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How to Make a Tidy Box Spring Cover

Give a box spring or bed foundation an upholstered look

You can retire that fussy bedskirt with this tidy technique for "upholstering" a box spring or a bed foundation. Just gather up your supplies, and, if your box spring doesn't have a wood frame on top, upholstery twist pins (available at fabric stores).

Step 1

Wrap The Corners

Photo by Laura Moss

Cut four pieces of fabric that are about 1 foot square, and use them to wrap the corners of the box, as shown below. Staple or pin the fabric to the box, top and bottom.

Step 2

Wrap The Sides

Photo by Laura Moss

Cut four pieces of fabric to cover the sides of the box, adding 2 inches to the length of each side and 6 inches to the width. Lay one long panel upside down on top of the box so that three sides of the fabric overhang the box's edges by about 1 inch. Place a strip of upholstery tape about 1 inch in from the box's long edge, and staple through the tape and fabric into the wood frame every few inches. (If there's no wood frame, pin the tape and fabric in place instead.)

Step 3

Flip The Fabric

Photo by Laura Moss

Flip the fabric down against the tape so that it's right-side up and hangs over the long edge of the box. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 for the remaining sides of the box.

Step 4

Staple The Fabric

Photo by Laura Moss

Turn the box upside down, and staple all four panels to the underside, taking care to keep the corners tidy.