a neighbor's tag sale are in really rough shape, they often yield drawers that can be repurposed in a one-of-a-kind storage piece. To make the one here, we built plywood boxes sized to each drawer, finished the front edges with iron-on edge banding, and put two strips of nylon tape on the inside bottoms to act as drawer glides. For visual punch, we stacked the boxes in a stepped arrangement, secured them with wood screws, and added turned legs from the home center. A coat of white paint gives the piece a cohesive look, while strategic hits of color (Benjamin Moore's Anderson Blue and Mellow Yellow) brighten it up. Go for a whimsical mix of knobs and pulls, and you've got a mash-up with real appeal.